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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Favourite Pictures 101.5

Just for a bit of fun I have been adding some more pictures into my Pinterest boards this morning which I have found from across the web that I really love.  Normally I go straight onto Pinterest to find my pictures, but apart from the Vogue picture, all the rest I have found whilst reading a few articles on the web in general, and I just really love them.

As we do have just over a month left to go till Halloween, I found this picture, and as creepy as it does look I really love it.  I would even buy it myself because I am sure I would find something to put in it.  It does look quite a good size.  It looks like someone has bought an old antique cabinet and just chosen to decorate it with a Halloween inspired theme.  I really love it.  It's very detailed.  I'm loving the skull drawer knob on it.  It is an awesome piece of furniture!

I love white tigers.  Well, I love orange tigers too, but white tigers are my favourite and this picture is just so beautiful.  You can imagine just how well camouflaged it is in the snow!  This just looks stunning.   Pretty tiger.

So this picture I chose because I have recently become very intrigued with reading Vogue magazine.   There are some lovely, and strange fashion trends in Vogue, but it is a really good read and it has been giving me a few ideas for myself too which I am pleased with.  Plus of course Vogue magazine has also inspired me to start doing some  of my own fashion collages too as I displayed on my previous post.   I love this picture simply because it is very simple, and yet elegant and very nostalgic.   I love the little dog too.  It is so cute.

I love Alice In Wonderland it is one of my favourite childhood books.   What I love about this picture is simply the colourful artwork on the text.  It just looks so effective.  Mad Hatter looks really cool too and I love the little butterflies circling the top of the page.  They look really pretty.

I love dolphins.  These are holding hands, sorry, holding flippers, and it just looks so cute!  They look so happy and it's very sweet.

The city of London.   I love these aerial shots of cities in general, but I especially love the night time photos, of any city really, because with all the lights it just makes the picture look prettier and more detailed.   This would definitely make a nice picture to put on someone's wall.   The other thing about this is, as I am starting to become particularly interested in pursuing a little photography, this is like inspiration for me because I just really love the intricacy about it.  I love the finer details in anything to be honest.  It's such a good picture.

Why have I chosen this picture you are wondering, because it's weird, and I love weird.   If I collected teapots for instance, which ok I don't, but if I did this would definitely be in my collection.  I don't know whether it is me but I feel there is something very 'Nightmare Before Christmas' about it, as well as a bit of Halloween too.  It looks really cool and really unique, and a bit wacky.

What do you think of my new Pinterest pictures?

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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