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Friday, 22 December 2017

Getting Excited For Christmas!

I can imagine most people are getting excited for Christmas right now.  For me really, today is really the day I am getting really excited for Christmas.  Been busy this week watching a few Christmas movies, including one tonight, The Polar Express, which is brilliant, love The Polar Express.   But also this week I have watched A Christmas Carol, (the Jim Carrey one) I thought they did that movie really well.   I am a big fan of The Muppet's Christmas Carol I will admit, not seen that one yet this year, there's still time, but I do like the way A Christmas Carol was done.   It was a bit darker than I thought it would be, but that's what made it brilliantly atmospheric!   The Polar Express was the 'lighter' choice of movie tonight.  I love that as well, it's one of my favourites.

There was one other Christmas movie I watched this week, which I thought was really good, and that was Christmas With The Kranks.   I hadn't seen Jamie Lee Curtis in a movie for ages and ages, so she was very good, and I am always a big fan of Tim Allen anyway.   It was a very funny film, I enjoyed it.

So, I have been very good and I have written out all my Christmas cards, and sent off the ones that needed to.   I even sent a card to my former manager, Jackie, who now works in Grimsby.   Got that one in just before the last 'post' day.  I have 'kind of' started wrapping my presents.   I say 'kind of', I have wrapped two actually.  But I am still waiting on two from Amazon to come (you pain in the arse, Amazon!) but it does say they will arrive before, or on Christmas Eve, and I do believe they are delivering on Christmas Eve too.  So we shall see about that.

This week seems to be a bit of a blur already.   I worked Sunday, which was really busy, the Sunday before Christmas in retail always is.  You think it will be quiet but it never is.   I was off Monday.  Tuesday was actually the quietest day in work this week.    Can't actually remember what happened on Wednesday.   Then yesterday I did a 4pm start, till 9:15pm.   No one came in after 8pm, well not to the top floor anyway.   I was busy doing delivery for most of the evening.  It went quick actually.

And now I can't wait for Christmas.  I am so happy to be off on Christmas eve this year.  It is a bit annoying working on Boxing Day of course, and I am working late too, doing 1pm till 6:15pm, but being off on Christmas Eve does make up for that this year I feel, so it's fine.   I am actually genuinely very excited!   I don't usually get today off either and it was really nice.   I contributed to the making of the Christmas cake today!  By putting my sherry in it!   I tested said sherry before I put it into the cake of course.   Just to check it hadn't gone off or anything.....

I have even had a really chill out evening too.   I'll do some more present wrapping when I get home from work tomorrow.   Done a bit of colouring today too, and a bit of my collages this afternoon which I enjoyed doing.  It was a good day.

Nearly Christmas time, yay!!!

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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