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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

One Goal Complete.

I decided that a little change in my bedroom was required.  My room had not changed at all really since I moved back home three and a bit years ago, to save more money.   Before then I was living with a close friend of mine.  Sadly I was paying out more than I was saving, so I decided to come back home for a bit.

Three and a bit years later.....

My bureau was one of the first pieces of furniture I ever bought myself.  I got it from The British Heart Foundation for about £250, I think.  It was a long time ago.  I love it.  In the couple of years I had noticed that I wasn't using it as much as I used to before I moved out.  I didn't even use it when I blogged or even for when I paint, which was where I always used to do my painting.   I came to the conclusion it was to with the fact it was right behind my bedroom door, which meant obviously if I wanted to use it, my bedroom door would have to be shut for me to put the top down.  I know you're thinking, what's wrong with that?  Well, for a start, it's too dark in that corner, plus, I never liked the idea of not being able to open my door, quickly or otherwise.  You know, emergencies etc.  Anyhoo, I finally decided to shift it's location from one corner of my room to the other, which is great because it's now right next to the window.  I can have proper natural light, hooray!

Somehow my room suddenly looks a lot bigger too.  Not sure how.  Especially as I currently have a few piles of 'bits' on my bedroom floor that still need to be sorted.  To be fair, I had filed loads of paperwork today and yesterday, so the rest can be done tomorrow.   All in all, I am so happy with the way my room looks now.  And what a difference it makes me being able to write my blog at my bureau properly.  I bet you're thinking, didn't you do that before?   No.  I blogged on my bed.

Not anymore.

I am so glad I have made these few little changes.  And it's been done before my 34th birthday as well, which is on Saturday, the 12th.  There are so many ideas out there to help you make positive changes too.

It's good to have a change, especially when it is going to be for the better.  Even if that change is a small one, it's still good.

And.... that's one goal down for this month! I am happy.   Check out my other goals here:

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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