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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Habits Of Successful Bloggers I Have Discovered.

So this is just a general little list I have come up with whilst I spent the other day doing a little bit of research, and generally reading some blogs whilst I was on Twitter.  I do enjoy doing my 'lists' and I have done another one already today for another post too.  This is what I found out anyway for this one.  See what you think....

Habits Of Successful Bloggers.

1) They Post Consistently.

I think it's quite important to post regularly on your blog especially as your followers are going.  I have certainly discovered since becoming a blogger that a lot of people are interested in other peoples lives and what they have to say.  And it's really nice to find a blog that you really enjoy reading, and you can keep up to date with it all the time.   Plus, blogging is actually fun too.

2)  Planning Ahead.

This is something I actually do a lot more of now than when I first started to blog.  I never used to plan at all to be honest.   I think it's been in the last few months that I have really took to using notebooks to write out my posts longhand before I publish them online.  I prefer to do it this way.  I don't tend to go too overboard with my planning.  I tend to do a list here and there, and then I like to plan a post out, write it up longhand so it's ready to go, then start working on the next post so that's in it's mid stages, before I publish the first post.  So far that seems to be working out for me and I quite enjoy doing it that way too.

3)  They Collaborate.

This is something that I haven't honestly thought a lot about, I really would like my own blog to grow and improve a bit more first, but it is something I would like to consider doing in the future.  I know a lot of bloggers collaborate quite frequently.  I definitely find that I read a lot more blogs and share a lot more of others content than I used to, so it could be something to think about one day.

4)  Engaging With Their Audience.

Again, this will be something else I can work on as my blog grows.  My blog does get a few views on it at the moment which I am so pleased with so I know people are taking the time to read all my waffle, so thank you to everyone who has read it so far.  I think I just need to engage a bit more myself really.  What I have been working really hard on, particularly just recently, is building on my Pinterest, which I know is so popular, and I love it because I love collecting things.  Simple as that really.  But I also believe it enables my audience to start building a picture of the type of person that I am as well.  I think that is really good.

5)  Don't Compare Themselves To Others.

I suppose this is the most important one really.  I will be honest, I did compare myself to other bloggers particularly when I first started, but you should never compare yourself to others.  We are all unique in our own special ways, and although I feel my own blogging style still needs a bit of work, there is always plenty of room for improvement.  In general, I am very happy with Sarah's Dreamscapes.

6)  Being Persistent.

I am certainly not expecting my blog to suddenly become popular over night, and I don't tend to blog every day either.  I just really enjoy blogging when I do.  I enjoy writing them in my notebook beforehand, I enjoy typing them up (it can be quite therapeutic actually) I love finding pictures for them too.  And I enjoy sharing my blog too.   Sometimes it's just not possible to post every day, we all lead busy lives after all, but it is always nice as a blogger to be remembered.

Thank you everyone for reading my blog.

Sincerely Sarah x


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