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Monday, 18 September 2017

Ways I Would Like To Improve My Blog.

It's always good to come up with new ideas on how you can make improvements to something you enjoy doing, particularly if you do it a lot.  When it comes to blogging, certainly recently for me, on average I tend to blog about once a week and I do try and stick to that routine.   On the days I don't blog I am often sharing what I have written on social media, mainly Twitter, which has increased quite considerably since I have discovered the awesomeness of   Not sure what I would do without that now.

Yesterday (Sunday), was an interesting day for me because someone on Twitter sent me a message to say they wanted to put a comment directly on my blog, but they couldn't find a 'comment' box.  I actually thought I had one already on this blog for some reason, but it turned out I didn't.  I will be honest, it literally took me most of the afternoon yesterday to work out how to do it.   It in fact, took me longer to put a comment box on my blog than it did my Instagram, and I remember that taking me quite a while.   I am sure it really wasn't actually that difficult, but if there ever is an awkward way of doing something, I can usually find it.   The main thing is the 'comment box' is on here now.   Happy days!

Following on from yesterday, I started to write a list of other things that I would like to improve on my blog, including a couple of little things I would like to improve personally outside of blogging also.   This is what I came up with so far:

1)  Start publishing my artwork on my blog again.

This is for when I do eventually start painting again that is.  I haven't done much for a little while.  You will notice I have done a lot of colouring recently instead and shared that on here.  I do enjoy colouring.  It's very therapeutic.  But I am still very fond of painting.  So I must get back into it at some point.

2)  Experiment more with my fashion and blog about it.

Really, I don't tend to spend loads of money when it comes to clothes.  Every now and then I treat myself to a top from New Look or a new pair of jeans from Dorothy Perkins but I generally stick to the same things.  I would just like to perhaps go for something different every now and again.  I have recently started to wear a couple of blouses more than tops so I will start there and see what happens.  I also purchased some Scholl High Heel insoles last week, so I need new shoes if nothing else.  I need to test them out.  That's my excuse anyway and I'm sticking to it.

3)  Do more research on Photography.

Photography has been my new little interest I have discovered lately.  I will admit before I got Instagram, I didn't usually take tons of photos.   I took a few obviously, which I have put on Facebook before and I have some photos in albums, mainly from my holiday in Florida a few years ago that I took with my purple Fujifilm camera.  But my Samsung Galaxy S6 tends to take fairly good photos too.  Either way I shall start to explore a bit more of Photography and it can be my new little hobby.  I would like to improve my images I use on my blog anyway, I'm going to try and be a bit more experimental with them.  And I'll start building up my Instagram a bit more too.   It's very exciting.  I have even managed to add a photo of me onto the blog now too.

4)  Read more blogs.

This is something I do fairly frequently anyway.   As I am starting to gain a particular interest in Photography I am on the hunt for a couple of blogs to read around that subject, but I do enjoy reading all blogs, and I am always on Twitter.   Reading other blogs always give me inspiration and encouragement.   Currently I have seven favourite blogs that I am reading fairly frequently.  These are:

Jemma at 

Shona at

Emma at

Britt at

Tarnya at

Lauren Jo at

Jordan at

I love them all because they are all completely different.   I am always on the hunt for more blogs to read too.

There will be more ways I will find to improve my blog I am sure, but for now I will stick with these four and hopefully be able to unleash some more inspiration to use on Sarah's Dreamscapes.

On a slightly personal note, today is a very special day for me as today is my 'diary' anniversary.  I have been writing a personal diary, every day since the 18th of September 1995!  So far, it has been one of my greatest achievements!!

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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