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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

10 Things About Me.

I am finding it quite strange starting a new blog knowing I have had three previous blogs before this one.  I am wondering whether doing a lifestyle blog will be easier than doing the other types I have done before, which were movies, which I still do and I still very much enjoy doing.  I also did a blog on celebrity news, which to be fair is quite easy because you just search on the internet for it and write about it, although I did get bored with it in the end, and a blog about making and managing money which at the time I was very interested in, however in the end it actually started to annoy me because it just didn't work the way I wanted it to.   So far I have enjoyed writing on this blog even though I have only a few posts on here at the moment.

So here are 10 things about me.

1)  I love movies.  I really love movies, I am slightly obsessed with them.  I will generally watch any type of movie, action, comedy, romance, horror, and especially Disney movies.  I love movie collectible too.  And still to this day, from the age of fourteen my favourite actor of all time is Leonardo DiCaprio.  I still think he is gorgeous!!

2)  I love unicorns.   I have unicorn pictures, I have a unicorn dreamcatcher, Myth and Magic unicorn ornaments, unicorn tops and accessories, and a unicorn tattoo.  A real one, on my right upper arm.  It was a 21st birthday gift.

3)  My favourite colour is purple.  Most of my room is decorated purple.

4)   I drive and I passed my test on my fourth attempt in 2005.  I currently have a slate grey Ford Focus, and prior to that I owned a green Nissan Micra (my very first car) and a blue Ford KA.

5)  I like to write in general.   I have written a few short stories in the past and one day I would love to write a book and get it published.   And then turn it into a bestseller.  That would be really cool.   For the time being I just write on my blogs which I really enjoy.

6)  I do like to read too.  I mostly read thrillers from various authors, but I do enjoy the odd 'chick-lit' every now and again, but my favourite author is in fact Stephen King, and my favourite book of his is 'IT', followed very closely by 'The Shining'.

7)  I love American TV shows, my favourites include Supernatural, American Horror Story, How To Get Away With Murder, Criminal Minds and The Big Band Theory to name but a few.  But there are loads more that I love, past and present shows.

8)  I work in retail and have done since I was seventeen.  I am now thirty-three.

9)  I like to colour and paint although I actually can't draw.  I do paint by numbers instead which is actually really very relaxing.  And I am a really big fan of all the different types of adult colouring books you can get now too.

10)  I write a personal diary and have been every day since the 18th of September 1995.  It is probably one of my greatest achievements since passing my driving test!

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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