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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Favourite Pins 101.3.

I am beginning to find just how many different ideas Pinterest is giving me recently, whether that be for my art, or ideas for gifts, or just generally keeping up with what's out there.  I have always found collecting in general fun.  The best thing about Pinterest is that you can collect for free.  Of course there is always that moment when you find a specific gift idea on there, and then go out and buy it! Regardless of cost?....  It can be easy to get carried away with finding ideas on here that you want to buy.   On the other hand, Pinterest always gives me ideas for my art too which is really good.

These are some of my favourite Pins I have recently discovered and added to my collection.

So it's official, I am a sucker for unicorns and this cuddly toy is just too cute!   They are very popular now, I am forever seeing them in toy shops everywhere I go.  I am not a big pink fan generally, but I am willing to skip past that for this.   It is so cute and I bet it's nice and soft and snuggly.  I want it!

The copper bathtub!  Complete with large copper shower head.    Not like the really rubbish plastic ones you can get nowadays.  It's the shape of this bathtub I particularly like, and also the depth of these tubs make them look very appealing too.  I find it has an 'antique' look about it too.  You can just imagine filling it with warm water with loads of bubbles flowing over the top of it.   Can't have a bath without bubbles.

This is a dress that has immediately caught my eye.  I think it is just so pretty, and so sweet.   Unusually, this is not a colour that I generally go for, myself.  There is just something about it that to be truthful, has sparked a memory inside me, like I have seen it or rather something similar somewhere before, perhaps when I was very little.  I'm not sure whether it wold be something I would wear now, but it is a lovely colour.  It looks like a bridesmaid's dress.

I am loving the look of this place.   It's because I love trees and forests and strange paths that lead to exquisite places!    This forest which is apparently the Isle Of Aran in Scotland, and is called 'The King's Path'.  It sounds and looks really exciting.   Never been to Scotland personally, but a friend of mine, and a family member also, tend to go there quite frequently.  Perhaps I should go one day too.   I wouldn't mind getting lost in a forest.  For a short length of time anyway.

Here we have a Magical Tree.  I have chosen to add this pin to my favourite Tree pin board because it's sooo pretty!!!  It's a special tree.   Beautiful colours, with added little critters hiding away in awe behind a large rock.   That's what it looks like anyway.   I didn't see them straight away either.  That is unusual for me considering I have always felt like I have an eye for detail.

I love this picture because it looks like a magical pool hidden within some mystical mountains that only lights up under the light of a night sky invaded by shooting stars.   That is how I see it.  I think this is as stunning picture.

This is a great poster I added to my Super Hero pin board.   I only saw this movie the other week too, and I thought it was bloody brilliant.    If you haven't seen it already I highly recommend it.  It's a bit weird, a bit crazy and random at times, but it was an awesome movie.   I really enjoyed it.   I loved The Joker and Harley Quinn the best because they were both so weird.  It was very good.

I absolutely love this picture.   So far it is quite possibly one of my favourite 'art' pins I have saved.  It's just so stunning.   I have also saved this one to two different boards, my Art board for obvious reasons, and my 'Atmospheric' board also, because I truly believe it is very atmospheric.  It is just such a beautiful, simplistic picture.  It's incredible.   I actually wouldn't mind owning it myself.  It's lovely.

There is nothing like some bright, psychedelic art to finish with.   I have chosen to share this specific favourite pin of mine as my star sign is in fact Leo the Lion.  I love this because I feel like it is very 'me', being a colour and abstract/fractal/geometric (had to get them all in) art fan.   If you take a look at these last two pins I have shared, you will notice the lion is obviously the light, colourful, psychedelic picture, and the ballerina is the dark, atmospheric one.   They say most people have a light side and a dark side to them in some sense, so perhaps this is an example of mine.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my favourite pins, I do enjoy sharing them with everyone who reads my blog.   In some ways I actually find it quite therapeutic to talk about the pins I have saved.   As strange as that may sound.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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