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Friday, 8 December 2017

A Little December Update.

First of all, I can't believe it's the 8th of December...and I have nearly completed my Christmas shopping.   This has to be some kind of record for me because usually I am still getting my last bits on Christmas eve.   It's the 8th of December and I have about three or four left to get.   This time last year I had about three or four presents bought, with about fifteen left to buy...and no idea where I was going to get them from.   This year I am proud to say I have been a lot more organized.

Today, I bought another Christmas present for someone, literally five minutes ago, another one off the list.   It was my day off today so I had made myself a list of things that I wanted to do, along with a few little household jobs....vacuuming etc  But also today, I have helped my dad set up a blog, which went really well, dad will be turning into a blogger soon enough I reckon!!! I have also done some of my Vogue collages too, which I have really enjoyed doing over the last couple of months.

I am still very much enjoying doing these too.  It's really therapeutic even cutting them out.  I am trying to draw fashion inspiration from them too.   Where this picture is concerned however.... I want the Monet bag!   I reckon it was a couple of grand to buy.   I don't have a couple of grand to spend on Monet bag last time I checked!

I thought the books looked really cool.   And the covers don't give anything away about what is written about the designers which makes them really intriguing and mysterious.   They genuinely make me want to read them, which is probably the idea.

I absolutely love the blouse, modelled by the actress Claire Foy from Netflix, The Crown, which I have not seen, but it does sound really good.   Former Doctor Who actor Matt Smith is in that too I believe.  Claire Foy does look really pretty in this picture too.  There is something about the sunglasses worn by the model fourth in line on the top of the collage.  Those sunglasses look really cool.

Just on the work front, I did an order in store whilst at work the other day, for House Of Fraser, and the order was for a rather nice looking gentleman, who spent over £1000 with me.   Which is rather a lot!   I am just hoping that at least 'some' of the items he ordered were ok for him, hopefully all of them.   I was with him for about an hour and a half I reckon.   Very nice guy, I thought.    That was a  really good day in work!

Thanks for reading!

Sarah x


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