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Friday, 23 February 2018

Is Pleased For A Holiday.

I am so happy that I now have two weeks off work.  I will have to say, I cannot remember the last time I had two weeks off holiday, when I didn't actually have any plans to go anywhere.   The last 'two weeks' I did have off from work was a few years ago when I went to Florida.  So it is quite exciting to see what it is I am going to do with myself for these two weeks.

I have already made plans for meeting up with my two best friends Lizzy and Chrissie on Sunday, and I do believe we are going to go to Kinema in the Woods to see The Greatest Showman.   So that should be pretty cool.  I have seen a few clips of that movie and it does look really good.   I am a big Hugh Jackman fan anyway.   I am a bit sad that Hugh Jackman has not been nominated for an Oscar this year but that's just the way it is sometimes.

So, I also want to go into town and have a mooch round places I don't get to go when I am working.  I may even go to the cinema myself one day too, just to watch something random perhaps.  I also want to meet up at some point with my friend Jo who I work with too, you know, just for a coffee, or lunch.   I think that would be quite nice.

Definitely feel like I am ready for a rest.   Today in work was a right nightmare.   There was actually only me and Jo in today, and well the thing is, Friday's in retail generally can be quite busy.   Buy and Collect was rammed, customers collecting from the back door, people not answering phones when we needed them to come and help us out, and when I say I was physically running from one end of the floor to the other.....I ain't exaggerating!   And let me tell you, it's a big fooking floor!

Tonight I have just been chilling out.   I was looking on Netflix to find a TV show to watch, but I couldn't find anything I fancied.   I did however watch a show whilst eating my dinner, and that was 'The Coroner'.  It's the second one I have seen of the series and it's been really good.   Starring the actress Claire Goose, who was also in The Bill and Waking The Dead, if any of you remember those shows.   They were both really good, and The Coroner has so far had some really great storylines.  I am really enjoying it.

Until next time.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah x


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