Friday, 23 February 2018

Is Pleased For A Holiday.

I am so happy that I now have two weeks off work.  I will have to say, I cannot remember the last time I had two weeks off holiday, when I didn't actually have any plans to go anywhere.   The last 'two weeks' I did have off from work was a few years ago when I went to Florida.  So it is quite exciting to see what it is I am going to do with myself for these two weeks.

I have already made plans for meeting up with my two best friends Lizzy and Chrissie on Sunday, and I do believe we are going to go to Kinema in the Woods to see The Greatest Showman.   So that should be pretty cool.  I have seen a few clips of that movie and it does look really good.   I am a big Hugh Jackman fan anyway.   I am a bit sad that Hugh Jackman has not been nominated for an Oscar this year but that's just the way it is sometimes.  

So, I also want to go into town and have a mooch round places I don't get to go when I am working.  I may even go to the cinema myself one day too, just to watch something random perhaps.  I also want to meet up at some point with my friend Jo who I work with too, you know, just for a coffee, or lunch.   I think that would be quite nice.

Definitely feel like I am ready for a rest.   Today in work was a right nightmare.   There was actually only me and Jo in today, and well the thing is, Friday's in retail generally can be quite busy.   Buy and Collect was rammed, customers collecting from the back door, people not answering phones when we needed them to come and help us out, and when I say I was physically running from one end of the floor to the other.....I ain't exaggerating!   And let me tell you, it's a big fooking floor!

Tonight I have just been chilling out.   I was looking on Netflix to find a TV show to watch, but I couldn't find anything I fancied.   I did however watch a show whilst eating my dinner, and that was 'The Coroner'.  It's the second one I have seen of the series and it's been really good.   Starring the actress Claire Goose, who was also in The Bill and Waking The Dead, if any of you remember those shows.   They were both really good, and The Coroner has so far had some really great storylines.  I am really enjoying it.

Until next time.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah x


Thursday, 22 February 2018

Primark Is The Best.

Today was a really nice day.   For two reasons.   Number one, I got to finish work early, woohoo!  I love it when I can start work early (even though that does mean less time in bed this morning, I know) and finish early.   Starting at 8.30am can be annoying, however, well two things really, you can get a bit more done in work that needs to be done first thing of a morning when it's quiet, so that's good.   Obviously when it gets really busy I have to be just 'customer focused' and not doing anything else at all.   But when there aren't many customers first thing, you can do delivery, tidy, dust, move stuff, do replen, etc.

Number two, and of course the upside of starting at 8.30am for me, as I am now only on a 25 hour contract, is I sometimes get to finish early, and today I finished at 1.45pm, which was really cool.   And what did I do with my time today?  I went to Primark and bought a new pair of boots for work, which were £10, and I treated myself to a new bag, which was £7, and I am so pleased with it.   I have been after one that colour for a while, and it has lots of space too.   I am over the moon.

Tonight I have been busy breaking in my new Primark boots, they are for work, and the pair I had been wearing for work are absolutely wrecked now.   They were Primark ones too, and I have had them for about five months....about that anyway.   I think that's standard Primark wear-ability for shoes isn't it?   If you wear them practically every day and generally do a lot of walking I guess that could be right.

I also watched Mission Impossible tonight.   The first one.   I really enjoyed it, I haven't seen that movie in years.  Tom Cruise looks so young in it.  I originally saw it at the cinema with some school friends of mine.  I was thirteen!   I did enjoy it.  Sometimes with a movie franchise I find I often forget just how got the first movie is.   I am quite looking forward to the new one coming out soon too, that comes out this year at some point.   In the meantime I might watched the rest of the M:I movies.   I actually cannot remember much about the second one except the bike chase.

Anyhoo, off to sleep now.  One more day in work, then I am off for a fortnight which is quite cool because I don't often manage to get two weeks together.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Wednesday, 21 February 2018

I Really Hate It When The Internet Is SO Slow.

The title of today's blog post was not the original one I had intended for it, but believe me when I do say, the internet this evening has been ridiculously, and annoying slow.   And to be honest it is really doing my head in right now.   Just on the safe side, speaking as one who has had several computer viruses before, I am just running a security scan with my faithful McAfee software.   Hopefully all will come back clear.

It is still doing my head in though.

I had a little surprise when I got home today because I had a couple of belated Christmas presents from my Auntie Karen in Liverpool.

A leather-bound notebook, which is really lovely.   It has an amazingly rich, leather smell.   It will be well used.   So I'm really made up with that.

And a hurricane candle.   The first ever hurricane candle I have ever had I reckon.  It's really lovely, and I love dolphins.

I really love this.   So you light the candle at the top, and then it burns down and creates a hurricane lantern.   I really chuffed with it.  I haven't decided where it is going to live yet but I will be sure to find it a space.

I haven't really been doing all that much this evening since I got in from work.   I got home about 5pm today as I finished at 4.15.  That was good because it gave me the opportunity to chill out in a nice hot bath before tea, during which I watched what I call 'house programmes', Escape To The Country basically, where people go on, who have lots of money to buy a house.   I always think the properties they show on there are stunning.  Can't quite afford a house myself....yet.   I am saving, so I do live in hope.

Work went ok, I was busy merchandising table top for most of it.  Place mats basically, cutlery, charger plate etc.  It was quite good fun.   And serving customers of course.   Obviously.   In bed a bit earlier tonight too because I start at 8.30 tomorrow morning.  But, I do finish at 1.45pm so that's pretty cool.  I'm really not complaining at that.   In some ways it is my favourite shift because I have practically all afternoon to do whatever I want to.   I will probably just come home and do bits here to be fair.   If I stay in town too long I end up running the risk of spending money on stuff I probably don't need right now.

The internet better not be this bad tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah x


Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Tuesday 20th Of February.

I was really grateful for a slightly quieter day today.   We were quiet in work with customers, which initially I found strange considering traffic was really bad this morning on my way to work, and there was a queue to get into my usual car park.   This was strange because it was only 10am.    I started work at 11am today, so naturally I leave for work an hour early, and I just could not believe there was a queue, at that time and when there hasn't been a queue for weeks!

Rant over.  Out of my system.   The rest of the day was quite good.   I did spend most of it doing bits of merchandising again on the Glassware department, which I really did enjoy, and thankfully there were no broken glass shelves today which was a bonus.   Sadly, customer-wise it was a bit quiet.   But you can't have it all I suppose.    Managed to finish on time at 4.15pm, which was really nice, I do love it when I finish early, I prefer finishing early.   It always makes me feel like I can do so much more with my day.

Today I chose just to come straight home after work, and watch a few episodes of Hollyoaks, as I usually do, and then I did a spot of colouring.    Perfect.   And I had fish and chips from the chippy for dinner too, which was really nice because I hadn't had that in a while.   Mum and Dad were still out when I got home after work, as they had gone to Liverpool to see my nan for the day.   That seemed to go well so I am pleased.

I have decided I need some new boots for work, and I keep meaning to nip to New Look or even Primark to see what they have, but I haven't got around it yet.  It is on my list to do.   I don't really 'need' any new tops for work, but you know....if I find a nice one....I might treat myself.   Thing is, I do need the boots because the ones I have now are getting a bit bashed now.   I don't need new tops.   I just want new tops.

Anyway, I shall have to see.  It is payday soon after all.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

Monday, 19 February 2018

The Work Floor Move Is Underway.

I am really tired tonight, which is why I am doing this post from beneath the comforts of my bed covers.   Was busy helping to move the glass department in work today which actually was going really well until one of our display glass shelves seemed to just get knocked in a silly place and ended up shattering into hundreds of pieces.   Luckily it was safety glass, and there were no customers around at the time.   Annoyingly, yours truly got nicked in the leg with the 'tiniest' bit of glass, which caused it to bleed and then I had to get it treated and put into the accident book at work.   Really annoying.   But it's fine, I shall survive.

Stupid glass shelf!   I was in fact looking for a picture of some shattered safety glass, but all the ones I could find were boring looking.   So I picked the picture above instead.   At least there is a bit of colour to it, get the idea.

Apart from that the day went quite well I thought.   I helped merchandise the glass back onto the wall and I helped move some bedlinens around too.  So it was quite a busy day really, and I did enjoy it, apart from when the glass shelf 'bit' me.  The floor is looking really good from what we have done to it so far.  Still a way to go though.

One good thing that came out of today was me, checking the rotas when I started my shift this afternoon, and discovering that as I have quite a bit of holiday left, my manager has sorted me out with another weeks holiday.   So instead of just having next week off work as holiday, which was scheduled anyway, I now have the following week off as well.   How cool is that?!  I am so pleased about this.   The last time I had more than a weeks holiday at a time was when I went to Florida last, which was about four years ago.   So I am well chuffed to have two weeks off.   I need to decide what I am going to do with myself for two weeks.

Anyhoo I have decided to have an early night, so signing off now.  

Thank you all for reading my waffle.

Sarah x

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