Thursday, 18 January 2018

Customer Service Is Key.

Those of you who have read my previous post (about me going to the dentist) I would like to update that my tooth is still intact, and NONE have been extracted.  Happy days.   Life is wonderful.

What is even more wonderful is that I am on holiday next week, and I am so happy about this.   This will be my first week off work since before Christmas, and I really, really need it too.    For anyone who works over Christmas, particularly if it's in retail like myself, it is just so nice to have that break away from it all.

This week seems to have gone really quickly which is unusual before my week's holiday.  Normally it drags something terrible, but not this time.   To be fair a lot of my time in work has been spent picking up the pieces from stocktake, you know, turning stuff back around so it's not 'barcode central'.   Strangely I have found that quite therapeutic.   I also spent a good part of today dealing with a lady who was very upset with the way her online order was 'handled'.  It was nothing we did in store to upset her thankfully, and myself and my supervisor managed to 'correct the errors' so to speak, so the lady went away happy which was the main thing.   It always does help if things have been done right first time really.   I prefer 'happy' customers.


Despite working on the Homewares floor, I am in fact a 'bra fitter'.   I worked on Lingerie for about three years in House Of Fraser, so when we don't have a bra fitter in, Ladieswear give me a call to see if I can pop down and help out, which is perfectly fine, I still enjoy doing it.  So I got a few sales on that department, and the lady bought a top as well, I helped on the clothing part too.   Every bit helps!  It did make me wonder if she was a mystery shopper I will have to say.  She asked a lot of questions, that's why I think that.  We shall see anyway.

I have been busy today I have!   Which is why I feel I need my holiday now.

One other thing I have been so pleased about is I have managed to find a pair of brown leggings from Amazon.   Last night I tried on a few of my dresses with my new Blowfish boots, and I don't know whether it's just me, but black leggings just don't seem to look right with brown boots.   So I thought, that's ok I'll nip to Primark (because I thought they sold everything practically) or New Look etc, and get a pair....Can I find any brown leggings anywhere??? No.  I could not find any anywhere in town.  Has anyone else had this problem?  Well if you have, Amazon have got them for £5!  So I thought, that will do.  They haven't arrived yet so I am unsure about the quality.   But for £5 I'm sure they will be fine.

It has been a busy day.  It's always good to remember to maintain a good, high standard of customer service, especially if you work in retail.   Without customers, I wouldn't have a job!

I am now going to 'chill' I reckon.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Sunday, 14 January 2018

Dentist, Stocktake and Blowfish Boots.

I am really pleased today, because not only have I been having a rather 'productive' day today, but looking back on the past week, I have also had a really productive week too.   This is part of the reason why I haven't blogged at all last week.   Plus, work has been rather busy as it apparently stock take....tomorrow.   I only found this out last Friday, which ended up being 'one of those days', and I'll explain why shortly.   And how is it I did not possibly know that stock take was tomorrow?  Particularly as the Home floor didn't have a really great one last year.   Might have something to do with the fact that I haven't been put on the rota for it this year....for the first time since....ever.    That is if you don't include any holidays of mine that have unintentionally landed on stock take week.   Which has actually happened an awful lot in the past.   And I really do mean.... unintentional.

I do mean unintentionally too.  We never find out when stock take week is until after the New Year at least.   This also means that I don't have to work till 10pm tomorrow night like everyone else is.   How cool is that!

Over the last few days my work colleagues and I have been arranging to go out to dinner for Becca, who has been my 'temporary supervisor' since last year.   Becca is going back to womenswear in a few weeks time which is where she was before she came up to help on our floor.   I am sad about this because she has been really awesome and turned our Homewares floor around.  So there are going to be a few changes about.  I am really glad she's staying till after stock take though.  She helped in last years too.  And also, it's just so nice to be able to go out to dinner occasionally.   Haven't treated myself to dinner out with my work mates for a little while now.

So, why was Friday one of those days?!  Well, I had a dentist appointment, hooray....not!   I had a dentist appointment, before work (couldn't get it on my day off could I!!) at 8:10 in the morning, which was good because I didn't start work till 11am..... to have root canal treatment!  Because I split my back tooth in November last year (I managed to put it off till after Christmas) and I didn't want to lose it.   I was pleasantly surprised at how well, and how smoothly it went.   I know there are a lot of people out there who don't like dentists, and don't like root canal or the idea of having it.  But in my experience, root canal is far better than having a tooth pulled any day.   So don't worry if you're going to have it done, or know you might have to have it done one day.  It's fine.   My tooth feels wonderful now.

One thing I am so very excited about (and I hope they fit ok when they arrive) is I have ordered some new boots for myself, which I am really hoping are going to look nice with dresses and skirts.   They are brown Blowfish boots. I can't wait to get them.   I got them from Amazon, although I originally saw them back in September, I reckon, in Office Shoes.   They were £74.99 from Office shoes, which I thought was rather a lot, but they are good quality, leather brown boots.   Seventy-five pounds was way too much for me to pay, especially as it was before Christmas.  I will just add that I have just this minute checked and the Blowfish Alexi Lace boots are still £74.99!  

Anyhoo... I got them from, so they are coming from the USA, which is why they are taking so long to arrive.   But I only paid £42.99!!! That is with the shipping charge.  I felt that was a much better price, and lets be honest, if you don't mind waiting for it, it's worth checking the American site to compare prices on anything.   Just make sure to check and convert your size to US if you are buying shoes or clothes.

So that's what has been happening in my life recently.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Sunday, 7 January 2018

Getting Back To Normal January.

I do tend to get a lot of weekends off nowadays, and this is one such weekend.  Last week was a bit of a strange one for me.   Obviously we have now entered 2018 and already for me, Christmas seems like a distant memory.  Last week was a bit of a mixture of being quite busy, and then very quiet, and that's in both work and social life.

Of course mid-week I went to see my friend Chrissie, on the train, which I don't usually do, but that was really nice.   I did enjoy that day.   It was a long day, don't get me wrong because I had been in work since 8.30am that morning, but it was totally worth it.

One of the things I did forget to mention in my last post was, on New Years Day, of all days, the flaming fire alarms went off.   Please excuse the pun.   Luckily, there was not a fire, but we were all surprised to get a fire test on New Years Day.    Unless it wasn't a test of course but nothing has been said.   I did get to see some rather hot looking firemen though.  That was quite nice.  And at least we know the alarms are working ok.    But it was still a bit annoying because we had to shut the store for about an hour or so.   The other thing that has gone on in work, and I only just found out this morning, is that my supervisor Becca is moving to another floor.  I am a bit sad about that, she has been really great for our floor and I don't really want her to go.  But I guess sometimes changes have to be made.

Last Friday we started doing ticket checks for stock take as well.   How the hell has it been a year since I did stock take.   I am obviously expecting to do stock take this year, but I am also hoping that perhaps I won't be working late.  Last year I didn't get in till midnight.  This year I do feel like we have started to become a bit more prepared on the Homewares department where I work so I am fairly optimistic this time round I'm going to be honest.

This is me with my little microwavable unicorn that Chrissie got me.  I love it!

I have had a really nice weekend off so far.  Spent most of yesterday tidying up a bit because me room was still littered with a few Christmas presents here and there.   Please take a look at my Instagram photos just off to the side to see my new pride and joy, my beautiful Ted Baker purse. I love it.  The other photo is of yours truly holding my new microwavable unicorn off my good friend Chrissie.  That's awesome too.  Did some hoovering and some colouring, went out for dinner last night, that was really nice.  Just went to Beefeaters and had barbecue ribs, with extra barbecue sauce because they never put enough on.   And for dessert I had the most amazing trifle which was chocolate and Cointreau!  It was beautiful.

So far today I have done some cleaning and gone through my wardrobe and drawers for stuff for charity, so getting rid of quite a few things.   It's nice to have a clear out every now and again.   More space for new clothes!   I haven't spent an awful lot on the sales so far, and I don't really intend to if I am being honest because I do want to save my money a bit.  However, I am still waiting on my new Blowfish brown boots!  And I seriously cannot wait to get them.   I am hoping they will go well with most of my dresses that I have at the moment.    Fingers crossed anyway.

Also hoping that I am on my way to blogging a little bit more consistently this year too.   Last year was a bit hit and miss at times so this year I am going to be doing my best to not leave it too long in between posts.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah x


Thursday, 4 January 2018

4th January 2018.

I really must start working on my blog titles.   Perhaps that should have been one of my New Years Resolutions.  I actually wasn't planning on doing a post this evening, but I just...felt the urge to do one now.   It is 10pm at night to be fair.  My brain is not functioning to it's entire capacity.

I feel like this week has gone fairly slow.  I think it's mostly because people are starting to get back to work after the Christmas holidays.  Unless of course you are like me and work in retail.   Work has just started to quieten down a bit over the last couple of days.   New Years Day certainly wasn't even as busy as I thought it would be.   We have now entered what is known as the 'stock take' zone.  Yeah we have started stock take prep already.   Christmas actually seems as though it was weeks ago.

This week has so far been a nice one for me anyway, because this week, yesterday in fact, I took the train to Nottingham to see my good friends Chrissie and Lizzy, for dinner and Christmas present exchange.  You will think this is really odd, but this is actually only the second time I have ever got a train on my own.  To be truthful, I usually drive, but with the weather the way it is at the moment etc I just felt happier getting a train instead.   I really enjoyed it too It was a lovely evening.  We were going to go out for dinner, but instead we ended up ordering burritos (it was a massive burrito too) and we sat and watched Disney's Beauty and the Beast, which of course I have seen loads of times, but I still love it.   It was awesome.   And then Lizzy drove me back home, which was really nice of her too.

So today just seemed to go so quick.  A couple of times this week I have worn my contact lenses, but I didn't feel like wearing them today, probably because I was a bit tired from yesterday.   Day off tomorrow now yay.   The other movie I watched this week, and I had not seen it for absolutely ages, was Home Alone.

I love it.  That, and Home Alone 2, are two of the funniest movies ever and they are two of my favourite movies of all time.   Doesn't it make a difference when you haven't seen it in a while too?  It still made me laugh out loud.

Anyhoo, that is what I have been up to lately.  I am nearly ready for a day off however, and I am so pleased I have this weekend off.   Plus I have a week off coming up soon too.  Happy days.   

So, just a short post today, and my first post of this year, yay!

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Sunday, 31 December 2017

My New Years Resolutions.

I haven't always done New Years Resolutions.   Looking back at my diary from January 'this year', I didn't actually list any New Years Resolutions in it at all.   To be fair this year, and most of 2016 has been a bit of a blur for me for various personal reasons so it's no wonder I didn't come up with anything.   Over the last few days I have read a number of blogs from those who have written about their 'Highlights' of 2017.  I am not going to be doing that.   This year has not really been the greatest for me, and although I am not going to be 'writing this year off' so to speak, I have decided that the best thing to do is to simply look forward, instead of looking back.  

So here is a list of my New Year's Resolutions.   They are not particularly in any sort of order, and I have stuck with the round sum of ten.  Don't want to be biting off more than I think I can chew.   I am really pleased with what I have come up with however, so that's good.

1) Plan Better.

So that I am not rushing about.  Though I will say I have slowly started to improve my planning in general already, so that is a bonus.   It's just really planning my blog posts, and making lists when I'm at work and at home of stuff that needs doing around the house etc.  And even a list of stuff I want to get done too, for me.   Planning ahead is always a good thing.

2) Start Painting Again.

Yeah I have not been painting in a while.  Last time I had painted, which might have been September time, I had just gone onto acrylic paints and I quite enjoyed using them, so that is something I will look at taking up again next year.  Might also try and improve my drawing too.

3) Save For A Camera (And Save Money In General).

I have decided I would love to have a camera with a really good zoom lens so I can take better pictures.  I did originally have the intention of getting one for Christmas this year, and I had even asked for one too.  I bet you're thinking, ok, did I not get one?  No I didn't.  Because right at the start of December I discovered there was a new Ted Baker purse I had not seen, with a flying unicorn on the front and I decided I needed that in my life more.  That is why I do not have a camera!  But I would not have it any other way.   And.... I always try and save money.  You never know when you might need it.

4) Blog More - But Only When I Want To.

I had this habit this year, not all the time, but some of the time, of doing a blog post just because I hadn't done on in a while.   I have since discovered over the last few months that doing a spontaneous post just because I WANT to write about something, anything in fact, and share it with others is one of the best ways to blog for me.   I do tend to enjoy blogging a lot more when I do it that way, and that is what makes such a difference.

5) Become A Bit More Committed In General.

Ok, so this is pretty much reiterating what I have just said above, but along with this blog I also mean, be more committed at work (House Of Fraser), a bit more committed at home, and also a bit more committed to myself too.   So, yeah.  Just in general!

6)  Do More Colouring.

I have certainly noticed this year that colouring really does relax me.   I even find it easier to get into than my painting.   I have been bought some really nice new colouring books for Christmas, and I am still colouring in my Joanna Basford book because it is so intricate!!! But I love it.

7)  Continue To Wear My Contact Lenses.

So, this year I decided to start wearing contact lenses again, only recently too, and I am so glad I have because it really has given me a boost in my confidence, particularly in work.   It didn't take very long for me to get used to them either, probably because I have worn them before in the past, although it has been about..... 8 years or so since I have worn them.  I was so over the moon to find I am still getting on with them ok.

8)  Take More Photos.

On my mobile phone!  As I have not yet saved for a camera.  The pictures on my mobile do turn out really well I will have to say, so it's fine.  I would like to take more and improve my photography skills and produce new exciting photos for this blog etc, so this is quite a good New Years Resolution I think.   Plus I like taking photos.   Quite a few people have said I should even take more photos of me, which I could really.   I don't generally put an awful lot of photos of myself on the blog, so that would be quite a good thing to do.

9)  Keep On Top Of Dusting Room.

I really pleased to report I actually did this today! Yay!  It was only list of things to do, and I am so happy I have a nice clean room!  What I realize I do need to get out of the habit of, is leaving it too long to tidy it up and dust!   I have lots of little ornaments that I have collected over the years, dragons, faeries, bears, bunnies, my Olaf ornament... and I don't want them damaged, so must dust room more often!

10)  Find A New Interest.

Well this is something I can start exploring straight away.   I have no idea what to try, I just think it would be nice to simply try something new.   So I will have to have a think and see what it is I want to do.   It will probably end up being something totally random, but that's fine.   Let's see what this year will bring!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah x

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