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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Ultimate Content Marketing 101.2

What kind of content marketing actually works?   I believe that most content marketing has the capacity to work for every individual blogger out there because I think it's down to how you put your own personal content across that's really important.

One of the things I have discovered is 'content flow' is also an important factor.  I envision that particular point the same way I would if I was writing a fiction story.   You can't just tell your reader, so this happened, and then this happened and the outcome of it all was this... You have to expand and explain how and why etc.   Break it down and make your content consistent and easy to read.  I suppose one good example of this is to ensure the images you use are a fairly decent size.  Common sense really.   Tiny content is so annoying.

Another way of course is to incorporate visual components into your content to support it, which to be fair is what most people do.  However, one the things I have realised that I do personally just looking back at some of my previous blog posts, is sometimes I don't always think a lot about what image I place into my content, and really, I should think about it a lot more.  It's a bit of a bad habit really.    Nine times out of ten, I pick an image off the web because it 'looks nice'.   The question is, do I actually get any engagement on that specific image I have placed on my blog?  I am not quite sure I always do.

Recently I featured a post on my favourite pins:

I chose to do this post purely out of interest to see if it would build on getting more interaction and more followers on my Pinterest.   As for the outcome of this particular experiment, I didn't get many more followers as such, I got about three new followers, but what I did notice was quite a few of my pins had been saved by people, more so than ever before, and they were not necessary the pins I had featured in the post either.   So I found that rather intriguing, and I was genuinely really pleased too.  Thank you to all of you who have read this post and saved my pins, it is much appreciated.

The outcome of this is that the images I have used on that particular post seem to have not only been noticed, but saved as well.  So does that mean they will continue to do so in the future and in doing so increase engagement on my blog?  We shall have to see.

I have also discovered, having just recently reading a couple of articles in general on the web, that content which is displayed in small, easily manageable chunks, with a little image accompanying it seems like it would be much easier for the reader to digest.  It also adds that posts with visuals get 94% more page views too.  Which is always good. 

This is one of the articles I have found:

What I have taken away and learnt from this is that regardless of whether the content you are writing is considered serious or laid back, the marriage of content and the images you use to support your views and opinions is in my opinion, a genuine key to success.

For me personally, I feel I definitely need to practise a bit more when it comes to choosing images.   Hopefully as I begin to build on my content marketing knowledge I am confident my ability to choose relevant and attractive images to support that knowledge will improve, and thus improve all future blog posts on other topics I decide to write about.   The desired outcome? It will give Sarah's Dreamscapes on the whole, a higher quality feel to it , and become more interesting and appealing for my readers.

Thank you all for reading my blog.

Sarah x

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