Sunday, 18 March 2018

The Start Of Another Week.

I have had a nice day today, by not doing an awful lot, which might sound a bit bad, but you's Sunday.   Wasn't working today which was good.   I don't generally mind working Sundays anyway, I just prefer not to work on the Sunday after my holiday like I did last week.

Today I have been doing a bit of cleaning, cleaned the bathroom, tidied up in my room that kind of thing.   This evening I spent some time deciding on an outfit for tomorrow night because I am going to a charity event at Lincoln City Fc, so that should be a nice evening.  Tomorrow is actually the only day I am finishing early (4.15pm) so that is really handy.  Then I am off on Tuesday which is nice.

Tonight I watched Transformers: The Last Knight, which was really cool.   Very entertaining, lots of action, and to be perfectly honest, this one was a hell of a lot better than the last Transformers movie, Age Of Extinction, I kid you not, I have just had to look up what it was called because I couldn't remember.   Yeah it was that bad.   In my opinion anyway.   The Last Knight was much better.   It had a much better storyline, I really loved the King Arthur and Merlin references in it.   And Anthony Hopkins!   He was brilliant.   It is definitely worth a watch if you haven't seen it yet.

The snow hasn't been too bad today but it does look a bit icy out there tonight, and it is bitterly cold.   Hopefully it won't be too bad tomorrow morning when I am off to work.  Don't start till 11am though.  A bit of a lie in, woohoo.   I have also been watching a couple of episodes of Designated Survivor tonight too.   It's a really great show, and it does seem to be getting better as the series is going along.

So I wonder what this week will bring?!

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Saturday, 17 March 2018

Had A Change Of Department.

First off, I would like to just take the opportunity to express my hatred for the snow right now.   It is currently snowing still, however it is just that kind of fine, hard, sleety snow that you can see being blown across the roads and pavements.   I still hate it.   I had to drive to work in that this morning!   And on the way home.   And people were over-taking me at 60mph (or something)  It was stupid.   It wasn't fun.   They are calling it 'The Beast From The East' on the news.   Wonderful....

We were really short staffed in work today.  Not on my Homewares department, but on the Accessories department on the ground floor of the House Of Fraser store.   Coincidently, I started off working on the Accessories department when I first started working for the company some fifteen years ago, so it wasn't new to me, well, the stock was obviously, but I really enjoyed it.   I found today I still don't mind tidying handbags.   Plus it gave the opportunity to check out all the Ted Baker handbags I would love to own.   I spent most of today either serving customers, and it was really busy down there being a Saturday, but also I helped out finishing off price-checking and satoing (putting stickers on) their sale stock.   Being totally honest, I really enjoyed the day.  It was something different from what I am used to, and something I had not done for a long time.   It was good.   The day seemed to just fly by too.

One of the things I did notice was the amount of customers that came on that department in a short space of time, compared to what it is normally like on Homewares.   A lot of the customers that come onto Homewares usually go to our Buy and Collect, and then maybe they might buy something on the department afterwards, but it depends.   Homewares was apparently 'dead' today.   Normally I would have blamed that on the snow, because it has been bad today, but considering how busy it was on Accessories, and the Menswear department which is opposite, I am not so sure.  Strange really.   Perhaps we need to do something more to promote the Home department?....

Anyway.   I did really enjoy the day.  We have got so many scarves.  That was what I was mainly pricing up today.  And they kept falling off the bloody hangers.   If that is all I have to complain about though, that's not bad.  

I also finished at 4.15 today, which was really cool, particularly as the weather was bad it meant I could get home before the worst of it hit.   Spent the evening watching The Chase, Q.I and An Evening With Jane McDonald, which was really good.  She is such an incredible singer, and she looks so stunning too.  I really enjoyed the show.

All in all an interesting, but a certainly good day.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

Friday, 16 March 2018

DCs Legends Of Tomorrow.

I have had the place to myself this evening, as the folks have gone out for dinner, so I decided to have a little 'session' of watching Legends Of Tomorrow on Now TV.  It is really very good.  I am on still series 1, but I am getting the hand of the characters and how it all ties in with the Marvel world.   From what I have seen so far it is very well done.

The first thing I noticed about it was it stars Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter, and who was in Doctor Who.   I did love that series of Doctor Who he was in, and it was with Karen Gillan as Amy Pond.   So now they have both starred in Marvel 'works' because Karen Gillan stars in Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy.   That is pretty cool for two Brits if you ask me.

I also love Wentworth Miller in Legends of Tomorrow (formally in Prison Break, which I have not seen either.   I do find his character Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold, a bit cocky, but I love him.  I think so far he is my favourite character in the show.   I do like Caity Lotz as Sara as well.   She's cool, and she's feisty too. And I also recognized Victor Garber, who in my opinion, doesn't look like he has changed since he made Titanic some 21 years ago.  How weird is that?!


Today in work I was busy checking tickets and prices on the Bathshop department.    Apparently, it had been done wasn't, because I found absolutely loads on there today that were wrong.  If we had had the auditors come in today, we would have failed.   Badly.

Anyhoo.  I did enjoy my little Legends Of Tomorrow binge watch.   Was also introduced to the character of Arrow in the show that I saw tonight too.   Might have to give that show a watch at some point as well.   For now I will just keep on watching Legends Of Tomorrow, because it's really very entertaining.

On a final note, this is my 100th post on Sarah's DreamScapes woohoo! I am so pleased.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Thursday, 15 March 2018

Thursday 15th March.

For some reason today I really feel like it should be a lot later on the week.   Like it should actually be Saturday, and that would mean I would be off tomorrow if it was.   It was so strange for me to have yesterday off work.   I never get Wednesdays off ever.

Today was mostly taken up with price checking as much as possible, as we do have our audit coming up....any time from now and the end of March.   Like a lot of places, we never know exactly when we will get it, but it does have to be before the end of the month.   I spent today checking prices, mainly on photo frames, on the shop floor and in the stockroom, and let me tell you....we have a hell of a lot of photo frames.   Oh yes, before I forget, I also dropped one of these frames today.   Technically it fell the shelf, but it fell, and smashed into a million tiny glass pieces.   Luckily the day got better after that, but still could have done without it.

I also spent a bit of time in the stockroom checking frames and a few vases that were in there.   Found quite a few.   They all had tickets on, but they were all the wrong prices, and that means a mark against us in audit if something is found with the wrong price on.   My day went really quick to be fair.  Apart from the rain we had this morning, it was a good day.

Tonight I caught up with the Great British Bake Off for Stand Up For Cancer and that was really good.  Perri, who is in Diversity won.  He was really good.  I did love Stacey Solomon's rainbow unicorn creation.   That was really cool.  And Nick Hewer, with those bloody choux buns, that was hilarious.   He did make a bit of a mess of than.   It was such a good show tonight I really enjoyed it.

Now I am just about to tuck into a Cadbury's cream egg and I cannot wait.   They are my favourites.   You can so tell Easter is round the corner.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Legends Of Allsorts.

I was up early today to get my hair cut.   I was extremely impressed with myself that I got up before 9am.  That doesn't happen very often on my day's off.   I think I shall make a note and put it on a list of my personal achievements for the month.    You think I'm joking?!

I do feel much better now that I have had my hair trimmed.   I didn't have a lot taken off, I do like having long hair still.  It just needed tidying up a bit.  I had it cut by my old school friend, Natalie.  She's lovely.   A little loud and crazy, but I love her.   And her little girl, Lola, had to come with her today, so I let her colour in my unicorn colouring book.   She's a sweet kid.   We had Alvin and the Chipmonks on the TV.   Not like the way it was when I watched 20 plus years ago.   It's all computer generated now.  It wasn't too bad though.   I am just so glad I've had my hair cut.   My head feels so much lighter now.

Took mum out to the shops today too.    Needed some essentials.   It was only to Tescos, but it was nice to have a walk round.   All the Easter Eggs are out now.   I always eat far too much chocolate at Easter time.   Actually, I eat too much chocolate all the time.  Chocolate makes me happy.

Also been watching a Tommy Cooper show tonight.   For those who don't know Tommy Cooper was a well-known comedian in the 70s and 80s.   It just showed little comedy sketches that he did had done.   It was really good and really funny.   He was a really talented guy.   Classic comedy.   You can't beat it.

What else have I done today?  I changed my Instagram pictures on here.   Instagram was being really funny yesterday, funny as in annoying, because it wouldn't load properly on my computer.  And yet today it was fine.   Perhaps it was having 'issues' yesterday.  But it was working (as you can see) today so, happy days.

I also caught up with Hollyoaks, and did some colouring to chill out this afternoon.

On a final, more delicate note, would just like to say RIP to Stephen Hawking.  The world has lost a true genius.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah x

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