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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Mid-Week Moments To Remember.

The first question I have found asking myself is, how is it that it is friggin' Tuesday already?!  In fact, it's nearly the end of Tuesday, and's 'mid-week'!  By all accounts that is half of my holiday gone already.  And what have I been doing today.... watching episode after episode of Lost, because I am officially addicted.   Not exactly what I call a productive day really.  Lost is very good I have to say though.   Two words...Matthew Fox.   Enough said.   I do love the whole mystery behind the show as well.  I am now totally convinced they are in the Bermuda triangle or some other worldly dimension of some kind.  I know the show has ended now, but somehow I have managed to avoid every major detail about it so that's quite good.   I am dying to know what happens next.  I'm only on episode 4 of series one.

Anyhoo, moving swiftly on....

Had to run a few errands today, pick up a few things, post some parcels that kind of thing.   Treated myself to Glamour magazine...not going to lie...might have something to do with the Dan Stevens and Luke Evans spread in the middle.   As I write this I am suddenly realizing I am torn between those two and Matthew Fox as to who is in fact the most good looking.  I am currently indecisive on this matter.   I don't usually buy Glamour magazine if I am being really honest.  I don't know why I don't because it's actually a very good read.  The editors letter at the beginning was very intriguing, it was very honest.  I am a fan of some of the fashion pieces in it too, red, and black and white stripem and baggy trousers seem to be on trend, the only thing I am not particularly loving, is this whole 'over-sized' blouse/shirt look which is in the fashion section.  I do like frilly shirts and blouses, I would wear them, but the over-sized shirt and dresses, don't really do it for me, although in all honesty at the moment I am not particularly spending much money on my own fashion anyway.  I'm saving.   I do love that blue leather Sandro cross body bag on page 96.  Now that is really nice.  It's an envelope style, royal blue with a golden chain.  Blue is my favourite colour, and I love the design of the chain too.   Last time I checked however....I haven't got £209 to spend on a bag.    I still want it.

I keep hearing a lot about this book The Roanoke Girls as well and it is in their book recommendation section.  Might have to think about reading that at some point as I do love a good mystery book.   I need to get into the habit of finishing the book I'm reading before I start a new one.  I'm only on chapter 2 of Harlan Coben's Play Dead.  Long way to go with that one yet.  It's still currently very good.

Lastly, I have a real urge to try the Dandelion Fig spring fragrance, which is on page 196.  I love the scent of fig, especially fig and vanilla.  I think that is the most popular room fragrance I know that's about at the moment.   I wonder what Dandelion Fig smells like?!   Glamour has given me some ideas anyway, which is good.   It is a magazine I don't usually buy, but I am thinking about getting it more often now. 

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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