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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Getting Into The Christmas Shopping Mood.

This week has been an especially busy one for me as we had started our Black Friday deals in work.   I am obviously aware that Black Friday is officially this Friday coming....but at House Of Fraser we start our deals a week early.

It's not been a bad week really.  It started off quite quiet and then gradually got busier, which is good.  Still finding that, the same as last year, a lot of customers are buying online, rather than buying in store.  But that is with a mixture of things and now purely just based on the department I work on.   I had an early finish on Tuesday and Wednesday, where I finished work at 1.45pm on both days, so that was really nice.   It meant I could do a bit of Christmas shopping, which I did on the Tuesday.   So far this year I have been doing my Christmas shopping in little bits so not spending too much time going round the whole of town, or sitting on the internet at home for four hours scouring Amazon.   I have kind of just been picking the places where I want to go, get what I need...providing I find it, and then come home again.  I'm finding it's working quite well for me so far.   I always find 'little and often' is good.  Can't be doing with rushing about at the last minute.

Having had a busy week at work preparing Black Friday, I was a bit wrecked yesterday (Saturday) so I will admit I didn't really do much at all, apart from a bit of colouring and watching a bit of TV.  I actually watched Strictly Come Dancing last night, which I don't normally watch, and it was actually very good.  I do like Alexandra Burke, I thought she did particularly well.  I loved the 'movie dance' she did, that was awesome.  Classic movie style!  I did end up going to bed last night a bit later than I planned, but sometimes after you have had a busy week it can be hard to wind down, despite being off all day.

Today was a really nice day to round the weekend off because we went to Springfields in Spalding, and even though part of me first thing this morning was considering whether to go or not, I'm pleased I did because it was a lovely day, and also quite importantly, I managed to get a couple more Christmas presents whilst I was there too.   Then I came home and slept for an hour.  Not even joking.   Here are a couple of pictures from Springfields...

I really love this Christmas tree because it has roses on it and I love roses... and  I love purple and silver too.  I think it's stunning!

I did enjoy the little shopping trip today, it's a nice way to end a busy week with a bit of retail therapy.   I even treated myself to some books which were 3 for £5 from The Works.   Bargain.  Need to see how I get on with reading those, seeing as I haven't been reading much in the last...year.    Looking forward to starting them anyway.    Definitely put myself into the Christmas shopping mood today anyway!

Thanks for reading!

Sarah x


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