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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Romantic Comedies Are The Best.

My favourite Romantic Comedy is Sleepless In Seattle.   It's the movie that always makes me think of destiny, and the power of love.   In some ways, I don't really class it as a 'Rom-Com', I just really think of it as a 'Rom-Com'.   It's just a nice 'Romantic' movie, but it has really sad parts to it, because of course Tom Hank's character Sam, lost his wife, and has to bring up his son alone.    But it's just awesome how Sam's son Jonah, has the courage to call into a radio show to introduce his dad to the world to try and find him a new wife.   It's just so adorable.    And then enter Meg Ryan's character Annie, who is listening and you can start to hear the bells of destiny starting to ring....

I love it.   Sleepless In Seattle is one of those movies I never get bored of seeing.   I still have it on DVD and I will never get rid of it.  It is one of my favourite Tom Hanks movies that is for sure.  

Tonight I finished watching the 50 Greatest Romantic Comedy Movies, which was a really great show.  The top spot went to When Harry Met Sally, which I do agree with.   It's definitely been a little while since I have seen that movie.   Runners up were Four Weddings and a Funeral and Pretty Woman in the number two and three spots respectively.   I kind of agree with those too, although I did think Love Actually and The Holiday would have got a bit higher than they did, but they were both still in the top 10.

Another one of my absolute favourite Rom-Com's is While You Were Sleeping.   I love that film.  That is my favourite Sandra Bullock movie, and it was the movie that I thought at the time, that her co-star Bill Pullman was just so hot.  He played such a great character in that movie.   In the movie Sandra Bullock's character Lucy, is in love with Peter, and she saves his life when he falls onto the railway tracks.  Lucy then pretends she is Peter's fiancĂ©, as Peter is in a coma.... but then she falls for his brother Jack, played by a gorgeous Bill Pullman.

It's brilliant.   I even remember renting this movie on video before I bought it on DVD.  Now that is going back a while now.

I am now beginning to feel like a Romantic Comedy movie session is definitely required.   I am going to start scouring Netflix to see what I can find I think.

Romantic Comedies rule!

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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