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Monday, 30 January 2017

The Importance Of Keeping In Touch With Friends.

I had a really lovely day yesterday.  I was working during the day, which was fine as I don't mind working Sunday's occasionally.  It means I get two days off in the week which I always find beneficial.  But last night was the first time in about 4, in fact possibly 5 months since I have seen a really good friend of mine, Lizzy.  We had sent one or two messages to one another every now and again, but we both work a lot, she sometimes worked in an evening, I work full time in retail, and before we knew it, weeks turned into months and then all of a sudden we're into 2017!

Last night we met up to go to the cinema, and instead of going to our local Odeon, we chose to go to our little independent cinema we have which is Kinema in the Woods.  That is a lovely cinema, and it is quite literally in the middle of the woods.  Lizzy also knows that I do love my thriller movies they are my we went to see Split, which was really, very good, and quite possibly one of the best roles in a movie (well he was playing multiple ones!!!) that I have seen James McAvoy play.  If you like psychological, go watch it.  It's bloody brilliant.  

Kinema in the Woods is actually a really old fashioned movie theatre too, so you get a break in the middle of the movie, for more sweets or ice cream, or in Lizzy and my case, Christmas present swappage!!  How exciting is it to get a belated Christmas present!!! So I got some candles and a little glass with a miniature baileys and a unicorn plaque and hot water my unicorns!! It was awesome.  They are really lovely gifts.

Well the Baileys is no more, and the plaque is hanging on my wardrobe door.  Just need a space for the candles which are really quite ornate, I think would be the appropriate word.  They are lovely.

So we have vowed to not leave it too long next time.  I had such a lovely evening, and the movie was really good.  I am not sure I would have actually gone to see it had Lizzy not invited me to watch it.  I would have seen it when it had come on Netflix for certain, but it's so nice to get to go to the cinema to see it.  It is a much better atmosphere, especially being the old fashioned cinema that is Kinema, which is quite literally in the middle of the woods.

It is so important to keep in touch with friends, and be there for one another when you need to be.  I always say 'better late than never' and that is true, but I don't think I will leave it too long next time.  Even if you just meet up for a coffee, or a quick trip to the cinema, it is always lovely to spend time with your friends.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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