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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Getting Back To Normal January.

I do tend to get a lot of weekends off nowadays, and this is one such weekend.  Last week was a bit of a strange one for me.   Obviously we have now entered 2018 and already for me, Christmas seems like a distant memory.  Last week was a bit of a mixture of being quite busy, and then very quiet, and that's in both work and social life.

Of course mid-week I went to see my friend Chrissie, on the train, which I don't usually do, but that was really nice.   I did enjoy that day.   It was a long day, don't get me wrong because I had been in work since 8.30am that morning, but it was totally worth it.

One of the things I did forget to mention in my last post was, on New Years Day, of all days, the flaming fire alarms went off.   Please excuse the pun.   Luckily, there was not a fire, but we were all surprised to get a fire test on New Years Day.    Unless it wasn't a test of course but nothing has been said.   I did get to see some rather hot looking firemen though.  That was quite nice.  And at least we know the alarms are working ok.    But it was still a bit annoying because we had to shut the store for about an hour or so.   The other thing that has gone on in work, and I only just found out this morning, is that my supervisor Becca is moving to another floor.  I am a bit sad about that, she has been really great for our floor and I don't really want her to go.  But I guess sometimes changes have to be made.

Last Friday we started doing ticket checks for stock take as well.   How the hell has it been a year since I did stock take.   I am obviously expecting to do stock take this year, but I am also hoping that perhaps I won't be working late.  Last year I didn't get in till midnight.  This year I do feel like we have started to become a bit more prepared on the Homewares department where I work so I am fairly optimistic this time round I'm going to be honest.

This is me with my little microwavable unicorn that Chrissie got me.  I love it!

I have had a really nice weekend off so far.  Spent most of yesterday tidying up a bit because me room was still littered with a few Christmas presents here and there.   Please take a look at my Instagram photos just off to the side to see my new pride and joy, my beautiful Ted Baker purse. I love it.  The other photo is of yours truly holding my new microwavable unicorn off my good friend Chrissie.  That's awesome too.  Did some hoovering and some colouring, went out for dinner last night, that was really nice.  Just went to Beefeaters and had barbecue ribs, with extra barbecue sauce because they never put enough on.   And for dessert I had the most amazing trifle which was chocolate and Cointreau!  It was beautiful.

So far today I have done some cleaning and gone through my wardrobe and drawers for stuff for charity, so getting rid of quite a few things.   It's nice to have a clear out every now and again.   More space for new clothes!   I haven't spent an awful lot on the sales so far, and I don't really intend to if I am being honest because I do want to save my money a bit.  However, I am still waiting on my new Blowfish brown boots!  And I seriously cannot wait to get them.   I am hoping they will go well with most of my dresses that I have at the moment.    Fingers crossed anyway.

Also hoping that I am on my way to blogging a little bit more consistently this year too.   Last year was a bit hit and miss at times so this year I am going to be doing my best to not leave it too long in between posts.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah x


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