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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Ultimate Blogging Tip List.

I do enjoy learning, particularly when I am learning about something I do quite frequently.   Being a blogger is something I kind of fell into I guess.  One day I decided to give it a go, I liked it, and all of a sudden it became a habit.   It's like when they say 'if you do something 21 times it becomes a habit'.   It's so true.   An example of this for me would be back in 1995 I begun writing in a diary every day.  Here we are 22 years later, and I am still writing a diary.  I would definitely say it was one of my greatest personal achievements.

Writing a diary can help you remember good times and bad times, and it can also help you to learn and grow as well.  This is the sort of thing I would also like to try and apply to my blogging.

From several blogs that I have read in the past and the present, a lot of the bloggers tend to write how they talk, which really is what I quite like to do also.   In my opinion I feel it gives the sense like you're talking to someone sat right next to you.  And I quite like that.  I think it sounds very natural.

I am aware that a lot of bloggers do 'blogging tips' and 'blogging series' I have found that the ones I have read help me and give me ideas too of things to try and ideas to explore.   One of the things I personally didn't have much knowledge of at all, I will admit, are blogging mistakes.   I found that as I am beginning to discover some common blogging mistakes just by scouring the internet, I am intrigued at just how many I am finding apply to me.    I am intrigued, and definitely not surprised.

Here are a few that have stood out for me:

1)  Not Having A List Of Blog Ideas.

I genuinely don't.   It's true.  Normally what I do is I come across an idea whilst on Twitter, or Pinterest, like my three celebrity style icons piece I wrote previously:

And I take it from there.   I write what's in my head, and I write it long-hand first in a notebook (usually from Paperchase of course) and then I type it out, find a few pictures, and publish.  I tend to work from one single idea that I come up with there and then, instead sitting and brainstorming and having several topics to choose from.   So this is probably one of the easiest of areas to begin improving on for starters.

2)  Spending Too Much Money On A Website.

Yeah you really have to be careful with this one.   I will be honest, I very nearly fell into this scenario myself.   To be fair, if you want a professional looking website that you want to be able to earn lots and lots of money from perhaps because you have a business or whatever, then that's fine.   I personally found that one of my blog/websites was costing me a lot of money to run and I just could not warrant spending the amount on it, so I basically knocked it on the head.   Whatever type of blog you decide to write regardless of whether you want it to be able to make money or not, you have to enjoy it and be committed to it, otherwise it's not going to work for you.

3) Trying To Be Perfect.

Nobody is perfect.  And nobody has to write the 'perfect blog'.  I used to think I was a perfectionist, I will admit.  And do you know why? Because I love to colour.  I love my colouring books and it really annoys me when I accidently colour outside the lines.  This is my definition of being a 'perfectionist'.  You don't have to have the perfect blog, you just have to enjoy writing one, and be yourself.  That's the main thing.

4) Not Using SEO, Keywords and Rich Content.

The first two of these I get, how can you not use SEO and Keywords, regardless of what type of blog you have.  I am currently trying to explore how to use SEO and Keywords more effectively when I blog.   It's an on-going process.  Rich Content however, is something I feel I need to explore in a lot more detail.   Of course I would love my content to be eye-catching and shareable.  Is it 'rich' though.  My gut says 'no'.  Not yet.  So I need to practice, practice, practice.

5) Not Being Honest.

How can you not be honest?  For example, I have heard that there are 'fictional blogs' out there and I don't understand that.  If it's true that is.  I mean, if you write fiction stories, and then you want to publish them on your blog then that's totally different.   When you write a blog post on something that really interests you, and that you want others to read, you have to express your own opinions and no one else's. 

These are just a few notable blogging mistakes I have so far encountered.  They are certainly not uncommon by any stretch of the imagination, but it's good to be aware of them.  I know there are going to be tons more out there too.  With blogging in general there are still tons of stuff still to be explored and learnt in order for me to become a better blogger.  However I think it's not just about becoming a better blogger.  It's about becoming, and remaining a happy blogger that's more important than anything else.

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Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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