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Friday, 30 December 2016

Why Thrift Shopping Appeals To Me.

This is probably the first fashion related post I think I have ever written in my entire blogging experience.   Working full time in retail, you would think I would be a bit more fashion orientated but I am not really.  It might have something to do with the fact I work on a Homewares department.   However I do shop at New Look and Dorothy Perkins quite regularly.  I love colourful dresses and patterned trousers, and funky T. Shirts that I mainly get from Primark!!

However, I am a really big fan of thrift stores and boutiques.  There is a store in my town called Ruby Red , and that has some really stunning dresses in there.   Several of the dresses I have in my wardrobe are from there.  And for between £15 to say £30, you can get some really beautiful, and often quirky dresses.  So you could find something very similar to what you may have seen in New Look or Next, in one of these stores for a fraction of the price.  And I love bargains!  Who doesn't love bargains?!  But the main reason why I love thrift stores is, if you are willing to go on a bit of a hunt, you can find some really unique outfits from them.  I have two favourite dresses from thrift stores, one is a blue dress with butterflies, and the other a red dress with black cats.  And I also have a dark green, wool checked waistcoat with multi-colour buttons on.  It's really cool.  It's very fitted.   And it's not just clothes, you can get some really nice shoes or bags from there.  And gifts.  Anything really.  I love quirky gifts at bargain prices.

This year most of my Christmas presents that I bought for people were from the internet, but I am thinking for next year, I might explore a bit more and see what I can find in an actual shop, for gifts and for myself.  I might be able to find some pretty vintage dresses or tops for myself perhaps....And at the fraction of the price.  Plus, I reckon they would last longer than if I bought all my clothes from Primark!!! Although Primark is good for some things.  Like boots for work.  So this is why thrift store appeal to me, and I think I shall start exploring them a little bit more.  I can imagine the treasures that could be found are endless.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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