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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Favourite Pins 101.1

Pinterest is becoming extremely addictive for me just recently.  I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I have always enjoyed collecting things, whether that be pins, or movie memorabilia, Myth and Magic ornaments and even stamps.  The other thing that I find Pinterest really useful for and I am sure many others will agree with me on this, is that it gives me some really great ideas for gifts I can buy for people.   And as I really enjoy painting, it gives me loads of inspiration for my future creative projects too.   Pinterest is just seems so perfect and it's free.  I love it.

This is the first type of post I have done using Pinterest, and it's something I have always been meaning to try.  As I have mentioned I do enjoy 'collecting' in general and now with Pinterest I can collect everything I ever wanted, get so many ideas on style and food etc.  And I need ideas on food as well because I am presently trying to improve my cooking skills.

So these are my 10 favourite pins I have found today:

This picture is called Daydreaming, but I see it more being called The Faerie Swings At Twilight.  I think it is very pretty.  Looks a bit like an oil painting, the colours are really pretty with little hints of faded aubergine in the middle, the whole picture literally glistens, and there is a lovely reflection of the faerie in the water too.

The Black Unicorn.  I love unicorns.  I am starting to find that pictures of black unicorns are becoming ever increasingly popular and I love this picture because it's quite dark and eerie, and yet rather majestic at the same time.  Also it's front hooves are quite creepy too, and it has red eyes.   Stunning.

This is a beautiful dress!  In general I don't have many long length dresses in my wardrobe, I think I have about two.   I love this, I love the colour, that striking deep red, I have always thought that colour is so classy.  It also has diamantes as well, but not lots of them.  Just enough to give the dress an extra sparkle.  Beautiful.

The colours blue and purple are my favourite and this sky looks so pretty.  I love looking at a pretty picture of a sky when it's currently chucking it down outside where I currently am.  The weather is rubbish.  I would much rather be in this picture right now!

It's Olaf!!! Yay!  My favourite 'non-princess' Disney character.  I love Olaf.  Last time I went to Florida a couple of years ago I made sure that I wasn't going to come home without an Olaf soft toy!  I love my Olaf toy.  It is currently sat in the corner of my bedroom.   He is definitely one of my favourite all time Disney characters because he is so cute and so funny, and loveable. 

He looks so cute! It's a puppy in a sink.  It looks quite happy laid there waiting for a wash.  It's just having a bit of a chill out.  So adorable.   This is all you need to brighten up your day!

I love this colour red because it's so vibrant, especially against grey tights which isn't actually something I have ever really worn before.  I think they go really well together.  I love the T-Bar look, and the white detailing is really eye-catching.  And they are not too high either.  I really like them.  I haven't got many T-Bar shoes.  I actually don't have any red shoes at all.  Perhaps I should treat myself.

As you may already know, I am absolutely in love with abstract and geometric art.  Out of all the pictures I pin on Pinterest, abstract art is what I generally pin the most of, along with movies if I am right.  I just find it fascinating.   The more colourful it is the more I love it.

I love Ted Baker, it's one of my all time favourite brands.  In fact I am slightly in love with this bag, I feel I might need it in my life pretty soon.  I do love this style of bag too because you can get loads of stuff in it, and I am sure that like most of us, we tend to carry our entire lives in our handbags!

Despicable Me, one and two are such brilliant movies I love them, and I saw The Minions at the cinema as well and I must say it was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.  I just love the way they laugh and how funny they are when they get mad.   They are crazy.   I have pinned quite a few to my 'funny' board on my Pinterest already.   I can always count on The Minions to make me smile!

Pinterest has definitely become one of my favourite past times, particularly this year as I have been pinning more than ever.    I generally pin most days.  I do love it.   If you would like to check out my other pins this is my link: 

It's a bit of fun, but at the same time it gives you my readers an insight into what I am interested in.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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