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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

I Really Hate It When The Internet Is SO Slow.

The title of today's blog post was not the original one I had intended for it, but believe me when I do say, the internet this evening has been ridiculously, and annoying slow.   And to be honest it is really doing my head in right now.   Just on the safe side, speaking as one who has had several computer viruses before, I am just running a security scan with my faithful McAfee software.   Hopefully all will come back clear.

It is still doing my head in though.

I had a little surprise when I got home today because I had a couple of belated Christmas presents from my Auntie Karen in Liverpool.

A leather-bound notebook, which is really lovely.   It has an amazingly rich, leather smell.   It will be well used.   So I'm really made up with that.

And a hurricane candle.   The first ever hurricane candle I have ever had I reckon.  It's really lovely, and I love dolphins.

I really love this.   So you light the candle at the top, and then it burns down and creates a hurricane lantern.   I really chuffed with it.  I haven't decided where it is going to live yet but I will be sure to find it a space.

I haven't really been doing all that much this evening since I got in from work.   I got home about 5pm today as I finished at 4.15.  That was good because it gave me the opportunity to chill out in a nice hot bath before tea, during which I watched what I call 'house programmes', Escape To The Country basically, where people go on, who have lots of money to buy a house.   I always think the properties they show on there are stunning.  Can't quite afford a house myself....yet.   I am saving, so I do live in hope.

Work went ok, I was busy merchandising table top for most of it.  Place mats basically, cutlery, charger plate etc.  It was quite good fun.   And serving customers of course.   Obviously.   In bed a bit earlier tonight too because I start at 8.30 tomorrow morning.  But, I do finish at 1.45pm so that's pretty cool.  I'm really not complaining at that.   In some ways it is my favourite shift because I have practically all afternoon to do whatever I want to.   I will probably just come home and do bits here to be fair.   If I stay in town too long I end up running the risk of spending money on stuff I probably don't need right now.

The internet better not be this bad tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah x


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