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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Top 5 Twitter Accounts I Cannot Get Enough Of.

Like quite a lot of people I go on Twitter every single day, and for me, Twitter is my favourite of the social networks because it's always so up to date with absolutely everything.  There are more than five accounts that I check on Twitter, obviously, but really this list that I have compiled is of 5 Twitter accounts I have been checking daily to see if there is any news or gossip.  I don't always retweet the stuff I have read, but I really do enjoy checking them out.   The following are in no particular order...

1) AHSFX - American Horror Story.

American Horror Story was the very first show last year where I literally sat and watched four complete seasons, one after the other in the space of about five weeks.  Roughly.  I was completely hooked.  It doesn't quite work out at one season per week, but it is pretty close.  I have always been drawn to that weird and wonderful world of Horror and the macabre (Stephen King fan through and through) and this show...just does it for me.  It has everything, I love the characters, the stories, the actors, and I always to love to see the stuff they do behind the scenes and keeping check on upcoming projects on the show.  I might even have to start watching the entire series again from the beginning, because it seriously is so good.

2) Viola Davis.

Like American Horror Story, Viola Davis' show, How To Get Away With Murder is another one I got totally hooked on last year.   I just find Viola Davis as an actress, so compelling to watch.  She is just wonderful.  The only movie I have actually seen of hers before I started watching this show, was The Help, and she was really good in that too.  With this show however she just dominates it.  She plays her character Annalise Keating so well, and I love the whole, whodunit scenarios they come up with and the web of deceit they spin in the amongst the storylines.  It is such a clever show, and Viola Davis is awesome.

3) Zachary Quinto.

I used to be a really huge Heroes fan back in the day, and I always found Zachary Quinto's character Sylar so fascinating.  He was my favourite character in that show because he was so evil, then good, then evil, he was brilliant.  Where Star Trek is concerned I thought he was the absolutely perfect actor to play the part.  He was born to play that role and he does it so well.  It was definitely one of the best pieces of Hollywood casting I have ever seen.  What I love about Zachary Quinto is he keeps his Twitter account up to date, literally daily.  It's brilliant.  I really love to see his little life updates and his current projects he is involved in.   He is just such a fascinating character in his own right.

4) Colin Hanks.

Colin Hanks is a fairly new addition to my Twitter following, and it was actually after I found his Instagram.  I don't really know what it is about him, I think it is just his onscreen presence that I love, he is a great comedy actor.   I just really like him and I think he is really cool.

5) Dorkface.

Dorkface was the very first blog I followed, written by Jemma.   I do check her blog quite regularly, more so than anyone else really.  I love her posts, her creativity, and importantly, her honesty, and I just think she is really fun.  I never tire of reading her blog as it inspires me as a blogger also.  It's always updated regularly, and it's so easy to find when I am on Twitter.  I love it.  Plus she loves unicorns and Matthew Gray Gubler same as me.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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