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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Why My First Blog Didn't Do As Well As I Had Hoped.

I always look back fondly on my very first blog that I did, Dolly Wolly Wombat ( which I will add used to be my nickname, hence the title) as it genuinely taught me that blogging was not all about 'reporting'.  I had this idea that if I had a blog where I just simply reported on trending celebrity news, I would suddenly get this huge following, and that the blog would be popular.  But that is not what blogging is about.   Unfortunately it took me about three solid years of writing on this blog to realize that.   At the time, I guess in all honestly, it suited.  It was right for me back then.   And to be fair, hand on heart, if I had decided that all I ever wanted was a blog where I 'reported' on celebrity gossip all day every day, then I would have kept it up.  But it wasn't what I wanted.

In the end, I was writing blog posts every day for Dolly Wolly because I felt I needed to.   I didn't necessarily feel like I had to, but to keep the blog going I guess I just wanted to.  Unfortunately towards the end of my blogging time on Dolly Wolly, most of my posts were actually only about a paragraph long.   So really, my first blog didn't do as well purely because my passion about the subject I was writing about, well I guess disintegrated would be a good choice of words.   I don't tend to write very long posts now, but they are most definitely longer than one ten line paragraph, and I really do enjoy writing my blog post now, that's for sure!  I didn't back then.  I had decided I wanted to make more of my blogging adventure.  I wanted to experiment, expand and create more.  And most importantly, I didn't want any of it to sound forced.   I would like to think I have achieved that in the last year!

I did think about picking up Dolly Wolly Wombat again when I first decided to have a go at lifestyle blogging, as opposed to movie blogging, which I have also turned my hand at, and I did do one or two posts on my first blog too, but honestly, Dolly Wolly is certainly not me anymore, and hasn't been for a while.  I'm not sure how else to describe it other than it just didn't sound right on there anymore.   I just didn't feel as though I could have taken it any further.  I know I have totally outgrown it, and seriously, what is the point of delving back into the past, when really I should be looking to the future?!  I feel now, for me, Sarah's Dreamscapes is the way forward.  With this blog I know I can do anything I like with it, I can build my personal brand, and that in itself is so exciting.  And most importantly of all, I truly do love it.  And I have said it before, 'Amazing Things Can Happen'!

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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