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Sunday, 12 November 2017

A Productive Weekend.

Evening all.

We have now started our late night shopping at work....and you can tell because it has been a week again since I have written a post.   Mind you, a lot of bloggers whom I have read, do just one post a week, depending on their circumstances I guess.  I think I would really love to be able to write two a week, being honest, but that is still a work in progress.

So what has gone on this week for me..... well, I have been working all week, apart from...yesterday and today. I know I have had an entire weekend off and I am only now just writing a post at five minutes to 10pm on a Sunday evening.  That's just the way I roll sometimes.   Work has been busy, mainly on our 'Buy and Collect department, as people are already starting to by their Xmas gifts.   I bought a couple of gifts this week too.   I got mine from The Range.  

I hadn't been in a while, so decided to go for a look round yesterday with my mum, and came out with twenty quid's worth of stuff.  It's brilliant in there.  They have loads and loads of gift ideas, and their prices are not 'through the roof'.   I'm going back next week because I saw loads more that I could get, I wrote a list of ideas of course whilst I was there.  It was a good day yesterday.

I also raided H&M and New Look this week because I wanted some new tops for work so I got a few.   I bought a new CD from Amazon, which was only £5, I was really pleased with that because it is a 3 disc CD.  What was interesting was I saw a similar CD in Tescos for three times the price.  I don't think so.  That is what I love about the internet.

Been listening to this on and off over the weekend.  It's really good.  If you love dance classics I would definitely recommend it.   It's really brilliant.  Not bad for a fiver anyway.

I have also been reading my Vogue magazine, and doing my collages too, which I have really enjoyed doing.   I even find cutting out the images quite therapeutic too.  That might sound a bit strange, but it is true.  I find it quite relaxing.   I really do like Vogue magazine and it has started giving me some ideas recently, although to be honest, most of those ideas are actually handbags I have seen.   I don't know what it is about them but I really love the small rectangular, box style bags you can get.  Well, I actually mean medium sized.  I do have plenty of small bags.

I did buy something else for myself last week.   I purchased this print from one of my favourite bloggers Jemma at
Do check out Jemma's blog if you get a chance sometime, if you haven't already, and check out her Etsy link too because she has some stunning art pieces on there that she has done, and they are perfect for a gift or for yourself.

The only other thing I did this weekend is go out for dinner at Beefeaters, and I really enjoyed that.  They are really good in there, and it is nice to go out for dinner as a treat.  So all in all, a pretty good weekend.  I am so pleased with what I managed to buy whilst I was out at The Range too.  I don't know about anyone else?  But I really do hate rushing at Christmas time!!

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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