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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Customer Service Is Key.

Those of you who have read my previous post (about me going to the dentist) I would like to update that my tooth is still intact, and NONE have been extracted.  Happy days.   Life is wonderful.

What is even more wonderful is that I am on holiday next week, and I am so happy about this.   This will be my first week off work since before Christmas, and I really, really need it too.    For anyone who works over Christmas, particularly if it's in retail like myself, it is just so nice to have that break away from it all.

This week seems to have gone really quickly which is unusual before my week's holiday.  Normally it drags something terrible, but not this time.   To be fair a lot of my time in work has been spent picking up the pieces from stocktake, you know, turning stuff back around so it's not 'barcode central'.   Strangely I have found that quite therapeutic.   I also spent a good part of today dealing with a lady who was very upset with the way her online order was 'handled'.  It was nothing we did in store to upset her thankfully, and myself and my supervisor managed to 'correct the errors' so to speak, so the lady went away happy which was the main thing.   It always does help if things have been done right first time really.   I prefer 'happy' customers.


Despite working on the Homewares floor, I am in fact a 'bra fitter'.   I worked on Lingerie for about three years in House Of Fraser, so when we don't have a bra fitter in, Ladieswear give me a call to see if I can pop down and help out, which is perfectly fine, I still enjoy doing it.  So I got a few sales on that department, and the lady bought a top as well, I helped on the clothing part too.   Every bit helps!  It did make me wonder if she was a mystery shopper I will have to say.  She asked a lot of questions, that's why I think that.  We shall see anyway.

I have been busy today I have!   Which is why I feel I need my holiday now.

One other thing I have been so pleased about is I have managed to find a pair of brown leggings from Amazon.   Last night I tried on a few of my dresses with my new Blowfish boots, and I don't know whether it's just me, but black leggings just don't seem to look right with brown boots.   So I thought, that's ok I'll nip to Primark (because I thought they sold everything practically) or New Look etc, and get a pair....Can I find any brown leggings anywhere??? No.  I could not find any anywhere in town.  Has anyone else had this problem?  Well if you have, Amazon have got them for £5!  So I thought, that will do.  They haven't arrived yet so I am unsure about the quality.   But for £5 I'm sure they will be fine.

It has been a busy day.  It's always good to remember to maintain a good, high standard of customer service, especially if you work in retail.   Without customers, I wouldn't have a job!

I am now going to 'chill' I reckon.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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