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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Why I love Waking Up Early.

In general I usually find it very hard to get motivated to wake up early unless I have to, you know, for work.  So far today has been a little different.  This week I am back to work after my weeks holiday, which flew by, by the way.  And I was not supposed to be back to work till yesterday.  However, got a phone call on Saturday evening at around 5.30pm asking me to come into work on Sunday.  Now normally, I really like that.  I like to plan my working week and know exactly what I am doing, without the 'curve balls', however I decided, that it would be good for me as well as for them for me to go into work.  Sundays are quiet.  You can get a lot done on a Sunday. 

So today is my day off.  And I woke up at my usual time I would if I was going to work, around 6.15am.  My alarm is actually set for 8.10 as I am off to my dads today.  But I am really enjoying my morning.  What I love most about waking up early is really the early morning...ambience.  The sound of the wind, the distant sound of the cars going by on the main road at the bottom of my close.  Then the sound of the birds chirping in the distance, or in today's case, outside my window.   A bit loud, but I'll let them off.  I love it.

I do enjoy having plenty of time to wake up of a morning.  I don't do rushing really.  I feel like over the past three months that's what I have been doing rather a lot of.  But it's fine.  That's why I started having a play with abstract painting.  It's very relaxing and it makes me sit still for an hour or so.  This is good.

I am now having my second cup of coffee of the morning.  I am feeling quite refreshed and ready to start the day which is good.  It is a bit dull outside, but I still feel as though I would benefit from a brisk walk at some point.  Hopefully it will not start raining.  So I do love waking up early, especially when I am not in work because it gets me a lot more motivated for the day, Certainly more so than if I woke up at say, nine!   I am ready to start the day.

Have a good day guys!

Sarah x 

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