Sunday, 15 October 2017

Charity Race Night.

It's really dark this morning, it looks like it's going to rain outside, and I feel like I want to stay in bed all day.   But I won't.  I'll be good and get up soon.   After more coffee.....

I was surprised I didn't wake up later than I did as I was out last night at a charity 'Race Night' event for the Royal British Legion and Disability Lincolnshire.  I have been to lots of charity events before, but this was the first time I had ever been to a 'Race Night' so I didn't quite know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised because it was really good, it had the usually bar drinks, though I was driving so I had soft drinks, and a really nice buffet to go with it, just your general sausage rolls, pickled onion and cheese on sticks (I love them!) pizza bread etc. And it had a fantastic turn out too.

This is what I wore.   A simple, slightly sparkly silver top, with silver cardigan, and my little Ted Baker handbag I got for my birthday this year, and I wore some smart jeans with it, as it was a 'casual thing'.   If everyone has seen, the cardigan was actually from Bay Trading, those of you who remember that store.  That was my first retail job at Bay Trading, at seventeen.   I was there for about two and a half years.   And the silver cardigan is still doing me proud!

There were eight races in total, you picked your own horse and it was a pound a bet.   I only did a pound at a time, I am not particularly one for betting really, so I just stuck to a pound a go, and that made it really fun!

All the horses had great names.  You had football stadiums, Anfield, Old Trafford etc.  There were movie characters (that was my favourite) so there was Indiana Jones, Jason Bourne, Harry Potter etc. I had Harry Potter! TV shows, so Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones so that was pretty cool.  I actually won on my TV show which was 'The Affair'.  It was probably the least popular TV show out of the bunch, but that was why I went for it.   Hey, I won a few quid so it was good.

That's not all I won however.   Normally I would say I wasn't particularly a lucky person really, but throughout the evening, raffle tickets were on sale a pound a strip, all towards the charity obviously, and you got to pick your own prize which I thought was really cool.  On this table were your usual bottles of bubbly (one of which I chose when I won) a few gift sets, Sanctuary I think was one and YSL etc and there were three envelopes which I actually have no idea what was in but it could have been gift vouchers or a Spa Day perhaps.  All in all the prizes were pretty amazing.   Anyway, I won twice.   The first prize I picked was a bottle of bubbly....

You can't go wrong with a bottle of fizz now!!  There was a couple of  prizes however, that they were keeping back so people got them towards the end, and one of them I managed to get.   Considering I normally feel like I'm not really a 'lucky' person, I was over the moon with this....

A portable induction hob!! Bloody brilliant! I think it's for if you go on holiday in a caravan (which I do not have) but I don't care!  I will still use it, if only to practice my cooking.  It's awesome.   Can you imagine if you were doing your kitchen up and you didn't have an oven for a few days.   This sort of thing would be perfect.  And, I do have some induction pans already too in case anyone's wondering.   Wouldn't work properly otherwise, haha.   I am so happy.

Lots of money was raised last night, as of yet I don't have the exact figure but I will find out over the next couple of days once I get back to work.  As I said, all the money we raised last night will be going to the British Legion, Disability Lincolnshire, and Action For Children which is absolutely fantastic.   I thought it was a very successful evening, and I really enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading x

Sarah x


Sunday, 8 October 2017

Highlights Of My Week.

This was my very first week of doing my new 25 hour contract at work.  I will admit at first I wasn't quite sure how it would go, it was particularly interesting as we had a store visit from head office on Wednesday this week which I came into work right in the middle of, but really, not much has changed apart from the obvious fact that I feel that there is less pressure on me to perform my job and deliver my targets.    So it's all good.  I am happy because it is what I wanted, and that is all that matters.

So last Sunday I met up with my friend Lizzy, and we went for a roast dinner at the pub in my village which was really nice.   I ate too much food!   But it was lovely because we just had a really good catch up and then went for a little walk afterward round the village because it was a lovely day. On Monday I started work at 8.30am (to open tills) and finished at 1.45! Now that was awesome.  It meant I could have potentially done anything I wanted with the rest of my day.  First highlight.  I even got away on time which I was so pleased about.  This actually gave me the opportunity to nip to Boots before I came home, because when I checked my rotas on Monday, a couple of my hours had changed which being part time now, I was expecting at some point.  But I had booked a contact lens appointment for Tuesday at 4.30, so I had to go and change that because I was now working till 5.45pm.   What I didn't do is get really stressed about it, I just went to Boots when I finished and changed my appointment to my day off, which really would have been easier to do in the first place.   Can't be doing with the hassle anyway, haha!

I had a really nice day off on Thursday in the end.  My Boots appointment wasn't till 1.40pm so I didn't have to rush.  Put my contact lenses in at about 11am.  I feel I am getting on really well with them too.  I have worn contacts before but it was about six/seven years ago now.  I stopped because they were getting a bit too expensive at the time but now Boots do loads of amazing plans which are really flexible.  So if you wear glasses and you are thinking of getting contact lenses, check out their plans because they are very good.   Very easy to set up.   They did have to order mine however because I have an astigmatism in my left eye.  But it wasn't a problem, they will be ready for me Tuesday this week, and I have gone with the brand pictured above as they are very good for astigmatism.   Happy days!  I am actually genuinely excited about getting contacts again.

I did manage to have a nice look round town on Thursday too.   It was just so nice to take my time and feel like I wasn't rushing about like I have done on my days off before.   Generally I don't go into town on my days off because I work in retail and I am in town most days.  However, because I am now doing a few less hours in work I find I don't seem to mind so much now.   Had a coffee and double chocolate chip muffin in Starbucks, the Pumpkin Spice Latte of course, that was nice.  I feel I will be getting addicted to that by the time the year is out.   Then I went and bought £5 worth of Halloween stuff from the Pound Shop, as you do!  They have got some really awesome stuff for Halloween, so if you haven't done already, I would recommend checking it out for a few bargains!   All in all, I genuinely enjoyed the day.

The hanging Grim Reaper, and the orange pumpkin on the top shelf and the little pumpkin lights are some of the Halloween things I bought from the pound shop.  Love the Grim Reaper, he's my favourite.  You can't go wrong for a pound!!

Really been enjoying Pretty Little Liars this week too.  I am still on the first series mind, but I love all the characters.  Not quite worked out what's going on just yet but it is one of those shows that has really got me hooked from the first episode, and I can definitely feel a 'binge' session coming on later today.

Hope you have all had a good week too x

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Monday, 2 October 2017

First Ever Blogtober Post.

I cannot believe I have never written a Blogtober post before.  Obviously I do write posts in October, but I have never specifically highlighted that they are for Blogtober.  Until now.  First time for everything as they say.

What I Love About Autumn.

The Colours.

I love trees in general. The colours they turn to in Autumn are so beautiful, the reds and the golds, oranges always look so vibrant.  I also have always loved the sound of the leaves as they rustle in the wind.   That might sound a bit strange to some, but it is something I generally find very calming.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

I am a huge coffee fan and every year without fail, I have to have the famous Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks.  It is just incredible.  Problem is they are very addictive and once I start drinking them I can't stop.  I am a coffee fiend you know really.....

Hot Baths.

I love a long soak in the bath, especially if I have been at work all day and like most, I have gone to work in the dark and cold in the morning, come home in the dark and cold in the evening.   One of my favourite bubble baths I get is the fig and vanilla from Avon, and it is amazing.  It is just so warming and you don't need a lot of it either.  It is incredible.  Definitely worth a try if you haven't before.

That Extra Hour.

Yeah I always find when the daylight saving kicks in it is just the best ever.   It is so much easier to adjust to than the summer time change.  That extra hour in bed is definitely nothing to be sniffed at.

Halloween Movies.

Got to watch a few Halloween movies in October, especially on the night itself.  Some of my favourite Halloween movies are: Beetlejuice, Ghostbusters - the original and the new movie, Casper, and Hocus Pocus.  I also do like a few scary movies too, so The Conjuring, Scream, Let Me in, and An American Haunting to name a few.


Halloween Decorations.

I do love the Halloween decorations you can get.  Most of the time I just like looking to see what other people get but this year I have decided I want a few of my own.  I have never actually been trick or treating myself, but I do love a good Halloween fancy dress party!  Who doesn't.  But if I don't go anywhere, I love to deck the house out with a couple of props to mark the evening.  There are some amazing things you can now get especially from places like The Range, they generally have the best collection.  

This picture looks so awesome.  I do like scary clowns too!  Guess where I'm going on my day off!

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Favourite Pictures 101.5

Just for a bit of fun I have been adding some more pictures into my Pinterest boards this morning which I have found from across the web that I really love.  Normally I go straight onto Pinterest to find my pictures, but apart from the Vogue picture, all the rest I have found whilst reading a few articles on the web in general, and I just really love them.

As we do have just over a month left to go till Halloween, I found this picture, and as creepy as it does look I really love it.  I would even buy it myself because I am sure I would find something to put in it.  It does look quite a good size.  It looks like someone has bought an old antique cabinet and just chosen to decorate it with a Halloween inspired theme.  I really love it.  It's very detailed.  I'm loving the skull drawer knob on it.  It is an awesome piece of furniture!

I love white tigers.  Well, I love orange tigers too, but white tigers are my favourite and this picture is just so beautiful.  You can imagine just how well camouflaged it is in the snow!  This just looks stunning.   Pretty tiger.

So this picture I chose because I have recently become very intrigued with reading Vogue magazine.   There are some lovely, and strange fashion trends in Vogue, but it is a really good read and it has been giving me a few ideas for myself too which I am pleased with.  Plus of course Vogue magazine has also inspired me to start doing some  of my own fashion collages too as I displayed on my previous post.   I love this picture simply because it is very simple, and yet elegant and very nostalgic.   I love the little dog too.  It is so cute.

I love Alice In Wonderland it is one of my favourite childhood books.   What I love about this picture is simply the colourful artwork on the text.  It just looks so effective.  Mad Hatter looks really cool too and I love the little butterflies circling the top of the page.  They look really pretty.

I love dolphins.  These are holding hands, sorry, holding flippers, and it just looks so cute!  They look so happy and it's very sweet.

The city of London.   I love these aerial shots of cities in general, but I especially love the night time photos, of any city really, because with all the lights it just makes the picture look prettier and more detailed.   This would definitely make a nice picture to put on someone's wall.   The other thing about this is, as I am starting to become particularly interested in pursuing a little photography, this is like inspiration for me because I just really love the intricacy about it.  I love the finer details in anything to be honest.  It's such a good picture.

Why have I chosen this picture you are wondering, because it's weird, and I love weird.   If I collected teapots for instance, which ok I don't, but if I did this would definitely be in my collection.  I don't know whether it is me but I feel there is something very 'Nightmare Before Christmas' about it, as well as a bit of Halloween too.  It looks really cool and really unique, and a bit wacky.

What do you think of my new Pinterest pictures?

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Art, Fashion and Vogue.

I have had a go at something different today.  Something that the last time I did it, I was still in school.   Now that was definitely a long time ago!  I have started to do some collages.

Recently I had decided to start having a read of Vogue magazine, really for my own curiosity, but also to potentially help aid my fashion choices.   In fairness it took me bloody ages to read and really it was more the pictures of the clothing, make up and accessories I was interested in rather than the text, but I still found it an interesting read and I really enjoyed it.  Usually I tend to keep a lot of my magazines for a while until I accumulate a large stack at the side of my bed, but I thought, instead of keeping this Vogue magazine, which was September's issue, I decided to choose some bits from it I loved and turn it into a collage.

I only did three collages in total.   When I think of it, I could have waited until perhaps I had maybe two or three issues of Vogue magazine and then done a bigger collage, but to be completely honest...I didn't want to wait.  What I loved about the above picture was, the purple and turquoise blue 'Magic Wands', the red top on the left and the grape jacket on the right, and the sky blue dress worn in the middle picture, elegantly draped over a spiral staircase.  

I love the checked look of the grey Armani military style jacket because it looks so smart. The 'Autumn Spectrum' of colours just looks awesome, and although I am not too keen on the cape style top, I however really like the blue check trousers worn on the left.   

For starters, I just loved the idea of the cocktail/champagne glass decorated with butterflies.  It looks really pretty.   I like the colour of the Aspinal Of London bag, and the white blouse with the black skirt is one of the looks I would like to aim for, for myself.   And lastly, I am already a huge fan on Keira Knightley and I just loved her jewellery she was wearing here. 

I will have to say I genuinely enjoyed doing this little project.   It didn't even take me all that long either, despite the fact I wasn't actually rushing in any way.  It was just a bit of fun.  I have decided I want to do more now though, which is good.  Also from doing this, I have decided that I would really love to own a pair of checked trousers, and a military style jacket too.  Perhaps not an Armani one like this one in the picture, that might be a little bit expensive.  I shall look for something similar instead.

The other slight little change I have chosen for myself lately, is I have decided to once again go in for contact lenses.  Last week I nipped into Boots to pick them up as I had already pre-arranged the order earlier in the week for them, the 'One Day Acuvue Moist' ones, which I went for as they say they are very good at correcting astigmatism, which I have in my left eye.  This is the second time I have worn them, and they have been in for about six hours or so now, and they are still very comfortable.  It did take me a while to get the left eye in which they said it would anyway, till I got used to them.    But the right eye went straight in.   So that's good.   I am really pleased with my decision to take up contact lenses again, although I still don't mind wearing glasses either.  Might need some new funkier ones soon....

Thanks for reading!

Sarah x


Monday, 18 September 2017

Ways I Would Like To Improve My Blog.

It's always good to come up with new ideas on how you can make improvements to something you enjoy doing, particularly if you do it a lot.  When it comes to blogging, certainly recently for me, on average I tend to blog about once a week and I do try and stick to that routine.   On the days I don't blog I am often sharing what I have written on social media, mainly Twitter, which has increased quite considerably since I have discovered the awesomeness of   Not sure what I would do without that now.

Yesterday (Sunday), was an interesting day for me because someone on Twitter sent me a message to say they wanted to put a comment directly on my blog, but they couldn't find a 'comment' box.  I actually thought I had one already on this blog for some reason, but it turned out I didn't.  I will be honest, it literally took me most of the afternoon yesterday to work out how to do it.   It in fact, took me longer to put a comment box on my blog than it did my Instagram, and I remember that taking me quite a while.   I am sure it really wasn't actually that difficult, but if there ever is an awkward way of doing something, I can usually find it.   The main thing is the 'comment box' is on here now.   Happy days!

Following on from yesterday, I started to write a list of other things that I would like to improve on my blog, including a couple of little things I would like to improve personally outside of blogging also.   This is what I came up with so far:

1)  Start publishing my artwork on my blog again.

This is for when I do eventually start painting again that is.  I haven't done much for a little while.  You will notice I have done a lot of colouring recently instead and shared that on here.  I do enjoy colouring.  It's very therapeutic.  But I am still very fond of painting.  So I must get back into it at some point.

2)  Experiment more with my fashion and blog about it.

Really, I don't tend to spend loads of money when it comes to clothes.  Every now and then I treat myself to a top from New Look or a new pair of jeans from Dorothy Perkins but I generally stick to the same things.  I would just like to perhaps go for something different every now and again.  I have recently started to wear a couple of blouses more than tops so I will start there and see what happens.  I also purchased some Scholl High Heel insoles last week, so I need new shoes if nothing else.  I need to test them out.  That's my excuse anyway and I'm sticking to it.

3)  Do more research on Photography.

Photography has been my new little interest I have discovered lately.  I will admit before I got Instagram, I didn't usually take tons of photos.   I took a few obviously, which I have put on Facebook before and I have some photos in albums, mainly from my holiday in Florida a few years ago that I took with my purple Fujifilm camera.  But my Samsung Galaxy S6 tends to take fairly good photos too.  Either way I shall start to explore a bit more of Photography and it can be my new little hobby.  I would like to improve my images I use on my blog anyway, I'm going to try and be a bit more experimental with them.  And I'll start building up my Instagram a bit more too.   It's very exciting.  I have even managed to add a photo of me onto the blog now too.

4)  Read more blogs.

This is something I do fairly frequently anyway.   As I am starting to gain a particular interest in Photography I am on the hunt for a couple of blogs to read around that subject, but I do enjoy reading all blogs, and I am always on Twitter.   Reading other blogs always give me inspiration and encouragement.   Currently I have seven favourite blogs that I am reading fairly frequently.  These are:

Jemma at 

Shona at

Emma at

Britt at

Tarnya at

Lauren Jo at

Jordan at

I love them all because they are all completely different.   I am always on the hunt for more blogs to read too.

There will be more ways I will find to improve my blog I am sure, but for now I will stick with these four and hopefully be able to unleash some more inspiration to use on Sarah's Dreamscapes.

On a slightly personal note, today is a very special day for me as today is my 'diary' anniversary.  I have been writing a personal diary, every day since the 18th of September 1995!  So far, it has been one of my greatest achievements!!

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Exploring A New Interest.

I cannot believe how long it has taken me to get my Instagram feed onto my blog!  I'll just get that statement out of the way with first.  I have been trying to work it out for ages I will be honest, but I finally managed to do it this week and I am so over the moon that I have got it to work.   Perseverance is the word.....along with a few others I used at various points during the process which I will not repeat!  But it's working, so happy days!   That's not all I have been doing this week, but it did take up a fair chunk of my day on Monday.

For the rest of the week I have been mainly cleaning and hoovering, making sure everything is in tidy before I go back to work next week.  Done some shredding, and a bit of colouring but not much over the last couple of days.   Any recent purchases?? Just the one.  I purchased the Scholl Gel Active Extreme Heels Insoles.

I am yet to try them out properly, I have only tried them on in the house, but on first impressions they feel incredible.  They are so comfy and they feel so secure.  I did have to fiddle about a bit at first to get them in the right place, but once they were they were brilliant.   All I need to do now is to experiment a bit with different heels I have.  Take a walk down the road that sort of thing.  Might have to purchase some new shoes.....

On Monday I took a walk, just round my village.  I do like walking especially as it is quite quiet where I am as well which is really nice.   I did want to keep taking a few more of my own pictures to put on my blog as well as Instagram.  There are a fair few pictures on my Instagram as well.  These are some of the ones I took yesterday.

I always think it looks so effective when you capture a photo of the sun shining through the trees.  I really love it.

I like trees.  I may have mentioned this fact before.  I love the colours, and the sound of trees.   I find them very calming.

Particularly also what I call decorated trees, like this one.   I also love flowers....

Especially red roses.   They are my favourite flower.  When I have my own garden it's going to be full of different rose bushes!

This photo was taken at our war memorial in the village.  The flowers surrounding it all look so pretty.  It's well maintained too which is good.

The last photo I would like to share is this one.  I will say, when I took this one I was messing about and experimenting with my focus settings on my mobile.....

How I managed to get this to look the way it does I'm not sure, but I am really pleased with it.  This was taken on the farmers field in our village.  Like I said, I was playing about with my photo settings on my mobile phone, which is a Samsung Galaxy S6.  I don't think it works too badly if you ask me!

So I am on a mission to start regularly taking more photos for my blog, and for my Instagram too.  The main thing is I really enjoyed taking these pictures and I do want to start taking more.   I will have to see what I can find for my new little hobby.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Friday, 8 September 2017

First Week Of September.

This week has been fairly busy for me, but it has been a good one.  Quite late on last week one of my friends, Jo, contacted me to ask if I wanted to go out for a meal for our friend Angela who has now left our place of work, so I went to that, which was on Wednesday evening at a restaurant I have been to before not so long ago, called Cote.   I had this tarragon pasta dish which was nice, and a chocolate mousse for desert.   It was very good, nice service, and I had a nice evening just chatting about stuff in general.   It was really lovely, really relaxed.

For the rest of my week I have been busy still sorting bits out in my room, mainly doing loads, and I mean loads, of shredding.   I can be a bit of a hoarder anyway, but my general paperwork was everywhere, and I mean everywhere, so as I have been sorting and tidying my room over the last few days I had slowly got everything together ready to dispose of.   It was certainly a good job done, I was really pleased.  

I treated myself to a Lush bubble bar whilst I was out on Wednesday too.  Normally I just have the bath bombs but a lot of my friends recently have said I have to try a bubble bar because the are, and I quote "heaven".  So I got myself the Karma bubble bar, and let me tell was amazeballs!!! I think I was in the bath last night for an hour.

Luckily the lady in Lush said, it's not a bath bomb, you don't put the whole thing in at once.   Which is possible what I might have done knowing me, but I didn't.  Hopefully it will last me a while.

Had a bit of a chill out yesterday, stayed in all day and did some colouring which was nice and relaxing.  These are a few pictures I have done over the last couple of weeks or so.

These are all from the Secret Garden by Johanna Basford.

The wishing well so far is my favourite out of all the ones I have done.   I am really happy with the colours I chose for it, and to be fair I just love wishing wells.

Really loved doing these.  They can take me a little while to do.  These are ones I have done over several weeks.  But that's ok, because you are not supposed to rush them anyway.   I recently bought myself some fine liner pens from WHSmith which I have been using, and they have been really good.

They were only £5.99 and they are really very good.  I would definitely recommend them, particularly if you don't want to spend a great deal on pens but want good ones with a nice range of colours.    They do have a nice range of colouring books too of course, but you can also get them from Waterstones and most recently I have discovered that The Range have a really good selection too, so there are plenty of them about.

I almost forgot to mention too, but I actually watched Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them last night, and it was incredible.  If you haven't seen it I definitely recommend you give it a watch.  I really enjoyed it.  Great story, great characters, and great effects.  Loved it.

So I have had a really nice week, and I will probably be doing more colouring today too as looking at my window, it's chucking it down outside.  Lovely.  Nice weather for ducks as they say.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Friday, 1 September 2017

Reaching The End Of August 2017.

August has gone very quickly for me this year.  It seems only two minutes ago I was deciding on some goals for myself for this month.  It's like, you blink, and all of a sudden it's September.

This month did go a lot better than I initially thought it would, there was a lot I felt I wanted to get sorted out, and it went well so for that I am really pleased.   Looking back on my goals that I set myself, and I am now going see which ones of them I managed to achieve.  

On first thoughts, I don't think I have done too badly.   Please feel free to check out my previous post on this.

So which goals did I manage to achieve?!   Well I definitely sorted my bedroom out.   I had a move round in my room just to refresh it a bit.  I sorted and shredded a ton of paperwork.  I am not kidding, I was buried in the stuff.  I gave my room a deep clean.  Oh yeah that's right.   I hoovered, I dusted, I have 53 ornaments, all of which I dusted, and yes it took me bloody ages, but they look better which is the main thing.  I cleaned the window, and my bureau and tidied stuff away in general.  Lastly I sorted out my drawers and wardrobes and got several bits together for charity. So I am really, very  pleased I managed to stick with that goal and follow it through.

The other goal I completed was I met up with my friend Lizzy in town for lunch and a bit of shopping too.  We ended up spending most of the day together and it was so lovely.  We had a look round the shops, went for coffee, and had lunch at Nandos which was awesome, plus my meal was free because I had accrued enough points on my Nandos card.  I was over the moon.  Interestingly the last day I could use them was yesterday too, otherwise they would have run out.  How about that for lucky?!  Doesn't often happen for me.   Anyhoo, I had such a lovely day, I really enjoyed it.   Earlier in the month Lizzy and I went to visit our friend Chrissie too, who lives in Nottingham, and we had a catch up then too and had dinner out in Nottingham which was really nice.

The only other one of my goals that I did was sort out my pile of magazines by my bed because I had far too many there and I felt I was at risk of slipping and breaking my neck.  They are now neatly stacked in my wardrobe instead.  That was definitely a good job done.

Have I taken more pictures on Instagram? I have taken a few, but not loads so need to improve there, and..... blogging a bit more consistently?? I have just checked and it looks as though I have managed to write at least one blog post a week, so really I feel that's pretty good.   I am pleased at my efforts.

Now I need to come up with some new goals.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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