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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Highlights Of My Week.

This was my very first week of doing my new 25 hour contract at work.  I will admit at first I wasn't quite sure how it would go, it was particularly interesting as we had a store visit from head office on Wednesday this week which I came into work right in the middle of, but really, not much has changed apart from the obvious fact that I feel that there is less pressure on me to perform my job and deliver my targets.    So it's all good.  I am happy because it is what I wanted, and that is all that matters.

So last Sunday I met up with my friend Lizzy, and we went for a roast dinner at the pub in my village which was really nice.   I ate too much food!   But it was lovely because we just had a really good catch up and then went for a little walk afterward round the village because it was a lovely day. On Monday I started work at 8.30am (to open tills) and finished at 1.45! Now that was awesome.  It meant I could have potentially done anything I wanted with the rest of my day.  First highlight.  I even got away on time which I was so pleased about.  This actually gave me the opportunity to nip to Boots before I came home, because when I checked my rotas on Monday, a couple of my hours had changed which being part time now, I was expecting at some point.  But I had booked a contact lens appointment for Tuesday at 4.30, so I had to go and change that because I was now working till 5.45pm.   What I didn't do is get really stressed about it, I just went to Boots when I finished and changed my appointment to my day off, which really would have been easier to do in the first place.   Can't be doing with the hassle anyway, haha!

I had a really nice day off on Thursday in the end.  My Boots appointment wasn't till 1.40pm so I didn't have to rush.  Put my contact lenses in at about 11am.  I feel I am getting on really well with them too.  I have worn contacts before but it was about six/seven years ago now.  I stopped because they were getting a bit too expensive at the time but now Boots do loads of amazing plans which are really flexible.  So if you wear glasses and you are thinking of getting contact lenses, check out their plans because they are very good.   Very easy to set up.   They did have to order mine however because I have an astigmatism in my left eye.  But it wasn't a problem, they will be ready for me Tuesday this week, and I have gone with the brand pictured above as they are very good for astigmatism.   Happy days!  I am actually genuinely excited about getting contacts again.

I did manage to have a nice look round town on Thursday too.   It was just so nice to take my time and feel like I wasn't rushing about like I have done on my days off before.   Generally I don't go into town on my days off because I work in retail and I am in town most days.  However, because I am now doing a few less hours in work I find I don't seem to mind so much now.   Had a coffee and double chocolate chip muffin in Starbucks, the Pumpkin Spice Latte of course, that was nice.  I feel I will be getting addicted to that by the time the year is out.   Then I went and bought £5 worth of Halloween stuff from the Pound Shop, as you do!  They have got some really awesome stuff for Halloween, so if you haven't done already, I would recommend checking it out for a few bargains!   All in all, I genuinely enjoyed the day.

The hanging Grim Reaper, and the orange pumpkin on the top shelf and the little pumpkin lights are some of the Halloween things I bought from the pound shop.  Love the Grim Reaper, he's my favourite.  You can't go wrong for a pound!!

Really been enjoying Pretty Little Liars this week too.  I am still on the first series mind, but I love all the characters.  Not quite worked out what's going on just yet but it is one of those shows that has really got me hooked from the first episode, and I can definitely feel a 'binge' session coming on later today.

Hope you have all had a good week too x

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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