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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Saturday 4th November.

This has been an interesting week for me because right at the start, I discovered that my manager, Jackie, was leaving, to go to a different store because she had got a promotion.  So all week I have been thinking about writing a blog post to try and put into words how things are after finding this out, and as the week has gone on, it's got better and acceptance is finally looming around me.

I am really happy for her.  It's what she wants, and she has worked so hard for it and I am so proud of her for getting it.  On the flipside, I am slightly sad for me too because, Jackie has been such a great manager, firm, fair... a bit crazy, in a good way, and I will miss her.  But I am also so pleased for her that she got this job,it is what she wanted, and she is really happy, and that is what is most important.

The week has seemed to just disappear. I have said this a few times before, but it did just start and  end.  It's the middle part of it that seems a bit hazy.  However part of that was because I spent the majority of my day off on Tuesday sleeping, because I had caught a cold from someone from work.  That's where Tuesday went.  I didn't do anything on Tuesday apart from watch an episode of Stranger Things.  That was really good.  I am really getting into that at the moment.  The characters and the story so far have been really cool.

Yesterday was a nice day for me because I met up with my good friend Misha whom I haven't seen for about six months.  We used to work together and then Misha left, earlier this year and you know what it can be like, time flies and before you know it, it's nearly Bonfire Night!   Anyhoo, we went for dinner, and then for coffee and just talked for ages about how things were for both of us.  It was a really nice evening.  We were really close when we worked together.   We said we definitely wouldn't leave it too long next time!

Now I do feel like I am ready for my day off tomorrow.  Watched X Factor...from last week tonight.  Not seen tonight's episode yet.  I am quite bad this year at keeping up with it.  I have enjoyed it though and I like the new 'layout' of the show, and there are some really great singers in it this year too.  I love Grace, she is really good, in fact there are quite a few people I like in the show this year.  The Cutkelvins are good, I like Rak-Su and Lloyd Macey, and Kevin Davy White, he has a lovely voice too.  All the singers are good this year, which is quite unusual for X Factor.  I feel like they have stepped it up a gear!  But they needed to really because Strictly Come Dancing has taken over the last few years.   Though to be fair that's rather good too.

I did also start my Christmas shopping this week which I'm pleased about.  Just a few little things I have found on Amazon, which is good because they were really good prices.  I usually leave it till December and rush about for four weeks.  Not this year!   Don't do rushing about anymore.  Too old for that, haha.  I do need to do a proper list really, so might do that tomorrow.  One for me as well, not that I have thought of anything for myself yet.  I am sure I will eventually.   Better not leave it too long though.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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