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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Top 7 Shows To Watch.

Last year was the first time I decided to give Netflix a go.  Prior to that I used to be an Amazon Prime member, and I had been with them for a couple of years.   Amazon Prime had it's own benefits, cheaper postage on products I bought, book deals etc.  Unfortunately it started to lose a lot of it's TV shows, mainly to Netflix, and there were a lot of shows that I simply couldn't get on Prime, like American Horror Story for example, but I could get that on Netflix, so initially that is why I switched.  All because of that one show.  There were so many people who I knew who kept going on about how good it was, so I had to switch.... and it was totally worth it. 

I love American Horror Story so much.  The first season, and the fifth season are my favourites so far.  They were awesome, and very addictive to watch.   There are so many shows on there to choose from.  They really have a fantastic selection, and it was cheaper than Amazon Prime too.  Currently, I am watching White Collar.  I am still on season one, but it is really good. 

So, I have compiled a little list of seven shows that I think are totally worth a watch, only one of which I have not seen at all, but I have heard great things about, so I've added it ready to watch.

7) White Collar.

I am only three episodes in of this, but it has been very good so far.  I think Neal Caffrey is such a likeable character.  A bit cocky, but detective Peter Burke keeps him in check.  I love the mystery behind the 'whodunnits' and the comedic value the show has.  It's easy watching with very likeable characters.

6) Jonathan Creek.

This show might not be for everyone, but it is, well, a bit of a 'blast from the past' for me.  I have seen every Jonathan Creek series and specials that have been done. I have not long seen the Christmas special they did from last year which was really quite cool too.  A bit like White Collar, what I really love about the show is the mystery behind the stories.  I loved working them out, or at least trying to work them out.  And Alan Davies is a really good actor.  He plays the part of Jonathan so well.  It can be quite addictive too.  It's one of those shows where, I have to know what happens in the end.  I love it. 

5) Sherlock.

This was one show I decided to watch this year.  Never seen it before, and I know how popular it has been, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman being amazing actors in their own right, but this year, literally two days ago I watched the first episode and already I am hooked.  I love Sherlock Holmes anyway, best detective ever, and Benedict Cumberbatch plays him brilliantly, and Martin Freeman as Watson, well he is awesome too.  It has been really good.  I am impressed with this one.

4) The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

I have heard it has just been added to Netflix, and well, I loved it the first time around and I want to see it again.  Simple as that.  There were quite a few episodes I missed too, so I need to watch it all again.  I still love Will Smith.  I need The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air in my life right now.

3) Fargo.

I know this is based on the movie, which I will say I have not seen, but I do know a bit about it, and I have seen the trailers for the show as well as the movie, and it does look good.  Starring Martin Freeman (again) I think it looks quite intriguing from what I have seen so far.  It looks very suspenseful.   I like suspense.  Suspense makes any show exciting.

2) American Horror Story.

This was my number one originally, till something else too over.  I love all of the series of AHS, they are all brilliant.  Scary in places, but I love that, I am actually drawn to it.  It really does irritate me when mainstream TV cut the series in half.  They have done that twice to me with Freak Show and Hotel, and it is so annoying.  But all the series are awesome, and again very addictive.  With Murder House and Asylum I watched the all the episodes one after the other in less than two weeks I was that hooked.  The characters are all just so fascinating.  Brilliantly acted too.  I would definitely recommend this show, if you don't mind a few scares that is.

1) How To Get Away With Murder.

This TV show, was my TV show of the year 2016!  Seriously, it had be hooked right from the very first episode.  Viola Davies is just awesome as Annalise Keating, she is such a fantastic character.  And so far every episode has been incredible.  Mind-blowing in fact.  The acting from all the cast has been brilliant, the storylines have been awesome, again, I love all the twists, and whodunnits, and I love the fact I sit watching it, trying to work it out...I love it.  It is a fantastic show.  If you haven't seen it, you have to watch it.  I cannot wait for season 3 to come on Netflix.  I seriously need it in my life. 

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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