Friday, 19 May 2017

Great Ways To Stay Creative.

I haven't been blogging for some time now, I have just been randomly sharing some of my old blog posts whilst I have been busy searching for that new burst of inspiration to appear.  I am quite a creative person, I paint, mainly abstract and geometric style, but I love doing that.  I used to write stories but it has been a while since I have done that.  I think I will start concentrating on my blogging a bit more instead for the time being seeing as I have had an 'unscheduled break' from it.   So I have searching for inspiration to help me be, and stay more creative.  These are the tips I have found so far....

1)  Make Lists  -  I am always making lists, Shopping lists, To Do lists, Birthday Gift Idea lists, Blog Post get the picture.  Lists are good. I've been doing lists forever.   They create structure.  I must share my lists more.

2)  Carry A Notebook Everywhere You Go  -  Ok, so I have actually done that for years and years.  I always have a notebook, A5 size, which I have normally bought from Paperchase because I love the colourful funky designs that they do.  And yes they can be a bit pricey but they are such great quality, and they seem to last ages.  Nobody minds paying for great quality after all.

3)  Drink Coffee  -  I suppose caffeine does give you that burst of energy and alertness that can heighten creativity.   But honestly, I drink too much coffee.  I even have a Nespresso machine, and I also love those CafĂ© Menu Instant Mocha drinks too.  They are really nice.  I tend to add a spoonful of regular instant coffee too it too just to make it that little bit stronger.  I could never give coffee up even if I tried!

4)  Listen To Music  -  I genuinely should listen to music more.  I love listening to music but I can go for ages without listening to the music that I love.   I realise as I am writing this I do miss that.  I wonder just exactly where my iPod is these days....

5)  Quit Beating Yourself Up  -  I need to stop doing that! I seem to have done that a lot recently over various reasons.   If something you do doesn't turn out right the first time, you can always do it again and do it differently.  There has to always come a time when you simply have to push passed it all and move on.

6)  Stop Trying To Be Someone You're Not  -  Everyone is unique and even weird in their own way.  I love to do my blogging, which can be a bit random at times.  I do love doing my abstract/geometric colourful art as well, which I really must get back into.   I am unique in my own special way, and I just want to be me.

7)  Have Fun  -  You must always have fun!  Who says everything has to revolve around 'work'.   You must always take time out to have fun, whether that is with friends, or with a favourite hobby you like to do, and it can be anything that you find joy in, like reading, writing, painting, gardening, making cards, whatever really.   It's up to you what you do, but make sure you always take time out for 'you', and have fun with whatever it is you love to do.

I'm off to plan some more blog posts, because it really is something that I love to do.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

A Village Wander And A Personality Test.

So, I suppose quite a lot of people have done this, and I can imagine for some people perhaps the results that are spat out are not always what they hope they would be.   For me, well I suppose I'm quite pleased with the outcome that I got.  

I begun today how I usually do, searching the web for news mostly, and then sat reading Twitter for a bit.   But then decided to get up and go for a walk round my village, and to be honest I really enjoyed it.  It was a really nice day today.    I should go for more walks round the village, and to the fields that surround it.  My village is practically in the middle of a field.   Took a wander round one of those too.   Here are some pictures, which I don't usually post on my blog, but that is because I don't usually take many.

I found it rather therapeutic actually.   I didn't see anyone at all apart from a few cars go by.  It was quite pleasant.  I love open fields.  They themselves are quite calming.  
I like trees too, and it was really quiet, really peaceful.  I really did enjoy my wander round. 

Since I have been home I have been exploring Evernote a bit more (not sure exactly how I am going to use it just yet, but I am sure I shall figure it out) and in general just surfing the internet.  I came across this personality test and decided to give it a go.  Like I said I am really pleased with the outcome.  I have a mediator personality, which means I am a good listener, I am a good friend, I am a highly creative person, I like fantasy worlds and I can be in danger of becoming a 'hermit'.   That is what it says.   That has got me written all over it.   It's quite fascinating actually.  I think it's very accurate.  Plus it also says that other mediators are J.R.R Tolkien and William Shakespeare.    Now that is pretty cool.   I can live with that.

I should go for walks more often too.  I do a lot of walking when I am in work to be fair, you know, to and from work.  I don't feel it's the same though.  It's like, on the way to work I'm in 'work mode', and on the way home I'm in 'got to get home to chill mode'.  It's true.   Definitely not the same feeling.   I found today very relaxing.  I quite enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Mid-Week Moments.

The first question I have found asking myself is, how is it that it is friggin' Tuesday already?!  In fact, it's nearly the end of Tuesday, and's 'mid-week'!  By all accounts that is half of my holiday gone already.  And what have I been doing today.... watching episode after episode of Lost, because I am officially addicted.   Not exactly what I call a productive day really.  Lost is very good I have to say though.   Two words...Matthew Fox.   Enough said.   I do love the whole mystery behind the show as well.  I am now totally convinced they are in the Bermuda triangle or some other worldly dimension of some kind.  I know the show has ended now, but somehow I have managed to avoid every major detail about it so that's quite good.   I am dying to know what happens next.  I'm only on episode 4 of series one.

Anyhoo, moving swiftly on....

Had to run a few errands today, pick up a few things, post some parcels that kind of thing.   Treated myself to Glamour magazine...not going to lie...might have something to do with the Dan Stevens and Luke Evans spread in the middle.   As I write this I am suddenly realizing I am torn between those two and Matthew Fox as to who is in fact the most good looking.  I am currently indecisive on this matter.   I don't usually buy Glamour magazine if I am being really honest.  I don't know why I don't because it's actually a very good read.  The editors letter at the beginning was very intriguing, it was very honest.  I am a fan of some of the fashion pieces in it too, red, and black and white stripem and baggy trousers seem to be on trend, the only thing I am not particularly loving, is this whole 'over-sized' blouse/shirt look which is in the fashion section.  I do like frilly shirts and blouses, I would wear them, but the over-sized shirt and dresses, don't really do it for me, although in all honesty at the moment I am not particularly spending much money on my own fashion anyway.  I'm saving.   I do love that blue leather Sandro cross body bag on page 96.  Now that is really nice.  It's an envelope style, royal blue with a golden chain.  Blue is my favourite colour, and I love the design of the chain too.   Last time I checked however....I haven't got £209 to spend on a bag.    I still want it.

I keep hearing a lot about this book The Roanoke Girls as well and it is in their book recommendation section.  Might have to think about reading that at some point as I do love a good mystery book.   I need to get into the habit of finishing the book I'm reading before I start a new one.  I'm only on chapter 2 of Harlan Coben's Play Dead.  Long way to go with that one yet.  It's still currently very good.

Lastly, I have a real urge to try the Dandelion Fig spring fragrance, which is on page 196.  I love the scent of fig, especially fig and vanilla.  I think that is the most popular room fragrance I know that's about at the moment.   I wonder what Dandelion Fig smells like?!   Glamour has given me some ideas anyway, which is good.   It is a magazine I don't usually buy, but I am thinking about getting it more often now. 

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Monday, 13 March 2017

Attempting To Get Back Into Blogging.

I cannot believe it has nearly been three weeks since I last blogged on here.  I have been blogging for some years now, and I think this is actually the longest I have ever gone without publishing a post on a blog.  Time goes by so quickly.   Days go into the next, then a week goes by, then two.  You don't realize sometimes.

I am now on holiday again, my last holiday of this 'holiday year'.  Holidays go from March to March when you work at House Of Fraser.  So far I have succeeded in one task...which was to get my hair cut.  I had that done this morning, so that is pretty good to start with.  Didn't do much yesterday apart from sitting on Twitter and watching episode after episode of Life In Pieces, which is very good still.  Plus, I am still watching The Walking Dead, which has also been very good however I have found that I do really need to be in the right frame of mind to watch it.   I also started watching Lost as well last week too.  That's been fairly good, I have only seen two episodes of that, but I'm starting to get into it.   I do prefer The Walking Dead rather than Lost, Lost seems a bit slow so far, but I shall see how I get on.

Also started reading The Further Adventures of An Idiot Abroad, which is quite good.   I got that from work, one of the girls brought in a load of books to sell off for the children's charity we are doing this year.   I don't usually read two books at the same time, but one's fiction and the other non-fiction, so it sort of works, I have started reading Harlan Coben's Play Dead.  Which is quite good actually.  I have read stuff written by him before, namely Tell No One, and No Second Chance.  They were good.  Read them ages ago now.  

What else has gone on?!  I did a virtual classroom in work on glass and china.  That was cool.  I need to do more of them really, it really does help, especially when it comes to merchandising new stock.  The other day my mum and I went on a hunt for a 'new' farm shop in our area and found that it didn't actually exist.  That was fun...not.  Sat Nav said 'no'.   Lol.    And I got my hair cut today, which I am pleased about, as it was a little bit overdue.  Head feels a lot lighter now. 

So all I need to do now is to get back into blogging a bit after my little break, that I announced to no one....

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

Friday, 24 February 2017

Nearly The End Of Another Week.

So after several weeks of stock take prep it is now all done and dusted for another year, and I am so pleased.  It was on Wednesday this week.  As for the rest of the week, well it was practically over in a flash.

I was really pleased because I had today off work, and it does make such a difference when I have a day off after stock take.  I didn't get in till about half eleven on Wednesday night, didn't get to sleep till about 12.45am Thursday morning, with the only highlight of the entire day was the pizza we got bought for dinner, which was really nice I must say.  I did have a nice night on Thursday however because myself and two of my friends from work went out for dinner after work to this really nice Italian place called Carluccios, and it was really lovely.  I had a really nice spaghetti bolognese, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It's nice to go out and have dinner with friends occasionally.

Then as the evening went on, we went to see Fifty Shades Darker at Kinema in the woods as well.  I will have to say, having seen Fifty Shades Of Grey, the second one was so much better.   I thought it had a much better storyline, it was a bit darker indeed, but I thought the characters were much more evolved and the new characters they introduced were all a bit creepy but I loved them.

So today was my day off and I will have to say that I have not done an awful lot at all apart from starting to watch two new TV shows, The Walking Dead which I am hooked on already, and I know you are thinking why have you not seen it before?? It was on my list to watch, better late than never.  It's bloody good, I love it.  And the other show is Falling Skies, which is also quite creepy and mysterious as well.  They were both very good, for different reasons.

Plus, happy days, I have finally got my hire car from my car insurance, because no, I have not got my car back yet because it is still being fixed.   My hire car is newish white Kia Picanto.  It's really nice actually, I wouldn't mind one of those myself.  It is really nice and easy to drive.   So a good couple of days and another week over and I am pleased I don't have to worry about stock take now as well.  I am also definitely in a better frame of mind than I was at the start of the week.   I am only in for two days then I a have two days off, which are together next week for a change.  The only perk of working on a Sunday...again.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Friday, 17 February 2017

Things Are Looking Up.

After a while of a little bad luck, things do start to even themselves out after a while.

It has been a weird week, but it's worked out ok in the end. So as things stand at the moment, my car is not being written off (thank God) and is at a garage being repaired.  Hallelujah.  Only took them two bloody weeks!  I have been phoning them nearly every day.   At least it is finally getting sorted.  In the meantime I have a courtesy car on the way to me, which is rather nice, I have never ever had a courtesy car before.   I must remember for the future when I renew my car insurance to always have that, either as standard or have it as an add on.   It is definitely worth it.  I do not like being without a car, particularly as my village where I live does not have a shop and happens to be in the middle of a bloody field.  It is so annoying.

On another note I have had a really nice day off today.  Mostly cleaning and catching up with Hollyoaks, a bit of Twitter, but it's all good.  And I was most pleased that I got my 100% mystery shop certificate the other day as well.  Happy days.  I love getting 100% mystery shop.  I haven't actually been mystery shopped in ages.  I think it is a really great achievement, for anybody in retail, particularly if you have worked for the same company for a number of years like I have, fourteen years, House Of Fraser.  It's really good and I do love it there.   So I was really pleased with that.

This week has been a busy one with work and stock take prep, I have my stock take on Wednesday next week.  Working till 10pm!!  Joy of joys.   Not looking forward to that, but it has to be done.  I do have Friday off so that isn't too bad, at least I have a day off after the stocktake, which to be fair doesn't always happen.  Plus I am working Sunday too, but I have Monday off, so nice split week.   I think sometimes I feel I live for my days off.  Don't we all though?!

I haven't really been doing much else really.  I feel like I have become a little workaholic this week.  I did watch the movie Angels and Demons on Wednesday night.  That was good.  I feel like I am going through a little Tom Hanks phase. 

But things are looking up.  I even treated myself to a lucky dip in the Euros tonight...just because... so we shall see.   I am sending every one good luck vibes!  Positivity is key.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Saturday, 11 February 2017

Would Like Some Good Luck.

I have been a bit quiet on my blog this past week, this is because quite a lot has been going on.  Two things have happened for me in the last week, number one, on Saturday I hit a patch of black ice whilst on my way to work, and spun my car into a ditch.  Luckily I wasn't hurt, but could have done without that really.   I don't do spinning!   And then, on my day off on Tuesday, my tooth crown falls out.   I couldn't believe it.   I hate going to the dentist, who doesn't! So I have decided now, that I would like some good luck in my life.

I don't know if anyone out there has done this, but sometimes when these two things happened, in very close proximity to one another, I found myself searching on the internet for anything remotely related to 'having a positive attitude' because I was really quite peeved, and I needed some enlightenment and inspiration.   So I keep finding these little quotes like the one above.   I like reading them.    On a different note, I also want to point out whilst I'm here, my car insurance company are morons.  I can hear everyone saying now, most car insurance places are morons, but I totally disagree.  From my own experience, Hastings Direct were really very good, as were Swinton car insurance.  I was with them for years.   First Central are morons!!!  They were so unprofessional.   You have to relay the information you have already given to each person that you speak to, because you never get the same person twice.  I think over the last week I have spoken to 6 different people, and they never share your information so the right hand never knows what the left hand is doing, that sort of thing.  It's like, surely the information you give them is stored on a computer database somewhere, you click a button, there it is.  That's far too easy.  All I have been doing all week is speaking to different people, none of whom can give me a straight answers.   I am sorry to say, customer service is not their strong point.   I feel better now I have got that out.

So I have now decided that some good luck is in order.   Pretty please, with cherries on top.   I will have to say the people who I work with at House Of Fraser have been brilliant, really supportive with what has gone on this week and last, and that is so reassuring.   Fourteen years I've worked for them this year, on June 25th.   I genuinely don't think I'll ever leave that place.   Unless I win the lottery of course.  Now that would be lucky indeed.

Oh well.  Onwards and upwards from here.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah  x

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