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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Art, Fashion and Vogue.

I have had a go at something different today.  Something that the last time I did it, I was still in school.   Now that was definitely a long time ago!  I have started to do some collages.

Recently I had decided to start having a read of Vogue magazine, really for my own curiosity, but also to potentially help aid my fashion choices.   In fairness it took me bloody ages to read and really it was more the pictures of the clothing, make up and accessories I was interested in rather than the text, but I still found it an interesting read and I really enjoyed it.  Usually I tend to keep a lot of my magazines for a while until I accumulate a large stack at the side of my bed, but I thought, instead of keeping this Vogue magazine, which was September's issue, I decided to choose some bits from it I loved and turn it into a collage.

I only did three collages in total.   When I think of it, I could have waited until perhaps I had maybe two or three issues of Vogue magazine and then done a bigger collage, but to be completely honest...I didn't want to wait.  What I loved about the above picture was, the purple and turquoise blue 'Magic Wands', the red top on the left and the grape jacket on the right, and the sky blue dress worn in the middle picture, elegantly draped over a spiral staircase.  

I love the checked look of the grey Armani military style jacket because it looks so smart. The 'Autumn Spectrum' of colours just looks awesome, and although I am not too keen on the cape style top, I however really like the blue check trousers worn on the left.   

For starters, I just loved the idea of the cocktail/champagne glass decorated with butterflies.  It looks really pretty.   I like the colour of the Aspinal Of London bag, and the white blouse with the black skirt is one of the looks I would like to aim for, for myself.   And lastly, I am already a huge fan on Keira Knightley and I just loved her jewellery she was wearing here. 

I will have to say I genuinely enjoyed doing this little project.   It didn't even take me all that long either, despite the fact I wasn't actually rushing in any way.  It was just a bit of fun.  I have decided I want to do more now though, which is good.  Also from doing this, I have decided that I would really love to own a pair of checked trousers, and a military style jacket too.  Perhaps not an Armani one like this one in the picture, that might be a little bit expensive.  I shall look for something similar instead.

The other slight little change I have chosen for myself lately, is I have decided to once again go in for contact lenses.  Last week I nipped into Boots to pick them up as I had already pre-arranged the order earlier in the week for them, the 'One Day Acuvue Moist' ones, which I went for as they say they are very good at correcting astigmatism, which I have in my left eye.  This is the second time I have worn them, and they have been in for about six hours or so now, and they are still very comfortable.  It did take me a while to get the left eye in which they said it would anyway, till I got used to them.    But the right eye went straight in.   So that's good.   I am really pleased with my decision to take up contact lenses again, although I still don't mind wearing glasses either.  Might need some new funkier ones soon....

Thanks for reading!

Sarah x


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