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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Favourite Pins 101.1

Pinterest is becoming extremely addictive for me just recently.  I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I have always enjoyed collecting things, whether that be pins, or movie memorabilia, Myth and Magic ornaments and even stamps.  The other thing that I find Pinterest really useful for and I am sure many others will agree with me on this, is that it gives me some really great ideas for gifts I can buy for people.   And as I really enjoy painting, it gives me loads of inspiration for my future creative projects too.   Pinterest is just seems so perfect and it's free.  I love it.

This is the first type of post I have done using Pinterest, and it's something I have always been meaning to try.  As I have mentioned I do enjoy 'collecting' in general and now with Pinterest I can collect everything I ever wanted, get so many ideas on style and food etc.  And I need ideas on food as well because I am presently trying to improve my cooking skills.

So these are my 10 favourite pins I have found today:

This picture is called Daydreaming, but I see it more being called The Faerie Swings At Twilight.  I think it is very pretty.  Looks a bit like an oil painting, the colours are really pretty with little hints of faded aubergine in the middle, the whole picture literally glistens, and there is a lovely reflection of the faerie in the water too.

The Black Unicorn.  I love unicorns.  I am starting to find that pictures of black unicorns are becoming ever increasingly popular and I love this picture because it's quite dark and eerie, and yet rather majestic at the same time.  Also it's front hooves are quite creepy too, and it has red eyes.   Stunning.

This is a beautiful dress!  In general I don't have many long length dresses in my wardrobe, I think I have about two.   I love this, I love the colour, that striking deep red, I have always thought that colour is so classy.  It also has diamantes as well, but not lots of them.  Just enough to give the dress an extra sparkle.  Beautiful.

The colours blue and purple are my favourite and this sky looks so pretty.  I love looking at a pretty picture of a sky when it's currently chucking it down outside where I currently am.  The weather is rubbish.  I would much rather be in this picture right now!

It's Olaf!!! Yay!  My favourite 'non-princess' Disney character.  I love Olaf.  Last time I went to Florida a couple of years ago I made sure that I wasn't going to come home without an Olaf soft toy!  I love my Olaf toy.  It is currently sat in the corner of my bedroom.   He is definitely one of my favourite all time Disney characters because he is so cute and so funny, and loveable. 

He looks so cute! It's a puppy in a sink.  It looks quite happy laid there waiting for a wash.  It's just having a bit of a chill out.  So adorable.   This is all you need to brighten up your day!

I love this colour red because it's so vibrant, especially against grey tights which isn't actually something I have ever really worn before.  I think they go really well together.  I love the T-Bar look, and the white detailing is really eye-catching.  And they are not too high either.  I really like them.  I haven't got many T-Bar shoes.  I actually don't have any red shoes at all.  Perhaps I should treat myself.

As you may already know, I am absolutely in love with abstract and geometric art.  Out of all the pictures I pin on Pinterest, abstract art is what I generally pin the most of, along with movies if I am right.  I just find it fascinating.   The more colourful it is the more I love it.

I love Ted Baker, it's one of my all time favourite brands.  In fact I am slightly in love with this bag, I feel I might need it in my life pretty soon.  I do love this style of bag too because you can get loads of stuff in it, and I am sure that like most of us, we tend to carry our entire lives in our handbags!

Despicable Me, one and two are such brilliant movies I love them, and I saw The Minions at the cinema as well and I must say it was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.  I just love the way they laugh and how funny they are when they get mad.   They are crazy.   I have pinned quite a few to my 'funny' board on my Pinterest already.   I can always count on The Minions to make me smile!

Pinterest has definitely become one of my favourite past times, particularly this year as I have been pinning more than ever.    I generally pin most days.  I do love it.   If you would like to check out my other pins this is my link: 

It's a bit of fun, but at the same time it gives you my readers an insight into what I am interested in.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Sunday, 25 June 2017

My Creative Artwork.

I do find painting very relaxing.  Not so long ago I used to do paint by numbers, the acrylic kind, and you can get from the internet, and they are generally not very expensive.   But I do think it's a lot more special when you draw and design something yourself no matter how detailed, or cute or even strange it may be. 

Anyhoo, recently I have rediscovered my love of my random abstract/geometric art that I occasionally like to turn my hand to.   I do find it very relaxing.  I have been presently practising on the 'blending' side to my art as I have noticed that sometimes it look a bit too...clean cut is probably the term I would use.   Although I have done some geometric style art today, I have also been practising my blending techniques with water colours, and I am quite pleased with the results.   Practise makes perfect of course.

These are my most recent paintings. I do also post them on Instagram too, along with loads of other stuff obviously, so if you would like to follow me this is my link:

This is the 'geometric style' one.  I draw all my paintings free hand, I don't tend to use a ruler or anything, and I think that's because really when you use a ruler for art or anything really, often the end result is a drawing that is fairly precise.  I find free hand more enjoyable.   It is quite strange but I like it.

This is the second one I started experimenting with blending the watercolours. The green turned out ok, but the whole picture itself does have a certain 'muddy' aspect to it don't you think?!  I do prefer vibrant colours personally, but to be honest, I wasn't quite sure what I was doing with this one when I started.  So with that in mind, I don't think it's too bad.

This is my favourite and it was actually the second piece that I did today.   I love this painting the best because all the colours I chose seemed to go quite nicely, plus, plus, blue and purple are my favourite colours.   I am so pleased how this one turned out.  The piece in the middle of this picture is actually meant to be a vase, in case anyone is wondering.  Let's call it a 'bespoke' vase.  For a single flower which if it were for me, would simply be a red rose as they are my favourite flower.

Check out my other post on abstract art here:

I really did enjoy painting these today, it is particularly unusual for me to do more than one painting in a day so doing three is pretty cool I think.  It was very relaxing, and relaxing is always good.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x



Thursday, 22 June 2017

Ultimate Blogging Tip List.

I do enjoy learning, particularly when I am learning about something I do quite frequently.   Being a blogger is something I kind of fell into I guess.  One day I decided to give it a go, I liked it, and all of a sudden it became a habit.   It's like when they say 'if you do something 21 times it becomes a habit'.   It's so true.   An example of this for me would be back in 1995 I begun writing in a diary every day.  Here we are 22 years later, and I am still writing a diary.  I would definitely say it was one of my greatest personal achievements.

Writing a diary can help you remember good times and bad times, and it can also help you to learn and grow as well.  This is the sort of thing I would also like to try and apply to my blogging.

From several blogs that I have read in the past and the present, a lot of the bloggers tend to write how they talk, which really is what I quite like to do also.   In my opinion I feel it gives the sense like you're talking to someone sat right next to you.  And I quite like that.  I think it sounds very natural.

I am aware that a lot of bloggers do 'blogging tips' and 'blogging series' I have found that the ones I have read help me and give me ideas too of things to try and ideas to explore.   One of the things I personally didn't have much knowledge of at all, I will admit, are blogging mistakes.   I found that as I am beginning to discover some common blogging mistakes just by scouring the internet, I am intrigued at just how many I am finding apply to me.    I am intrigued, and definitely not surprised.

Here are a few that have stood out for me:

1)  Not Having A List Of Blog Ideas.

I genuinely don't.   It's true.  Normally what I do is I come across an idea whilst on Twitter, or Pinterest, like my three celebrity style icons piece I wrote previously:

And I take it from there.   I write what's in my head, and I write it long-hand first in a notebook (usually from Paperchase of course) and then I type it out, find a few pictures, and publish.  I tend to work from one single idea that I come up with there and then, instead sitting and brainstorming and having several topics to choose from.   So this is probably one of the easiest of areas to begin improving on for starters.

2)  Spending Too Much Money On A Website.

Yeah you really have to be careful with this one.   I will be honest, I very nearly fell into this scenario myself.   To be fair, if you want a professional looking website that you want to be able to earn lots and lots of money from perhaps because you have a business or whatever, then that's fine.   I personally found that one of my blog/websites was costing me a lot of money to run and I just could not warrant spending the amount on it, so I basically knocked it on the head.   Whatever type of blog you decide to write regardless of whether you want it to be able to make money or not, you have to enjoy it and be committed to it, otherwise it's not going to work for you.

3) Trying To Be Perfect.

Nobody is perfect.  And nobody has to write the 'perfect blog'.  I used to think I was a perfectionist, I will admit.  And do you know why? Because I love to colour.  I love my colouring books and it really annoys me when I accidently colour outside the lines.  This is my definition of being a 'perfectionist'.  You don't have to have the perfect blog, you just have to enjoy writing one, and be yourself.  That's the main thing.

4) Not Using SEO, Keywords and Rich Content.

The first two of these I get, how can you not use SEO and Keywords, regardless of what type of blog you have.  I am currently trying to explore how to use SEO and Keywords more effectively when I blog.   It's an on-going process.  Rich Content however, is something I feel I need to explore in a lot more detail.   Of course I would love my content to be eye-catching and shareable.  Is it 'rich' though.  My gut says 'no'.  Not yet.  So I need to practice, practice, practice.

5) Not Being Honest.

How can you not be honest?  For example, I have heard that there are 'fictional blogs' out there and I don't understand that.  If it's true that is.  I mean, if you write fiction stories, and then you want to publish them on your blog then that's totally different.   When you write a blog post on something that really interests you, and that you want others to read, you have to express your own opinions and no one else's. 

These are just a few notable blogging mistakes I have so far encountered.  They are certainly not uncommon by any stretch of the imagination, but it's good to be aware of them.  I know there are going to be tons more out there too.  With blogging in general there are still tons of stuff still to be explored and learnt in order for me to become a better blogger.  However I think it's not just about becoming a better blogger.  It's about becoming, and remaining a happy blogger that's more important than anything else.

If you have enjoyed this post please also check out my previous post for more tips:

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Monday, 12 June 2017

My Top 3 Favourite Celebrity Style Icons 2017.

I am a young woman of thirty-three.  Being a writer, and an artist, and dare I also say, an aspiring entrepreneur, (because I would love to be able to work for myself) You would think that I was very 'in touch' with my fashion.  I do very much enjoy treating myself to a new dress, a new top, new pair of shoes every once in a while, but I don't tend to go too overboard on what I purchase.  So I am not your typical 'fashionista' really.  I have always had this thing about saving money.  If I see something I want to buy, whether it be a top, or a bag, make-up, it's a treat and I have normally saved up for it.  It's just the way I am.  It certainly keeps me from letting my savings get too out of control anyway.

Like everyone, I have my favourites when it comes to celebrities and what they are wearing.  I follow loads of actresses on Twitter and Pinterest, but right now, I would like to share with my top three favourite actresses who not only do I think all do incredible work on the big screen but off screen I have also begun to admire their fashion styles as well.  Of course I have been adding them into my own Pinterest collections as I am hoping that they will help me in influencing some of my own personal fashion choices too.   Providing I like them and they fit and I don't look like, you know, like no one owns me or something.....

Anyway....These are my current celebrity style icon favourites.  In reverse order:

3)  Keira Knightley.

I grew into being a big Keira Knightley fan following on from the huge success of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and subsequently the movies that followed.  However, to be honest, my favourite movie of hers is actually Pride and Prejudice.   I absolutely love that movie.  It's so romantic!  I have seen a few other actresses play the part of Elizabeth Bennett in TV shows but the way Keira Knightley portrays her is totally the best I've seen.

What I love about her fashion style is her ability to totally 'pull off'' the 'lace and frill' style.  Even if it has a collar.  Also what I noticed, is Keira Knightley is one celebrity who I genuinely think really suits the colour white or cream.  Not every actress can make a statement wearing a simple white lace dress, but she can.   I also love how she wears her eye make up as well because she defines her eyes really nicely, and it always seems to compliment her hair colour too. 

Some of Keira Knightley's fashions can be a bit too simplistic at times in my opinion, but she always does look lovely.

2) Lily Collins.

Lily Collins is a fairly new addition to my personal fashion following.  I remember the first movie I saw her in which was Mirror Mirror, and I recall thinking how perfect she was to play the character of Snow White, purely because she reminded me exactly how Snow White looked in every picture of every children's book of the tale I had read when I was little.  She was perfect.

Another reason I love Lily Collins so much is because she has an eerie resemblance to Audrey Hepburn.  I don't know if anyone else has had similar thoughts about that? I think she really does look like her, and I love Audrey Hepburn.  I have always loved her style.  If anyone should play her in a movie I seriously think Lily Collins should be considered for the part.

What I love about Lily Collins' style is actually split into three parts for me.   I love the types of shirts and blouses she wears, all different colours and they really do suit her.  With dresses I find she most definitely looks amazing in any dress she wears, but not everyone can look as amazing as Lily Collins does in a floral dress!  I love the floral dresses that she wears. and I will not deny it but I would love to own most the dresses she wears too.  And when you look at her, it is like she reminds me of a style icon from the 1960's.  Or even further back than that, like the 1930's.  That is what I love about her.  She is just exquisite.

Lastly, my favourite celebrity style icon.....

1) Emma Watson.

Perhaps it is unsurprising that actress Emma Watson is my number one, considering how popular I find she is, with her 'He For She' campaigning, and being a Goodwill Ambassador and supporter of Women's Rights etc.   I genuinely admire her for her courage and spirit to fight what she believes in.  I think it is very commendable.

What I really love about Emma Watson is I find she is very sophisticated, and her fashion style is a perfect reflection of that trait.

When it comes to her fashion style I think she really suits a one, or two colour design dress or suit, as opposed to say a something that is striped or floral.  That is my opinion anyway.   Emma Watson has a natural beauty.   She has that 'girl next door' look about her.  I love how she is so natural about the way she looks, and how she can still go from natural to elegant, simply by wearing her hair different or changing her lip colour.   I think she can so easily transform herself.  I love it.  I have also noticed how she is one of the few celebrities who looks amazing when she wears any type of shirt as well.   Casual or smart.  I love her sophisticated look, and that sort of style I see on her definitely inspires me when I think of my own style because I too love to wear shirts.  I think they suit me as well.

Emma Watson is my number one celebrity style icon because she never goes over the top with her fashion, but she always looks unique and smart, and I love to scroll through Pinterest to find out what different types of outfits Emma Watson is wearing, because already she has given me tons of ideas on how I could style myself.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Fresh Ideas Tuesday.

I had never considered myself much of a cook until just recently.  In the past I have normally stuck to easy to cook meals.   Quick meals like jacket potatoes, pizza, fish and chips, and bangers and mash.  There is nothing wrong with these types of meals at all, but I am finding that I would really love to experiment a little bit more.  So, so far this morning I have been exploring 'food' and different types of meal ideas on Pinterest.   Wonderful thing Pinterest.  I also now how a food board, if anyone would like to take a little gander at my Pinterest, because I am finding some really great ideas on there.

For example: Lemon roast chicken and asparagus.  I don't generally eat a lot of asparagus but I do like it.   Or something really simple like tomato and spinach pasta, now that does sound  really nice.  I might have to have a go at that one at some point.  I think you do have to be careful though when you are looking at food on Pinterest, because if you are like me, I pin loads and loads of sweet stuff.  Tons of it.  You know, like rainbow cake, Nutella stuffed sugar cookies. I am genuinely obsessed with Nutella at the moment I am not going to lie, I can't stop eating the stuff.  Oh and the peanut butter cheesecake sounds incredible!   I need to stop looking at sweet things now....I need my healthy head back on.

Where was I....oh yes...creamy herb chicken.  I could do that.  I love chicken and that sounds like it could be a real easy one to attempt.  I am a really big fan of pasta too, so anything with pasta is pretty good.   Another thing I have noticed particularly in this last month or so, is I have found I rather enjoy salads.  I certainly enjoy them a lot more than I used to anyway.   That's always good because you can literally put a salad with anything.   Another recipe that sounds really nice is broccoli and cheddar twice baked potatoes.  That has to be my favourite Pinterest idea I have found so far.   So you bake the potato, and then put broccoli and cheese in, and then bake it again for a bit so the cheese melts.  I definitely love the sound of that one.

I wouldn't call myself a 'foodie', but there are certainly loads of different types of food I do enjoy.   I love curries and fish, and salads, anything with pasta.  I am not a vegetarian so I like to eat chicken and beef and lamb etc.  I love vegetables, especially the Mediterranean kind.   They are really nice.

Of course I love all types of puddings as well, and a little bit too much I might add, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a treat every once in a while.  I say that, despite the fact I have over the last four days had two helpings of apple pie, with some left over too, and a sticky toffee loaf thing I bought from the Co Op, which I had with custard and it took me three days to consume.

That sounds bad doesn't it?! It was a really big pudding though.

I have also been having the good stuff as well you will be pleased to hear.  I have been having salad, and stir fry, fish and vegetables, chilli con carne, a roast as well.  I think that sounds quite a balanced diet.   As long as I keep it that way I should be fine.  I need to start building on my food ideas too, there are loads of options out there.   However, if you haven't had one before, I would definitely recommend trying the sticky toffee loaf.  You will not regret it.

But going back to healthy food ideas, I feel I need a few more and then have a go at cooking something.  I still feel I am quite new to this 'proper cooking' thing.  So I need lots of practice.   What I will say is I am enjoying doing it, which is good considering I don't usually do a lot of cooking.   So I guess that's motivation to try something new, and most importantly, keep at it.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Ultimate Content Marketing 101.1

When I first started blogging, some 7 years ago (time flies!) I had never heard of the term 'content marketing'.  It's sad, but it's true.   The way I saw blogging in the beginning, and simply because I have always declared myself personally as a writer, I found it to be a 'way in' I suppose you could say, to finally be able to express my written word for all to see.   It would also allow me to be able to put my own stamp on the 'digital world', with the added bonus that since I began blogging, it has now grown into becoming an extremely enjoyable hobby of mine.

There is so much I have still to learn about blogging, and content marketing, and search engine optimization...I have a very long list of things I would still like to learn about, and I do enjoy making my lists, but these particular three are what I am really most intrigued to explore in more depth.  I think we all enjoy learning something new, no matter if it is something fairly simple, or indeed something that could be quite challenging for us. 

"Content is fire.  Social Media is the fuel that feeds it."

Of course it is.  Good content is fire!  If it is good content, and if it is unique enough, it will generally be recognized and in theory, shared by social media.   I live in hope.


The million dollar question is...what exactly constitutes as 'great content'?  Honestly, right at this very moment I will admit I am not entirely sure.  However if I was to simply hazard a guess, based on several articles I have read whilst exploring the internet, I would say great content must be something that informs and inspires.   So perhaps information that inspires an idea that can be acted upon, and that can lead to a change for the better.   Whatever that may be.  

For me, my take on it so far is it must be something that is eye-catching and informative.   Something that is easy to read, is a suitable length (apparently 300 words plus is quite good I found out today) easy to use and something you can and would want to share with others.

To me that sounds quite simple.  I still think there is so much more to learn, and I can't deny it but I am fascinated to discover what else is out there I can use to enhance my own blogging experience, and be able to produce more varied posts that my audience will enjoy.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x
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