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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Fresh Ideas Tuesday.

I had never considered myself much of a cook until just recently.  In the past I have normally stuck to easy to cook meals.   Quick meals like jacket potatoes, pizza, fish and chips, and bangers and mash.  There is nothing wrong with these types of meals at all, but I am finding that I would really love to experiment a little bit more.  So, so far this morning I have been exploring 'food' and different types of meal ideas on Pinterest.   Wonderful thing Pinterest.  I also now how a food board, if anyone would like to take a little gander at my Pinterest, because I am finding some really great ideas on there.

For example: Lemon roast chicken and asparagus.  I don't generally eat a lot of asparagus but I do like it.   Or something really simple like tomato and spinach pasta, now that does sound  really nice.  I might have to have a go at that one at some point.  I think you do have to be careful though when you are looking at food on Pinterest, because if you are like me, I pin loads and loads of sweet stuff.  Tons of it.  You know, like rainbow cake, Nutella stuffed sugar cookies. I am genuinely obsessed with Nutella at the moment I am not going to lie, I can't stop eating the stuff.  Oh and the peanut butter cheesecake sounds incredible!   I need to stop looking at sweet things now....I need my healthy head back on.

Where was I....oh yes...creamy herb chicken.  I could do that.  I love chicken and that sounds like it could be a real easy one to attempt.  I am a really big fan of pasta too, so anything with pasta is pretty good.   Another thing I have noticed particularly in this last month or so, is I have found I rather enjoy salads.  I certainly enjoy them a lot more than I used to anyway.   That's always good because you can literally put a salad with anything.   Another recipe that sounds really nice is broccoli and cheddar twice baked potatoes.  That has to be my favourite Pinterest idea I have found so far.   So you bake the potato, and then put broccoli and cheese in, and then bake it again for a bit so the cheese melts.  I definitely love the sound of that one.

I wouldn't call myself a 'foodie', but there are certainly loads of different types of food I do enjoy.   I love curries and fish, and salads, anything with pasta.  I am not a vegetarian so I like to eat chicken and beef and lamb etc.  I love vegetables, especially the Mediterranean kind.   They are really nice.

Of course I love all types of puddings as well, and a little bit too much I might add, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a treat every once in a while.  I say that, despite the fact I have over the last four days had two helpings of apple pie, with some left over too, and a sticky toffee loaf thing I bought from the Co Op, which I had with custard and it took me three days to consume.

That sounds bad doesn't it?! It was a really big pudding though.

I have also been having the good stuff as well you will be pleased to hear.  I have been having salad, and stir fry, fish and vegetables, chilli con carne, a roast as well.  I think that sounds quite a balanced diet.   As long as I keep it that way I should be fine.  I need to start building on my food ideas too, there are loads of options out there.   However, if you haven't had one before, I would definitely recommend trying the sticky toffee loaf.  You will not regret it.

But going back to healthy food ideas, I feel I need a few more and then have a go at cooking something.  I still feel I am quite new to this 'proper cooking' thing.  So I need lots of practice.   What I will say is I am enjoying doing it, which is good considering I don't usually do a lot of cooking.   So I guess that's motivation to try something new, and most importantly, keep at it.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x
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