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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Favourite Pins 101.2

Do you know, I am pretty selective when it comes to Pinterest.  I have just discovered this. And the way I know that I am very selective is my first Pin that I have just added and I would like to share with you, has literally taken me ages to choose despite the fact that said Pin is from one of my favourite movies of all time.   You would think with it being from one of my favourite movies that I would want to start randomly choosing pictures and pinning everything to do with the movie, but to be honest, there are so many I love, I would be here forever.

They always say an image is worth a thousand words, but for most people a single image can mean so much more than that.   An image that has the ability to take you right back to a time, in this instance, to when you first watched this movie or the last time you watched it.   The scene where Jareth (the Goblin King) and Sarah are dancing at the masquerade ball to 'As The World Falls Down' is one of my favourites because there is something so magical about it that I always find myself becoming lost in the moment with this very scene.  For me the movie Labyrinth as a whole, would actually be my own perfect 'alternate reality'.   That is how special this movie is for me.

Keeping with the movie theme, I discovered this piece of fan art of Robin Williams who I absolutely adored as an actor and comedian.  I love this artwork, it's been done very well.   My favourite movie of his was Mrs. Doubtfire, she was an incredible character that he created, followed by Jumanji, because that was such a fun film, followed by The Birdcage because it was so funny, and I loved him as the Genie in Aladdin too.   Such a great actor!  Love this picture.   Also, check out my link here of an interesting article I have recently read about Robin Williams' greatest movie performances.

Leonardo DiCaprio.  He is just beautiful.  And he is one of my favourite actors of all time.  There is nothing more to say, except I love him.

I love this not only because it looks really, really cute, but also because well just recently I have seemed to have developed a fascination to objects in a glass container, designed and marketed as jewellery.  If I wanted to buy someone a really special gift I would probably look for something like this because it is really unusual, and I do love unusual things.  Plus I love starfish.   They are fascinating creatures.

Now this looks really cool.   I have always loved dragons, and this picture is of the town hall in Munich, in Germany.  So this is supposedly a life size dragon, climbing up the wall of the town hall.  I would love to see this for real.  It looks awesome.   Better still, if I ever won the lottery and could afford a really old mansion, I would find an architect who would design a similar looking dragon to climb up my wall too.  It's brilliant.

I really love this too.  So this is 'Fractal Art' as opposed to abstract art.   Brilliant use of colour in the design and for me, I find this picture really striking to be honest.  It is the sort of pattern I would really love to find in a colouring book somewhere and colour it in myself.   I really do like this one.  It's kaleidoscopic and  mesmerising!

This is really pretty.  It's a bit unusual, but I love the red rose on it with the pretty little jewel in the centre.   I just really love the detail that is on it.   It would make a lovely gift for a loved one.  There is something very romantic about it.

One of my favourite perfumes.  I really love the sweet scent of this, it is so lovely and I find it's not too over-powering either.  I have a small collection of the rings that come round the top of the bottle too.  I just don't want to throw them out.  It is in my opinion one of the more expensive perfumes I usually have, but it is most definitely worth the money. Check out the link below for some great savings on Vera Wang Princess fragrance.

Well this looks like a rather interesting cocktail, I might have to give this one a try.  I do love blueberries, I think gin is ok, I am not a massive fan of gin, but it's ok.   What I am interested in is the other ingredients especially the Crème de Violette Liqueur.  That sounds awesome.   So I am totally willing to give it a go anyway.   And doesn't it look pretty in the glass?!

Well this has been saved to my sweet section of my Pinterest.   Hot chocolate fudge pudding cake, with ice cream of course.  I need it.  I need it in my life right now.   It looks heavenly.   Whenever I eat out at restaurants I always have a pudding, and I do generally opt for some sort of chocolate fudge brownie/cake thing with lashings of cream.  I do prefer cream to ice cream too, I have very sensitive teeth so even though I do like ice cream, I only have it occasionally.  This dessert still looks so scrumptious.   I could so eat a big bowl of it right now.

Hope you all like my favourite Pins and if you like, check out my new Masquerade board!

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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