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Monday, 26 February 2018

A Day In Town.

My friend Lizzy usually always has a Monday as her day off from work, so today we decided to meet up in town for a spot of lunch and a little mooch about the shops.   I will admit I was ever so slightly annoyed that it was bloody snowing today, luckily it wasn't snowing too badly and it wasn't settling either, so that was fine.   By the time I had got into town it had stopped anyway.

Lizzy and I decided to go to this new restaurant which has recently opened in Lincoln, called The Cosy Club.   Now apparently there are quite a few of them about in the UK, which I didn't know, and ours has been open now quite a few weeks.   I know I do work in the city centre, but to be honest, most of the time I don't get much further than Boots when I am working.  It was very nice in there, amazing d├ęcor, I really loved the way it was set up.   I chose to play it safe for my first visit, and not have anything too extravagant, so I had macaroni cheese, with....maple bacon as extra.  Oh my God it was amazing.  I really enjoyed it.   Plus I didn't think it was too pricey at all, it came to just over £13 with the drink I had.  I am assuming, that possibly in the evening it maybe a bit more expensive, but for my first visit I was very impressed.

It was really busy too, and considering the weather was really rubbish today, cold and wet and windy, I was quite impressed.   Lizzy had actually booked as well, and I am really glad she did.   It already seems like the place is really popular, no wonder everyone in work has been banging on about going there.   I thought they had done the place up really well too, because where it is in Lincoln used to be part of the indoor market.

And this is what I had to eat which was lovely.  I don't tend to eat garlic bread really, mainly because generally white bread doesn't sit very well with me (I eat brown bread instead) but I did give this a try to see what it was like.   I suppose I could have had it on brown bread had I asked....but I didn't, so will probably ask that next time.  The macaroni cheese was scrumptious, and you can so tell it was fresh too.   

I believe I have also discovered a new found love of 'maple bacon'.  It was incredible.  The pasta itself was soft, and the sauce was really cheesy and had a little 'tang' to it.   It really was delicious.   Lovely, friendly staff too, which is always a good thing.   There was one tiny little thing....and that was they did have a power cut whilst we were in there, but the staff were great and came round and apologized and, you know that's what you have to do, these things happen, and the lights came back on after about three minutes, probably not even that.   Apart from that....everything was wonderful, and I had such a lovely day.  I even treated myself to a pair of shoes from New Look, and a book from Waterstones too for after I have finished reading 'Piranha' by Clive Cussler.   

This book sounds really exciting too.   It's the first book I have bought myself in a while so hopefully it will be quite good.

After I have finished reading the other one!   I don't know about anyone else, but I cannot read two books at the same time.  I just start getting mixed up with the stories, characters etc haha.  So I always think it best to finish one book before started to read another.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah x


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