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Monday, 28 August 2017

Favourite Pins 101.4.

I was beginning to think it was ages and ages since I have done my 'favourite pins' post, and then I realized it is ages ago, back at the beginning of July, and we are now nearing the end of August.   I'm not quite sure where August has gone to be fair.  It will be Christmas soon.   It's far too early to be thinking about Christmas just yet.   I always start thinking about Christmas at the beginning of October.   That suits me fine.

So these are my current favourite Pins from Pinterest I have recently added to my collection.   There are no Christmas ones yet!

I love wolves, they are beautiful creatures.  This is my latest edition to my Wolves board.   I just find the detail and the dimensional aspect of this drawing fascinating.   I love the simplistic colours too with the piercing turquoise eyes.  Love it. 

Disney's Alice In Wonderland, and Through The Looking Glass are two of my favourite Tim Burton movies, starring the gorgeous Johnny Depp, and the late great Alan Rickman as the voice of Absolem, and Stephen Fry as the voice of the Cheshire Cat.   I just love the way Tim Burton created the look of the Cheshire Cat and made it completely unique.   It looks so menacing.   I think also, besides the MadHatter himself, the Cheshire Cat I think is the most popular character, with Alice as number three.   In my opinion anyway.

Jurassic Park is one of my favourite movies of all time, so I thought I would have a little look to find a Pin to add to my collection that was Jurassic Park related, but something different from what I would normally add, like a movie still.   May I present, the Jurassic Park birthday cake.   How cool does this look?!

I love Audrey Hepburn, and I adore her classy style too.   I thought this 'art inspired' pin was pretty cool to add to my collection.   I don't usually tend to randomly pin on Pinterest, I tend to have a look around and add maybe one or two on a subject I'm looking for.  I love this one.  I would happily put it on my wall even.

This baby elephant is so adorable!  I love elephants.  They need protecting from all those poachers out there.  It makes me so mad when one gets hurt.   They are such beautiful, gentle creatures.

I cannot believe I found this, but I had one exactly the same.   It's from the 80s, and I know I still have it somewhere.   It was still intact the last time I saw it too.   I just couldn't believe it.  I always thought it was a random one off type of thing.   Might have to go rooting for it now!

This is amazing, I really love this, I was so glad I found this one.    Jack Torrence, played by Jack Nicholson from Stephen King's (my favourite author) The Shining.  Absolutely brilliant picture.   I am even loving the Jack Daniels whiskey bottle too.  It's fabulous.

Not quite sure I would be brave enough to do this myself, but the detail on 'lip art' is just mesmerizing.    This is one of my favourites that I have found recently, which is actually saved to my 'Cosmetics' board, and I really love it.  I love the matching nails too.  The detail makes the whole look so effective and unique.  It's just awesome.   It's seems to be a trend that's fast becoming very popular.   I love it.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah x

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