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Thursday, 20 October 2016

My Blogging Journey So Far.

Welcome to my brand new blogging venture on my brand new blog, Sarah's DreamScapes.   I find it very exciting starting a new blog, and I have done that a couple of times now.   Some blogs have worked out for me, others....not so much.   I created my first blog, Dolly Wolly Wombat, in 2010.   I seem to recall that after a couple of years of false starts with it, I decided to delete a load of posts that I had originally put on it which when I look back now, I really wish I hadn't because I have no idea what I used to write when I first created it in 2010, and of course back then in those early days I never thought to ever 'back-up' my blog.

When you look at that blog now it says my first blog post was on the 1st of July 2013.   And it is so funny.... The title of the post reads:  Taking The First Steps To Learning How To Become A Blogger, and then underneath a single line reads...."And I don't know what I am doing!'  It is published as well, so somewhere in the internet's stratosphere there is my one line blog post.   Wonderful!! I am sure there are plenty more out there other than mine that are like that...or at least I am hoping there is!!   I would also like to add that as it stands at the moment, I do honestly know a bit more what I am doing when I blog.  Certainly a hell of a lot more than I did back then anyway, which is always good.

So from here on it, I shall now use the 1st of July 2013  as my official blogging start date, even though in the corner of my stats overview page it reads May 2010 - October 2016....


I learnt a lot whilst I blogged on Dolly Wolly.  I discovered that I was becoming a bit of a 'news reporter', because my main blogging focus was on Celebrity News and Gossip.  I thought that idea for a blog worked really well for me for a few years, so many people were interested in reading what was going on in Hollywood and Big Brother and Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, X Factor etc.  In all honesty though, I got a bit bored with it because most of the news I read and 'reported' on didn't always interest me but because it had become a habit like I know blogging does for a lot of people, I just kept doing it.   So once upon a time, Dolly Wolly Wombat was the only blog I had.   When I look back on it now I only actually stopped blogging on it properly (because I did dabble back on to it for a bit this year) a year ago.   Dolly Wolly Wombat is not really me anymore.   It was the 11th of July 2015 I declared I was going to Wordpress.  The thing is, I still have my Wordpress blog too which is all about movies because I love movies.... but so what, there are lots of bloggers out there who have two blogs.  Or three, or four!!!  

So why have I decided to start a new blog? I have actually sat here just thinking about this for several minutes, and I have decided.... I want to start a new blog because I want to do more, explore more, challenge more and inspire more.  So in a nutshell...Do, Explore, Challenge and Inspire.   That actually has quite a nice ring to it.   Well I think it does anyway.   Lets see how I get on.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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