Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Pop Vinyl Figures I Would Love To Own.

I really love my movies, and now I love my movie collectibles just as much.  When I first saw the Pop! Vinyl figures I wasn't too sure about them and this is mainly down to the fact I prefer a bit of detail to my collectibles.   However....as more and more have started to surface not just the movie figures, but the TV figures as well, I have discovered how much I would really love to own one....or maybe ten!!  And despite the fact I feel that they are just a tiny bit overrated, I don't really care.  I still want one.

So anyway, whilst I was doing my own research to see what Pop! Vinyl figures were available, I came across this website called www.popinabox.co.uk and there are loads on there.  I didn't realize there were quite so many.  This is actually a subscription website as well, and having read several other blogs who have posts on you know, subscription beauty boxes and stuff I get the idea how they work.  I think they make a fantastic gift, particularly for Christmas as it is on just around the corner now.

I have compiled a little list of the Pop! Vinyl figures I would love to have, even though I have absolutely no idea where they would live if I started collecting them.....Actually, I could clear the tops of my double wardrobes and put them on top of there.   Just answered my own question didn't I!!

Anyway...My Top Ten Pop! Vinyl figures so far.

10)  Disney's Maleficent.

9)   Disney's The Lion King's Simba - He looks so cute.

8)   Disney's Cinderella.

7)   Supernatural: Dean.

6)   Supernatural: Sam.

Got to have some Supernatural in there, I really love that show.

5)   Harry Potter: Tri-Wizard Harry.

4)   Friends: Joey Tribiani.

3)  Labyrinth Hoggle.

I love Labyrinth, it's one of my favourite movies ever.  I really like both Jareth and Hoggle in the Pop! Vinyls, especially Hoggle because he is actually really detailed, probably the most detailed one I have seen.  He is so good.

2)  IT Pennywise The Clown.

1)  Funko Jareth (Labyrinth)

That's all I have up to now, but I want them.  I think they are becoming quite popular too, even though they are not very detailed, I am finding all the ones I have come across I can still tell what or who they are.  I think they are quite cool.   They make a great stocking filler Christmas gift I think.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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