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Monday, 22 January 2018

Favourite Pictures 101.6

I haven't done one of these posts for a little while.   I often find I can lose track of time, days, weeks...etc.  I think the reason why I love to do these little posts every now and again is my recent, and growing interest in photography.   Also as I have mentioned before, I do love colourful things.   And I love to colour in general too.   When I decide it's time to add a little bit more to my Pinterest collection, generally I tend to look for unusual and colourful things.

Have a little look to see what I have found so far today.

This is called a white browed warbler.  But as I like to call it....Rainbow Bird!  It's so pretty.  I would love to capture a proper photograph of this pretty thing.  It's colours are so vibrant, and you can distinguish between them all too.  It's a stunning creature.

I just love this.  I love glitter and I especially love rainbow glitter.  I really need some of this in my life.   There seems to be so many lovely colours.   I am not usually one for wearing rainbow make up, but if I do decide to start painting again at some point, a touch of rainbow glitter would be pretty cool.   Maybe I have caught the 'rainbow bug'!!

I love the raindrops.  I actually thought the picture was of blue flowers covered in raindrops, but they are in fact leaves and it's just a simple trick of the light.  Beautifully captured by the photographer.   I really like this one.

I just cannot get enough of colourful, cosmic pictures.  They just look so cool.   This is one of my favourites I have found recently.  It's the sort of thing I would really love to have painted on my bedroom ceiling.   It looks so pretty.

I also, never tire of unicorn pictures as unicorns are one of my favourite things I the world.   This is a 'cosmic unicorn' strolling through the magic forest.  Yes I can tell the image of the unicorn has been superimposed onto the original picture, but I still love it.   Believe in the dream!!

Generally I'm not a huge bug fan but this is a pretty bug.   This is a 'real' rainbow bug, it's proper name is a 'Rainbow Leaf Beetle'.   It looks pretty snazzy if you ask me.  This is something else I would love to be able to take a proper photo off.  If I could ever find one.

I wish I could get away with having my hair like this.   I can't though, my place of work doesn't allow it.   These are such cool colours.  I have seen several bloggers that have had their hair dyed in rainbow colours.  It looks very psychedelic.

This frog's colouring is really cool.   It is also worth noting that the Zimmerman's frog is also poisonous, which means no playing about with it.  I still think it looks like a funky frog though.

This beautiful.  I love butterflies.  I like to colour a lot of butterflies too.  You can literally colour them in any colour you like.   But this is a real butterfly with real colourings.   This is really pretty.  Very detailed if you look closely.

How awesome would it be to own a handbag in every colour of the rainbow, and more.  I bet that would cost an absolute fortune.   Well, it might not.  I guess it depends on the brand of the bag for a start, and it might be cheaper to dye it yourself.  The colours are very cool.

These are my current favourite pictures I have found on Pinterest and around the web.   Now all added to my Pinterest collections.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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