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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

New List Of TV Shows I Want To Watch.

I haven't been watching as many TV shows lately.  The most recent ones I have seen are The Big Bang Theory, and The Inspector Linley Mysteries.   It's quite an old one the second one, but I have never seen it before and so far I am finding it really good.   You can never go wrong with a Big Bang Theory episode though.   The characters are definitely all crazy and I love them all, especially Sheldon.

It has been a while since I have been looking on my Amazon Prime to see what to watch, and of course, they still have quite a bit of choice on there.   A little while ago I was watching the majority of my TV shows on Netflix, however over the last few months I have found that, because I haven't been watching as many TV shows as I usually do, I decided I couldn't really warrant paying out for both Amazon Prime and Netflix.   With Amazon of course, you get free delivery and books to read from the Amazon Library, as well as movies and TV shows all included for £7.99 a month.   So I have decided that is the better option out of the two.

Here is a list of 10 shows I have decided I would like to watch from Amazon Prime.

The X Files.

Out of everything on this list this is the only TV show I have seen, and it was a very long time ago and I cannot remember much about what happened in it at all apart from the fact it's about aliens and unexplained phenomena.  Thought I would give it another go.  I wonder if I will be able to make sense of any of it this time round?!  Probably not, but it will be fun.

I have watched a lot of TV shows in the past, particularly American TV shows, so whilst you are reading this list some of you might be shocked that I haven't seen these shows, but I promise, The X Files is the only one I have seen, but here are some others.

Parks and Recreation.

Heard of it, never seen it.  It sounds really good and really funny too.  I know Chris Pratt is in it too and I like him as an actor.   So I will give this a go.


This looks quite exciting, sounds kind of down the Batman route in terms of storyline, but I do like Batman so I can work with that.

Prison Break.

Yeah I know, how is it I have never seen Prison Break?  I have got absolutely no idea.  But it is now on this list and I shall be watching it at some point.  It does sound exciting.

The 100.

100 criminals, delinquents go back to try and repopulate planet earth after it was abandoned following nuclear war.  Wonderful.  I will try this and see what it is like.

The Americans.

I have so far heard and read, that this has been quite a popular show.  It sounds a bit '24' like, if anyone has seen the show '24' with Kiefer Sutherland, that was good.  Makes me wonder if every time you get to the end of an episode it keeps you hanging so to speak.  I shall soon see.

The Following.

How can a serial killer be charismatic and psychotic? I am a huge fan of Kevin Bacon anyway so that is why I want to see this show.  It will be nice to see him in something other than a mobile phone advert anyway.

Sleepy Hollow.

I remember when I found out they were doing a TV show this, and I really did enjoy the Johnny Depp movie, so I thought, this would actually be a really great show to start watching.  I thought that about it at the time anyway, but then never started watching it when it first came on.  It's great when you watch any TV show through Amazon Prime anyway because you generally have the whole series on there.

American Gothic.

This show sounds awesome.  A family has discovered there is a serial killer in their midst and they have to work out who it is.   Sounds as though it's like a modern day Clue or something.   It says it's about a 'prominent' family, so maybe they are in politics or something, but one of them is a serial killer.  Looking forward to this one.


I have added this to my list because it reminds me of Heroes in a way, except everyone in the town just have their own curse as opposed to an ability.  How many different curses are there can you have I wonder?!

The Fall.

I am not going to stars Jamie Dornan, and this is why I want to see it.  I think it will make a nice, refreshing change to see Jamie Dornan play a serial killer instead of Christian Grey.   It also happens to be the second TV show I have in my list that stars Gillian Anderson who plays the copper trying to catch him.  I love cat and mouse shows, and films.  So this should be good too.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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