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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Dentist, Stocktake and Blowfish Boots.

I am really pleased today, because not only have I been having a rather 'productive' day today, but looking back on the past week, I have also had a really productive week too.   This is part of the reason why I haven't blogged at all last week.   Plus, work has been rather busy as it apparently stock take....tomorrow.   I only found this out last Friday, which ended up being 'one of those days', and I'll explain why shortly.   And how is it I did not possibly know that stock take was tomorrow?  Particularly as the Home floor didn't have a really great one last year.   Might have something to do with the fact that I haven't been put on the rota for it this year....for the first time since....ever.    That is if you don't include any holidays of mine that have unintentionally landed on stock take week.   Which has actually happened an awful lot in the past.   And I really do mean.... unintentional.

I do mean unintentionally too.  We never find out when stock take week is until after the New Year at least.   This also means that I don't have to work till 10pm tomorrow night like everyone else is.   How cool is that!

Over the last few days my work colleagues and I have been arranging to go out to dinner for Becca, who has been my 'temporary supervisor' since last year.   Becca is going back to womenswear in a few weeks time which is where she was before she came up to help on our floor.   I am sad about this because she has been really awesome and turned our Homewares floor around.  So there are going to be a few changes about.  I am really glad she's staying till after stock take though.  She helped in last years too.  And also, it's just so nice to be able to go out to dinner occasionally.   Haven't treated myself to dinner out with my work mates for a little while now.

So, why was Friday one of those days?!  Well, I had a dentist appointment, hooray....not!   I had a dentist appointment, before work (couldn't get it on my day off could I!!) at 8:10 in the morning, which was good because I didn't start work till 11am..... to have root canal treatment!  Because I split my back tooth in November last year (I managed to put it off till after Christmas) and I didn't want to lose it.   I was pleasantly surprised at how well, and how smoothly it went.   I know there are a lot of people out there who don't like dentists, and don't like root canal or the idea of having it.  But in my experience, root canal is far better than having a tooth pulled any day.   So don't worry if you're going to have it done, or know you might have to have it done one day.  It's fine.   My tooth feels wonderful now.

One thing I am so very excited about (and I hope they fit ok when they arrive) is I have ordered some new boots for myself, which I am really hoping are going to look nice with dresses and skirts.   They are brown Blowfish boots. I can't wait to get them.   I got them from Amazon, although I originally saw them back in September, I reckon, in Office Shoes.   They were £74.99 from Office shoes, which I thought was rather a lot, but they are good quality, leather brown boots.   Seventy-five pounds was way too much for me to pay, especially as it was before Christmas.  I will just add that I have just this minute checked and the Blowfish Alexi Lace boots are still £74.99!  

Anyhoo... I got them from, so they are coming from the USA, which is why they are taking so long to arrive.   But I only paid £42.99!!! That is with the shipping charge.  I felt that was a much better price, and lets be honest, if you don't mind waiting for it, it's worth checking the American site to compare prices on anything.   Just make sure to check and convert your size to US if you are buying shoes or clothes.

So that's what has been happening in my life recently.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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