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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Creative Social Media Marketing Tips I Have Discovered.

I have noticed during my many years of blogging just how massive an impact social media has had on all the blogs that I have created.   Twitter in particular for me has really been my main focus for sharing anything that I write.   I love Twitter because it provides instant snippets of information that keeps you up to date with what is going on in the world.

Back in the day when I first started blogging, would you believe....the only thing I actually used for any social media interaction was the Google Plus button.  I know, I can hear the 'OMGs' from here.  To be honest at the time it did serve it's purpose and I am very grateful for it.   Of course social media has considerably moved on from that.   So these are a few tips I have found so far that really interest me.

1)  Starting A Pinterest Group Board.

I do use Pinterest a bit, but it is not something that I tend to do every day or even every week sometimes.   Thinking about it I should really utilize it more.   I have heard how some bloggers have even used Pinterest for ideas for blog posts.   I don't actually do that and maybe I should.   At the moment I am just using Pinterest to share my blog posts I have written, which I guess is good as well.   I might need to look into that a bit more because I don't really feel like I am using Pinterest to it's full potential.

2)  Asking Trivia Questions.

Or actually any questions really.  Have a Q & A session in general.  I do like doing list posts so this is another idea I can explore.   I am a fan of general knowledge quizzes in general.   And I do love a bit of Pointless! I will have to come up with some questions and can ask myself and then publish them on here.  Lots of people do that with their blogs.

3)  Start A Weekly Series.

Interestingly I already do this on occasion on my movie blog that I do.  I do Top Ten's and case studies etc.   So I am sure I can come up with a few ideas for here too.  Better start planning those next.

4)  Share Book Recommendations And Reviews.

Definitely need to start reading again, so this is something I will be looking at doing too.   I do like to read books I just don't tend to do it often enough.  I am particularly finding that the idea of seeing a pile of books beside my bed waiting to be read is becoming increasingly more desirable.  Might soon be time to invade the charity shops again.

5) Sharing Playlists.

I need to add more music to my iPod I have decided.  Listening to my iPod is not something I tend to do every day, and I know a lot of people do, but to be honest I need to be in the mood to listen to music.   Generally I tend to add a few tunes to my iPod every month.  When I mean a few I mean maybe five or six.  At the moment.  But really I need to keep on top of that too.  I know it may sound daft but I don't want my iPod to go out of date so quickly I can't add anymore music to it.  That is me talking from experience by the way.  I did an update on iTunes once and afterward it would not accept my iPod that I had at the time.  Never letting that happen again.  So anyway.  I should do that, and then I can share my playlists when I blog. 

So that is what I learnt so far today.   I think using Pinterest more would be really beneficial, so I will certainly look into doing that.   I need to start reading again.   And personally for me, I think I would love to somehow embark on building my own 'brand' of sorts.  I need to explore creative social media marketing, and engagement more.  It sounds quite exciting actually.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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