Friday, 13 April 2018

Happy Friday 13th!

Today seemed to go really quick for me.   At the start of this week I was convinced today (being Friday 13th an' all) would be a really rubbish day for me.   Particularly as I should have had a tooth extraction yesterday.   As it turned out, my extraction didn't go ahead, and today turned out to be a rather uneventful day.   Not that I am complaining.

And, despite the fact it is Friday the 13th... there is no way I am putting a creepy, bad luck picture on here today.   I much prefer colourful owls instead!

Most of my day at work was taken up doing delivery, which I found quite therapeutic.  We didn't get any new stock as such, it was mainly replen.  But it made the day pass by.  

I have been quite productive tonight in the sense that I have been sorting out an outfit, bag and shoes for going out tomorrow night.   I'm just going out for a few drinks with my work colleagues, and I am really looking forward to it.   I haven't been out on a night out in a little while so it should be really fun.  I have picked out just a couple of dresses to choose from, I don't like too many options because I can be still quite indecisive at times, so a 'couple' of dresses is fine.   I know what shoes I want to wear too.   And thankfully my contact lenses were delivered the other day, so I can wear them too.   Happy days!

Not been up to much tonight, except watching Saturday Night Takeaway.  The one where they are filming in Florida.  I had it on record.   It was really good.  Dec, Stephen Mulhern and Scarlett Moffat so it really well of course, but I do miss Ant.  I hope he gets himself sorted soon.   I do love it when they the show in Florida, brings back memories from when I was there.   I thought it was really funny seeing them all screaming on the rollercoasters.   That would be me too if I went on one.

Now I am just chilling out really.  It feels really cold tonight for some reason.  The other day I was too bloody hot.  Now it's too cold.   Can't wait for summer I'll say that much for sure.   I am really looking forward to my night out tomorrow.  It should be good.  

I am quite glad I didn't have my tooth out yesterday now :0)

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Appointment That Didn't Happen.

You may have noticed I have been a little quiet for a week or so.   This is mostly due to me preparing and building myself up mentally for my tooth extraction that I was supposed to finally have done today.   To be totally honest it has really been the only thing on my mind up to today.   I really just wanted to get it over and done with.   My appointment was at 9am this morning, I had already pre-arranged the day off with my manager at work so I was there in plenty of time to have it taken out and then get over it....after it had been done.


My dentist couldn't do it.   Basically, what happened was, last year my crown fell out, and I've left it some time really to get it sorted mainly because it wasn't easy getting an appointment once Christmas, January sales etc were out of the way.   Today was the one I could get to have it taken out.  He had to take some x-rays anyway, but when he came back to me I saw this look on his face and I thought something is up here.   It turns out he is not trained to take out a tooth that is as damaged as the one I have, (sounds bad doesn't it!) particularly as most of the damaged tooth is below the actual gum line.   So what he said was, he wasn't happy about taking it out, and is arranging for a 'surgeon' to come in to remove it for me under local anaesthetic.

So after all that this morning, in one respect I am annoyed that he couldn't take it out today because I could have really done with the bloody thing gone.   On the other hand I respect his decision.   I have been with this dentist a long time now and he knows his stuff so it's fine.   It just means I have to wait now to have it taken out because apparently they are going to contact me when the appointment is made for me.

What can you do?!

So I nipped into work on the way back from the dentist because it's not far away from the place, and told them.   They other day I was invited out for drinks on Saturday night by a few of them from work, and I had originally said that I wasn't going to go because I wasn't sure what I would be like after the extraction.   I figured it probably wouldn't be a good idea going out.    Well I bloody am now.

Anyway I had a little look round town afterwards with my mum, because she had come with me for support whilst I was in the dentist.  I also nipped into work to let them know how it went, or rather, didn't go at the dentist.   Then came home and chilled out for the rest of the day.   It's been a really funny day actually.   I came home after and didn't know what to do with myself because I was expecting to be sleeping or something for the rest of the day.   So just been chilling out, reading my Vogue magazine, cut out some pictures for my collage, watching Ice Age and generally mooching about.

Sometimes days just don't go the way you thought they would.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Mid-Week Again.

It was very quiet in work today.   I spent most of the day doing delivery.   Wednesday is usually the day we get our new promotions for the next week, but apparently our printer in work was broken, so we didn't get them in the end.   It just means we have to do them tomorrow instead, so it's no problem.   I'm just hoping we don't get the auditors in tomorrow.   But it can't be helped.

There was a lot of rain today so I am not surprised it was so quiet.  Luckily the rain had eased off by the time I was walking back to my car.   Had a lovely hot bath when I got in too, with my Avon peach bubble bath.  Then watched the Jane McDonald show whilst eating dinner, and then an episode of The Big Bang Theory, which I really love too.   It's the newest season too and it's been really good so far.

I've also been doing a bit of colouring tonight.   I do feel it helps me to wind down particularly if I have been in work.   I finished at 5.45pm tonight, but tomorrow I finish a bit earlier, 4.15pm, so I'm looking forward to getting in a bit earlier and chilling out.   Not got a day off till Saturday.   So far this month I've been really good with my money, and I have only bought my No7 face cream that I always use, because I have literally run out.   I do still have my car MOT to get in by then end of the month so I will get that sorted soon.  And of course I have my tooth extraction next Thursday...Joy of Joys...not.   At least it will be done and out the way.

Now I am just surfing the web a bit before bed.  Going to add a few bits to my Pinterest boards I reckon, whilst listening to the wind howling outside.   It really is windy tonight.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Tuesday, 3 April 2018

A Meal And A Small Win.

I went out for dinner this evening with my mum and dad, and their friends, Julie and Jason.   We went to our local Beefeater, which used to be called Mill Lodge.   I actually still call it Mill Lodge to be fair.  It was really, really nice.   I had a steak, which I don't normally have, but it was really lovely.  I also had a cheesecake for dessert.   You can never go wrong with a cheesecake, it was awesome.

I had started eating the berries before I took this picture so there were a few more on it than that.  They were really nice, not too tart.   I found the cheesecake really light and smooth too.   Will definitely be having that again when I go back.

Work went ok today too.   We didn't seem as busy as we were yesterday.   We spent the day moving the clearance sale to the back of the departments so we can push our new stock forward.  Like the picnic stuff we got in last month.... Yes really!  Last month.   I think it was like, the week after we had the snow, haha.   Anyway.  It's in position now.    We just need some sunshine and warmer weather.

I was also really chuffed to learn I had an email from the Postcode Lottery to say I had won something.   Now don't get too excited, it was only a tenner, but that pays for this months subscription so that is fine.   I do the regular lottery too, and apart from the odd lucky dip every now and again, I never seem to win on that.  I've only been doing the Postcode Lottery for two months so, that's not bad.

Next time though...ten grand would be nice, please, thanks!!!   Lol.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Monday, 2 April 2018

Well That Was Easter!

Easter seemed to come round awfully quick this year, and seemed to end just as quickly too.  

I was really happy to have Easter Saturday off this year, especially as I don't usually.   Yesterday House Of Fraser was closed...obviously, but I had a really lovely, chill out Easter Sunday.   I spent most of the day either on the internet, and eating chocolate, colouring, and eating chocolate, or watching TV (Hollyoaks and Inspector Morse, the new one which is quite good) and eating chocolate.  

I have discovered a new found love of one particular type of chocolate, and that is the Galaxy Golden Egg chocolate, and that was one of my Easter eggs, with a little packet of mini golden eggs.   It's bloody gorgeous!  I am literally sat stuffing my face with it as I write.  The little mini eggs are amazing too.

I got to finish a bit earlier today too.  The store was open till 5pm but I finished my shift at 3.45pm.  It was nice to get home a bit earlier for a change.  I don't always finish early.  Had a nice hot bath when I got in, and watched TV - NCIS, which I quite like to watch on occasion.   I cannot believe the show is still going, but it seems to still attract audiences so that's good.

The only other thing I have done a bit of tonight, is I have started playing The Sims 2 again.   It might sound a bit random, but I quite like to play it, especially as it seems to take my mind off things.   Not that anything has been bothering me tonight, but you know, it's just a general thing I guess.

Anyhoo, off to read my Vogue magazine before the new one comes.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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