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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Ultimate Content Marketing 101.1

When I first started blogging, some 7 years ago (time flies!) I had never heard of the term 'content marketing'.  It's sad, but it's true.   The way I saw blogging in the beginning, and simply because I have always declared myself personally as a writer, I found it to be a 'way in' I suppose you could say, to finally be able to express my written word for all to see.   It would also allow me to be able to put my own stamp on the 'digital world', with the added bonus that since I began blogging, it has now grown into becoming an extremely enjoyable hobby of mine.

There is so much I have still to learn about blogging, and content marketing, and search engine optimization...I have a very long list of things I would still like to learn about, and I do enjoy making my lists, but these particular three are what I am really most intrigued to explore in more depth.  I think we all enjoy learning something new, no matter if it is something fairly simple, or indeed something that could be quite challenging for us. 

"Content is fire.  Social Media is the fuel that feeds it."

Of course it is.  Good content is fire!  If it is good content, and if it is unique enough, it will generally be recognized and in theory, shared by social media.   I live in hope.


The million dollar question is...what exactly constitutes as 'great content'?  Honestly, right at this very moment I will admit I am not entirely sure.  However if I was to simply hazard a guess, based on several articles I have read whilst exploring the internet, I would say great content must be something that informs and inspires.   So perhaps information that inspires an idea that can be acted upon, and that can lead to a change for the better.   Whatever that may be.  

For me, my take on it so far is it must be something that is eye-catching and informative.   Something that is easy to read, is a suitable length (apparently 300 words plus is quite good I found out today) easy to use and something you can and would want to share with others.

To me that sounds quite simple.  I still think there is so much more to learn, and I can't deny it but I am fascinated to discover what else is out there I can use to enhance my own blogging experience, and be able to produce more varied posts that my audience will enjoy.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x
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