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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Ultimate Content Marketing 101.4

I definitely feel as though I am nowhere near where I want to be in my understanding of content marketing when it comes to my blogging.  To be fair, if I was, I probably would not be still doing a post on content marketing.  So far, the only thing I feel I have perhaps slightly improved on, are my images.   Imagery is a huge part of blogging for sure, so this is a good thing.

The one thing I have realised, is that there are really only so many charts you can look at that explain the flow of content marketing.   In my opinion, once you have seen one you have seen them all.   Simplicity works best for me where charts are concerned.   I don't want to see a flow chart where each of the seven headings that are featured in it have essay underneath them.   I always think that a heading, followed by the two main points minimum underneath explaining said heading, which ultimately leads on to aiding the final outcome of the flow chart.   Bullet points are also rather favourable as they are generally easy to read.   Below are a few tips I have found on Content Marketing today.

Prominent Words To Aid With Your Content Marketing.

Here I have compiled a basic list (I try not to do complicated!) of words that I hope can aid me in improving, perfecting and maintaining my content creation in general and my content marketing strategy.  


Although images play a really huge part in blogging, it is also quite handy to play about with your wording in your paragraphs as well.   This allows your reader to obviously visualise what it is your are writing about.  Then, add relevant images to support your text, and you have got it cracked!


When I really think about it, trends is actually quite an obvious one.   In fact, I feel it could be quite an easy one to use in my blogging too.  I have written a few blog posts about trends before but by my own admission, they weren't always trends I was fully interested in, which is probably why they never got many views.   If you are going to write about trends, or what is trending out there at the moment, best thing is to make sure it's something you are interested in.  Your reader will start to tell when you are not really interested in something.


This is probably the most important one of all.  Whatever type of article you decide to write about, make sure you do your research, know what you are talking about, and make sure all your opinions and suggestions are your own.   It's not rocket science!

Google Plus.

I always share on my Google Plus.  Always.  And I share my content several times too.  Of course the other most important thing, is do try and read what others have shared too, and comment on them if you feel inclined to as well.  This is something I have started to do a bit more of recently.  But also, by reading articles on Google Plus, it has given me my own ideas for blogging too.   It's very useful.

Plain English.

This is self-explanatory.  Whenever you are writing a blog post or article on whatever subject that you have chosen, it is imperative that you create easy to read, descriptive text.   Also when you are blogging, what comes up a lot in articles is, make sure you avoid 'keyword stuffing' wherever possible.  That is certainly a trick I have yet to master too.  Just stick with easy to read, plain English and you will be fine.

Fabulous.   Now I need to see how many of these I can improve with my own blog posts!

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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