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Friday, 19 May 2017

Great Ways To Stay Creative.

I haven't been blogging for some time now, I have just been randomly sharing some of my old blog posts whilst I have been busy searching for that new burst of inspiration to appear.  I am quite a creative person, I paint, mainly abstract and geometric style, but I love doing that.  I used to write stories but it has been a while since I have done that.  I think I will start concentrating on my blogging a bit more instead for the time being seeing as I have had an 'unscheduled break' from it.   So I have searching for inspiration to help me be, and stay more creative.  These are the tips I have found so far....

1)  Make Lists  -  I am always making lists, Shopping lists, To Do lists, Birthday Gift Idea lists, Blog Post get the picture.  Lists are good. I've been doing lists forever.   They create structure.  I must share my lists more.

2)  Carry A Notebook Everywhere You Go  -  Ok, so I have actually done that for years and years.  I always have a notebook, A5 size, which I have normally bought from Paperchase because I love the colourful funky designs that they do.  And yes they can be a bit pricey but they are such great quality, and they seem to last ages.  Nobody minds paying for great quality after all.

3)  Drink Coffee  -  I suppose caffeine does give you that burst of energy and alertness that can heighten creativity.   But honestly, I drink too much coffee.  I even have a Nespresso machine, and I also love those CafĂ© Menu Instant Mocha drinks too.  They are really nice.  I tend to add a spoonful of regular instant coffee too it too just to make it that little bit stronger.  I could never give coffee up even if I tried!

4)  Listen To Music  -  I genuinely should listen to music more.  I love listening to music but I can go for ages without listening to the music that I love.   I realise as I am writing this I do miss that.  I wonder just exactly where my iPod is these days....

5)  Quit Beating Yourself Up  -  I need to stop doing that! I seem to have done that a lot recently over various reasons.   If something you do doesn't turn out right the first time, you can always do it again and do it differently.  There has to always come a time when you simply have to push passed it all and move on.

6)  Stop Trying To Be Someone You're Not  -  Everyone is unique and even weird in their own way.  I love to do my blogging, which can be a bit random at times.  I do love doing my abstract/geometric colourful art as well, which I really must get back into.   I am unique in my own special way, and I just want to be me.

7)  Have Fun  -  You must always have fun!  Who says everything has to revolve around 'work'.   You must always take time out to have fun, whether that is with friends, or with a favourite hobby you like to do, and it can be anything that you find joy in, like reading, writing, painting, gardening, making cards, whatever really.   It's up to you what you do, but make sure you always take time out for 'you', and have fun with whatever it is you love to do.

I'm off to plan some more blog posts, because it really is something that I love to do.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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