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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Ways I'm Using To Stop Spending Money.

Saving money is always a huge challenge for anyone, no matter how much or how little you want to save, or what it is you are saving for.  For quite a long time I have been scouring the internet on tips and ideas I can use to help me save money, and saving money on everything, from food to petrol, clothes and movies, even every day essentials.

Another interesting view I have come to discover is what could I do to actually 'stop' spending money.  So not necessarily 'saving' straight away, but ways in which I could potentially stop spending the money I get every month.  Like by stopping my 'impulse purchases', which I do feel I tend to do an awful lot.  They may sometimes be few and far between but they always make a huge difference.
By the time I have noticed there is never much I can do about it.

So a little while ago I decided to put a little idea into action.   Ways on how I could stop spending money and have more money to spare at the end of the month before any wages go in, that I can use to perhaps pay any bills early or put towards gifts I need to buy, get extra petrol I need, put towards savings or to just simply have as a float in my bank.

These are a few ideas that I use that I feel helps me to stop spending money.

1) Reading.

You could add that books in general are practically free if you get them from a library or if you borrow them from a friend which I have done on a fair few occasions.  The only exception is when you get your books from a charity shop.  I personally don't class that as 'buying for me'.  That is me giving a little to others to get a book.  The point is by reading a book, which actually takes me ages anyway, it can stop me going out and spending money on something else.

2) Painting.

If you have read my previous posts you know I like to paint.  Of course paints and brushes, paper etc do cost money but you don't have to spend a lot initially, and when I get into the flow of my painting I can do it for ages and ages, sometimes for days.   Just a little tip I have discovered to share, I usually buy the A3 size watercolour pads which I then split in half to A4 size and it makes the pad last longer.  That's what I do.  It definitely works.

3) Colouring.

The price of colouring books has definitely gone up over the last five years, but I believe if you are like me and really enjoy colouring you can allow for this change, particularly as the colouring books themselves have become so much better in quality, with more choice, more detailed pictures and in general are a lot thicker now too.   I can colour for hours.  Providing you don't go overboard by initially spending too much on too many colouring books at one time, I find it's well worth splashing out a bit more on a good quality one that will last you a several months.   The one thing I find about colouring is sometimes I get carried away, particularly if I am colouring at night time.   The other night I started doing a little bit at 11pm because I couldn't sleep.   When I next looked at the clock it read 1.15AM!   Yeah!  Best not to get too carried away.

4) Watching Movies and TV Shows.

This is true because if you watch a film at home, I will stress at home because the cinema now is so expensive, generally it's on for at least two hours.   I'm not saying I don't go to the cinema at all anymore because I do, but I am quite selective about what films I see nowadays.  I still have TV show marathons as well, like a lot of others out there, and that can take hours as well.   You're not spending money when you're watching them are you?!   It's particularly nice when you are watching movies with your family or friends especially funny ones because you can just laugh together.

5)  Playing The Sims.

I was actually in two minds about sharing this because generally I don't tend to play games anymore  And it's not something I've done for a long time either, however, in the past I have found that playing The Sims 2 takes my mind of things in general, and it has proven to have stopped me from spending money.   As I actually still have my Sims 2 games, and I would at this point just point out that I never got on with The Sims 3, I am tempted to give them a little go and see if my theory works.  Without getting so addicted that I totally forget the outside world of course, which has never happened anyway.  It would just be intriguing to try out, perhaps just for a number of days over the course of the next month and see if it makes a difference.  Who knows, I might not even enjoy it, but it's worth a go.

Thanks for reading

Sarah x
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