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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Primark Is The Best.

Today was a really nice day.   For two reasons.   Number one, I got to finish work early, woohoo!  I love it when I can start work early (even though that does mean less time in bed this morning, I know) and finish early.   Starting at 8.30am can be annoying, however, well two things really, you can get a bit more done in work that needs to be done first thing of a morning when it's quiet, so that's good.   Obviously when it gets really busy I have to be just 'customer focused' and not doing anything else at all.   But when there aren't many customers first thing, you can do delivery, tidy, dust, move stuff, do replen, etc.

Number two, and of course the upside of starting at 8.30am for me, as I am now only on a 25 hour contract, is I sometimes get to finish early, and today I finished at 1.45pm, which was really cool.   And what did I do with my time today?  I went to Primark and bought a new pair of boots for work, which were £10, and I treated myself to a new bag, which was £7, and I am so pleased with it.   I have been after one that colour for a while, and it has lots of space too.   I am over the moon.

Tonight I have been busy breaking in my new Primark boots, they are for work, and the pair I had been wearing for work are absolutely wrecked now.   They were Primark ones too, and I have had them for about five months....about that anyway.   I think that's standard Primark wear-ability for shoes isn't it?   If you wear them practically every day and generally do a lot of walking I guess that could be right.

I also watched Mission Impossible tonight.   The first one.   I really enjoyed it, I haven't seen that movie in years.  Tom Cruise looks so young in it.  I originally saw it at the cinema with some school friends of mine.  I was thirteen!   I did enjoy it.  Sometimes with a movie franchise I find I often forget just how got the first movie is.   I am quite looking forward to the new one coming out soon too, that comes out this year at some point.   In the meantime I might watched the rest of the M:I movies.   I actually cannot remember much about the second one except the bike chase.

Anyhoo, off to sleep now.  One more day in work, then I am off for a fortnight which is quite cool because I don't often manage to get two weeks together.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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