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Friday, 3 February 2017

I Have Had Quite A Productive Day.

It is really nice when you find you have had a really productive day off from work, even if originally you had not planned on doing much because you are slightly wrecked from the week at work.  I don't very often get Friday's off to be honest, but I like having them off as it does break up the week a bit.  Certainly makes a change from having Saturday's off all the time.

Today I have been so pleased because I have had a little sort out of my stuff, mainly my clothing, and have got together several bits that I haven't worn for absolutely ages, years in some cases, and put them in a bag ready for charity.   Happy days.  You don't realize how much stuff you have.  I mean, I have a five drawer chest full of clothes, and two double wardrobes of stuff in my room too.  I am a bit of a hoarder, I will admit to that.   Some of the stuff, particularly in those wardrobes I hadn't worn for years and years.   I even found my old Halloween costume that I wore to a Halloween party back in.... just a sec, need to check......2009!!!  Oh good lord!  2009!!  I was 26 I do believe.  Time flies when you are having fun as they say.  That was a great night.   I don't think that 'Devil Faerie' costume is really me anymore though.   It is most definitely good to have a clear out every once in a while.

I also did a bit of cleaning and general tidying, which is always good.  I then finally (because I am quite indecisive by nature) I have finally chose a new theme for this blog which I have been meaning to do for ages now, and I am so very happy with it.  I hope you guys who read my blog regularly, like it too.  Basically purple and blue are my favourite colours, and I love stars!!  So I think it is very me.   What better theme to go for really.  I love it.  Plus, I am also hoping that it will encourage me to blog a bit more, and blog a bit more efficiently too.   Since I have had Sarah's Dreamscapes, I have certainly enjoyed blogging a whole lot more.  This is good.

The Twist Tree In The Eccentric Sky.

I still haven't come up with any blogging goals as such, but I know I would like to build my Instagram a bit more.  Especially as recently I have been doing a bit of 'abstract (or weird) art.  I love weird and wonderful things, and I do enjoy painting too, so that is the main thing.  I have mentioned before, it is very relaxing and therapeutic.   I really enjoyed doing this picture.  It is supposed to be a tree, and I love trees.  And funky bright colours in the background.   I haven't been painting very long, but this is one of my favourites that I have done so far.  I'm really pleased with it.  

The only other thing I have been doing is a bit of 'pinning', another one of my newish favourite things to do.   My goals at the moment is to build my Pinterest up....and my Instagram.   I do have an Instagram link on this blog, so do check it out.   It has been a good day I have really enjoyed it.  I even managed to fit in one of my favourite TV shows, Supernatural.  Love Supernatural.    And I love my new theme on this blog.  I am so happy with it.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x
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