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Friday, 1 September 2017

Reaching The End Of August 2017.

August has gone very quickly for me this year.  It seems only two minutes ago I was deciding on some goals for myself for this month.  It's like, you blink, and all of a sudden it's September.

This month did go a lot better than I initially thought it would, there was a lot I felt I wanted to get sorted out, and it went well so for that I am really pleased.   Looking back on my goals that I set myself, and I am now going see which ones of them I managed to achieve.  

On first thoughts, I don't think I have done too badly.   Please feel free to check out my previous post on this.

So which goals did I manage to achieve?!   Well I definitely sorted my bedroom out.   I had a move round in my room just to refresh it a bit.  I sorted and shredded a ton of paperwork.  I am not kidding, I was buried in the stuff.  I gave my room a deep clean.  Oh yeah that's right.   I hoovered, I dusted, I have 53 ornaments, all of which I dusted, and yes it took me bloody ages, but they look better which is the main thing.  I cleaned the window, and my bureau and tidied stuff away in general.  Lastly I sorted out my drawers and wardrobes and got several bits together for charity. So I am really, very  pleased I managed to stick with that goal and follow it through.

The other goal I completed was I met up with my friend Lizzy in town for lunch and a bit of shopping too.  We ended up spending most of the day together and it was so lovely.  We had a look round the shops, went for coffee, and had lunch at Nandos which was awesome, plus my meal was free because I had accrued enough points on my Nandos card.  I was over the moon.  Interestingly the last day I could use them was yesterday too, otherwise they would have run out.  How about that for lucky?!  Doesn't often happen for me.   Anyhoo, I had such a lovely day, I really enjoyed it.   Earlier in the month Lizzy and I went to visit our friend Chrissie too, who lives in Nottingham, and we had a catch up then too and had dinner out in Nottingham which was really nice.

The only other one of my goals that I did was sort out my pile of magazines by my bed because I had far too many there and I felt I was at risk of slipping and breaking my neck.  They are now neatly stacked in my wardrobe instead.  That was definitely a good job done.

Have I taken more pictures on Instagram? I have taken a few, but not loads so need to improve there, and..... blogging a bit more consistently?? I have just checked and it looks as though I have managed to write at least one blog post a week, so really I feel that's pretty good.   I am pleased at my efforts.

Now I need to come up with some new goals.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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