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Friday, 20 January 2017

Why I Love Abstract Art.

About a year ago, I generally started surfing the web looking at all kinds of abstract art as I do really enjoy it, and think it is incredibly fascinating.  For me, I just really love the random pictures that people come up with, and their excessive use of colour in some case to compliment it.  I love it. I love random uses of colour.

I read somewhere that a lot of people like to do abstract art for fun.  I personally have discovered I like to do abstract art because I find it very relaxing and I love colour.  I am not the best at drawing I'll be honest, although I did take Graphic Design GCSE at school and that was my favourite class.  I got a C grade in that, and I was so pleased with it.  I worked bloody hard for that C grade too.  I generally love to colour as well and do paint by numbers to chill out.  It's very therapeutic.

The other thing that I love about abstract art is that no two pieces are ever the same.   It is completely unique, unless of course you are personally intent on copying it exactly to create two pieces, two paintings.  But I love the uniqueness, and the individuality of each piece created.  Plus, abstract art is quite weird as well.  I love weird.

My painting. 

Even I am not entirely sure what it is supposed to be.  I like it though.  It was actually my first painting with water colours too.  I enjoyed doing it anyway.   I have decided I'm going to call it 'The Eye Of Order', the eye being the thing in the top right hand corner.   I am quite excited to do something else now, now that I have discovered how much I really did enjoy painting this picture.  It is definitely quite relaxing, and also, with abstract art, there are no boundaries.   I love that about it.

I really must start doing more of these. It is quite relaxing.  I always do love to surf the internet looking at different sorts of abstract art.  I really do find this particular style of art so fascinating.   Do check out my Pinterest (link on my blog page) as I do have a little selection of Abstract Art on there that I have collected already.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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