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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Relaxing, But Productive Day.

I am quite pleased with the things I achieved and managed to get done today.   Really, they were just a few little things that needed to be done, but it's good that they are now completed.   First of all today I caught up with Hollyoaks.   Earlier in the week we had a little problem with our BT box, the problem being that it blew up a couple of days ago, meaning I missed about three episodes of Hollyoaks.   Of course, watched it on catch-up today instead, and it was very good.   I didn't actually do much else this morning really apart from that.    It was good.

I also started to write out a little jobs list of things I would like to achieve over the next week.   They are only little things but you know, it's the little things that really do matter sometimes.   Here's a few I have come up with:

1) See my friends, Chrissie and Lizzy.

I am actually doing this tomorrow because we are off to Kinema in the Woods to see The Greatest Showman, which I am really looking forward too.   I'm really glad it's not been too long since I have seen them both too because it was only last month, Chrissie once and I saw Lizzy twice.   It's nice to not leave it too long.    I really can't wait to see them!

2) Colour.

Bit obvious of course but I really do enjoy it and I do find it really relaxing.

3) Spend a day in town, just me.

It has actually been a while since I have been in town to browse around the shops on my own, when I am NOT working, and just, you know, have a coffee, try on clothes/shoes etc, go to the bookstore, maybe the cinema on my own if I can find something to watch.   Why not?!!

4) Simplify my bedroom.

Yeah.  This is going to be an interesting one.  I feel like my bedroom is just a little bit too cluttered at the moment.   I need to sort out my dressing table, where all my make up lives, I need to sort my ottoman, I have a pile of...I'll call it general stuff in 'two' corners of my room....and if I open two of my wardrobe doors, stuff falls out of it, because I have rammed it in.

You get the idea.

5)  Binge-watch any TV show.

Started this tonight haven't I.  I have started to watch 'Friends' on Netflix again.  I love Friends, and I haven't seen the series in ages and ages.   I haven't exactly been binge-watching it tonight, and this is because my tablet lost charge.   Don't you just hate it when that happens!  Managed the first two episodes before that happened.   At least I have started that's the main thing.

Anyhoo.   I keep coming up with a couple more ideas here and there, so I am still adding to my list, but I am really glad I have 'a list'.   I have always enjoyed writing lists, and more importantly it's really nice to see just exactly what I have achieved.

I was also planning on having an early night tonight, but that's not happening yet because I'm not tired yet!  Think I am going to squeeze in another episode of 'Friends' before I go to sleep.   Or maybe two!

Thanks for reading!

Sarah x

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